VW, BP and Aral want to set up a European charging network

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Apparently more than 1,000 charging stations are planned

VW, BP and Aral want to set up a European charging network-european

The Volkswagen Group, the mineral oil company BP and its German petrol station brand Aral want to jointly invest in an electric car charging network in Europe, Bloomberg quotes ManagerMagazin.

The details are to be announced on Monday at the VW Power Day in Wolfsburg, according to the magazine, citing unnamed people. More than 1,000 charging stations are planned in cities and on highways.

Just recently, Aral announced that it had 120 filling stations with fast chargers should be equipped, with which 500 charging points should be available. Presumably these belong to the plan that VW wants to announce on Monday. Volkswagen will probably contribute to the costs in order to advance the expansion of the charging infrastructure. Audi boss Markus Duesmann had loud in February about a brand-specific charging network (possibly together with Porsche) thought about it, analogous to Tesla’s supercharger network. Now the group has apparently decided on a different solution – if both approaches are not to be pursued in parallel.

VW has also had a stake in Ionity for years (along with other automakers such as Ford, BMW and Mercedes), which is aiming for 400 fast charging stations across Europe. The joint venture is aiming for a capital increase, which should make more charging stations possible.

Last year, thanks to intensive government funding, Europe developed into an electric boom region and even overtook the USA (in terms of the approvals of PHEVs and BEVs together). Only the Chinese electric car market is bigger. Now the manufacturers of electric cars fear long queues at the charging stations, which could deter potential buyers.

More about the charging network: VW, BP and Aral want to set up a European charging network-charging Plugsurfing increases charging prices: up to 1.09 euros per kWh

VW, BP and Aral want to set up a European charging network-charging Lines for charging stations will be mandatory for new buildings in the future

At the same time, oil companies do not want to be left out when switching to electromobility; their gas station networks are apparently also intended to attract electric car drivers. Another player are the energy suppliers such as EnBW or Eon, which also operate charging stations. Finally, the states of the EU (or the EU Commission itself) could also become active in matters of charging network.

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