VW boss this: “Negative job scenarios are covered”

VW boss this:

The auto industry is standing in front of big changes. Electric drive and autonomous driving gambling technical progress, but also get risks for jobs. Works councils and trade unionists are worried. VW boss Herbert This does not want to talk to the upcoming tasks – but above all looks great opportunities. The Group boss explained in a dpa interview, from which, among other things, the FAZ quotes.

In particular, he warned against a dramatization of the job episodes. “The whole negative scenarios, which sometimes be drawn are coated,” explained this. Volkswagen also stay a car manufacturer in the future. Vehicle production will therefore still be the VW core business at the end of the decade. However, the cars would change greatly and be on the road with significant smaller CO2 loads.

“To build many cars, you also need many people in production in 2030,” said this. Most would exercise pretty similar activities as today – perhaps higher, but essentially in production. However, this does not exclude that the simultaneous construction of more IT competence is great changes and comprehensive rethinking. “Of course, we will grow in the area of software with new employees,” promised the Council of Council. But unlike in fast industries, the change in the car industry need a lot of time. “Two model life cycles are with us 15 years”, so this and throws a look at competitors: “Tesla is here today – after 15 years of hard work.”

As a volume provider with high quantities, the VW Group may have a little more adaptation time than others speculates – but not indefinitely. His prognosis: “If we go on well, you can save a large part of the workplaces safely, grow at certain points, at other shrink.”While car and supply companies in account, especially in alternative drives and crosslinking technology invest, have smaller suppliers to fight with the change. This is still relatively confident. Seats, steels, wheels or brakes would also be needed in the future. “70 percent of the suppliers drive through this transformation, as if there were no.”

When changing the drive, the human resources would be overestimated, so this. This is not today the most employed area. If workforce and customers in ecological and digital conversion could be taken, the car could even grow in importance. Individual mobility lose a lot of your terror because you will be safe and environmentally friendly. This: “In a few years you can drive in good conscience with a SUV here.”

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3 thoughts on “VW boss this: “Negative job scenarios are covered””

  1. It is a pity only by the 30% of employees who “have to drive through the transformation” as if they were real &# 128521;

  2. Time all that a man in such a position pushes to the emotion brake.

    I can not hear this eternal chatter of the fear of unemployment and workplace reduction ….

    Who does not change and adapts to the labor market nothing sorts and sorted up anyway.
    Everything is subject to constant change and development.

    At that time our grandparents have already taken care of that we are so good today … and we’ll make sure that it goes well to our successors …

    Hopefully, the time we do not have to work …
    That will only be done when the society is the fact that works can not be coupled to an income …

    Because the mother who educates their child at home “works”Creative confrontation of man) also … however, it is not remunerated at work … but does more meaningful than some bwller..

    It remains exciting
  3. It was the representatives of the car construction, lobbyists and some journalists who are due to the
    Transformation a hysteria to preserve the jobs fueled. If now Mr. Dies is trying
    Going down the problem is the hypocritical. For changes in technologies
    very often jobs for disposition, which is often inevitable. If the numbers are no longer in line with a group, workplaces are reduced to Rigoros. That’s constant practice.


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