VW boss this: “E-cars will soon no longer need a bonus”

VW boss this:

Volkswagen boss Herbert this pleads for a quick end of state promotion for certain types of power. “Electro cars need no more state buying bonuses in a few years, because then they are mostly more expensive than a burner in the production,” said this in an interview with the “Wirtschaftswoche”.

According to various studies – including “Bloomberg New Energy Finance” – electrically powered cars and transporters in Europe may be cheaper at the latest from 2027 in all vehicle classes in the production cheaper than burners. Should the legislators still decide on stricter CO2 goals, E-cars could account for 100 percent of new sales throughout the EU through 2035 throughout the EU.

“Even more attractive would be e-cars compared to other vehicles if all drive types would be equally treated in promoting,” the consolidated boss is further cited: “The diesel is promoted with eight billion euros tax advantage a year, which is a multiple of the State e-auto buying bonuses.”Kerosene for aircraft, on the other hand, is still completely tax-free. “This distorts the market, is harmful to climate protection and should end as soon as possible.”

In addition to the conversion of cars to electric drive, the VW Group now also wants to enter the business with new, climate-friendly ship drives. “50 percent of ship engines worldwide come from our group,” said this. The engines could be converted to natural gas over the next 15 years and then on ammonia drive. That would fit well in the business model of Man Energy Solutions – with a large lever for climate protection. However, the international shipping organization IMO must do appropriate specifications, so this. First of all, there is also a market for the new technology.

The company Man Energy Solutions has since 2020 a consortium for the development of a moor-operated motor for shipping. The technique is considered alternative to hydrogen drive. Ammonia is a so-called e-fuel and can be made as hydrogen climate-friendly with renewable energies – but applies as a simpler and cheaper to handle.

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6 thoughts on “VW boss this: “E-cars will soon no longer need a bonus””

  1. And the ID.3 (as an example) has already been lowered in the price?

    The whole invoice only goes when finally the subsidies for oil multis are turned off and in gasoline and diesel the CO2 Foodprint is expected in the price.

    1 € / liter fossil fuels / CO2 donations for wood / gas and oil heaters and massive expansion of public transport and renewable energy.
    Hydrogen, because you like to ride this cow can only be brought into circulation if it is actually green and not made of natural gas.
    From the moment emotobility is cheaper than burner, but will not be called mobility will ever be favorable again!

  2. Is correct, Phevs do not need promotion, which are superfluous anyway and in most cases anything but environmentally friendly.

  3. Exactly, then if you yourself have done a mass platform for the compact class, “need” all e-cars no more bonus.

    Schonmal thought that other manufacturers are not yet ready? But that’s competition ..
    Or the higher classes are more complex and more expensive?

  4. This so-called premium was never needed it is a pure subsidy of companies to increase profit increase and nothing else, the citizen has absolutely none of it, since it was already so the 2500 Euro premium, because the new cars were also suddenly 2500 euros expensive approx. 6 months after leaving the premium, the prices fell by 2500 euros (personal experience) “was probably pure coincidence” Irony “
    The same again can be observed especially at the Dacie Spring of the identical Renaul KZ-E in China with Minmal Smaller battery costs there only 9900 euros before promotion!! in Germany 20.000 Euro and in France 17.000 EURO

  5. When the home (home) -Lader market is saturated, the battery market will stop. The expansion of the public charging structure will need to be sufficiently trustworthy to buy a battery car. As long as it will be unused or used by home charters. Public parking spaces are decimated by loading points even though they continue to be used after the store. Double search, for charging, then for the perspective afterwards. Double running in between. Double space requirement, in the evening, for loading, then for a trailing park. The company is cleaved, in car owners with their own charging option and non-auto-Ospnv / long burner drivers with waiting for conversion to H2 burners.
    Because the larger “third world” can not afford a charging infrastructure, but mobile H2 tank stations. Batteries are sitting on their cars, as there is no interested used car market. At most other home chargers. Incidentally, hydrogen industry with decentralized storage will make a central blackout possible.


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