VW builds battery plant Salzgitter with partner from China

VW builds battery plant Salzgitter with partner from China-plant

The Volkswagen Group and the Chinese company GOTION high-tech deepen its partnership. The cell manufacturer participates as a “technology partner” at the seat of the previous engine plant in the Lower Saxony Salzgitter, shared VW. Background is a greater independence of external suppliers. Production should go into operation 2025. The local “Center of Excellence Battery Cell” also includes research laboratories and a pilot system for battery recycling.

In addition, it was agreed that GOTION high-tech is to develop the first generation of unit cells for the volume segment. According to VW, it is a prismatic format that can be adapted to different cell chemicals. This unitary cell is compatible with all important foreseeable innovations. The new activities also have no impact on ongoing contracts with other battery suppliers.

In Europe alone, the VW Group together with partners wants to build six Giga factories with a production capacity of a total of 240 GWh. This should ensure the supply of battery cells and achieved large scale effects. In Sweden, VW works closely with Northvolt. In the selection of other locations, the Group fested for reports of the German press agency on Spain – the home of his brand SEAT. The country will be a “strategic pillar” with the group plans, it was said. A partner there is still wanted.

As further known, the VW Group also wants to settle the production of its planned electrical car series (“Small Bev”) from 2025 also in Spain. However, a concrete decision depends, among other things, whether there are government support for appropriate investments. However, the government in Madrid has just launched a billion-seven funding program for e-mobility.

The Lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD), who also sits in the Supervisory Board of VW, turned to the Federal Government: Germany needs competitive conditions for the production of battery cells and a significant financial commitment of the federal government. “It can not be” so because, “that companies are forced to dodge other countries because there are higher promotions elsewhere.”

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3 thoughts on “VW builds battery plant Salzgitter with partner from China”

  1. For Gion High-Tech VW had already been involved. So really you know the store, however (I hope that VW knows more than the public)
    Exciting is the tactics: away from the big ones – even to be able to attract the thumb bolts towards the suppliers over the next few years.
    Which do I see the losers rather. The builds soon according to the vehicle manufacturer standard cells and it is only about the price.
    Beyond 600km range and 20 years of life (which is already visible today) will only be paid in the absolute premium segment.

    Solid? To read nothing? Is probably very far away.

  2. strategically no bad chess train.

    26% share of a battery producer to provide the majority of the batteries in China.
    In addition, the share of 50% on JAG – parent company and up to 75% of JAC the car maker ..

    This ensures VW probably almost 50% shares in the complete market share to handle the JAC on E-car …

    This is a house number at the world’s largest car market.

    The strategy should be clear …

    In the end, the cars from VW here are only composite components of production abroad in Europe.

    A German car (together) Bauer who tries to make independent of his own burden abroad. I wish VW that works for Europe.

    It remains exciting

  3. Anyone who appreciates freedom, democracy and human rights here in Europe should also consider these values in the selection of their products.


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