VW builds charging infrastructure vigorously; from 2021 with 300 kW quick loader

VW builds charging infrastructure vigorously; from 2021 with 300 kW quick loader-builds

Volkswagen is aiming for a quick breakthrough of e-mobility and strengthens its efforts in the loading infrastructure. Europe-wide, the Group builds 36 to 2025.000 charging points, including 11.000 by the brand Volkswagen. Already in the coming year, 750 new charging points are planned, including fast loader with up to 300 kW for the first time. In total, VW strives to the end of 2021 2.000 loading points to have put into operation.

Stand today, there are already more than 1 to the ten Volkswagen locations in Germany.200 charging points. Much of this is also publicly accessible and can also be used by e-car drivers who are not working at Volkswagen. The largest charging park is located in Wolfsburg with around 500 charging points. Other charging parks stand in Hanover, Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Kassel, Emden, Osnabruck, Zwickau, Chemnitz and Dresden. In total, the Group invests around 250 million euros in the expansion of charging infrastructure at the European locations. If a separate, exclusive quick-release net follow – rumor from July 2020 – this Invest will surely increase.

The Group moved before the end of the year and was able to show that alone in the past twelve months despite Corona more than 50.000 charging operations were recorded on its own locations. The electricity is 100 percent of renewable sources.

“The year 2020 was the announced prelude to the large E-offensive of Volkswagen. We have the ID.3 successfully launched and place with the ID.4 already the next model. Volkswagen also makes an important contribution to the urgently needed construction of the charging infrastructure. Overall, we need significantly more charging points in Germany and Europe if the electric car should quickly establish yourself. In the coming year, therefore, further efforts of all participants in politics and business are necessary.”- Thomas Ulbrich, Management Board e-mobility of the Volkswagen brand

The Volkswagen brand is comprehensive for the topic loading. By 2025, around 4 should be at the locations.000 charging points arise. Whether these “only” apply to German locations and the above mentioned 11.000 charging points, which were communicated in the summer of 2020, we still clarify Europe. It is noted that the Volkswagen dealers also build new charging options. In the future, each Volkswagen dealer in Germany offers at least one AC loader with 11kW and a DC loader with 22kW. In addition, the Group is involved in the construction of rapid storeets worldwide – about ionity in Europe, Electrify America in the USA and CAMS in China.

In addition, you are active in the area of wallboxes and offers the subsidiary ELLI appropriate wallboxes, loading services and green electricity tariffs. In the past three months, Elli has delivered a five-digit number of private wallboxes. In Germany, demand is powered by the promotional program for private charging stations, which promotes the purchase of networked wallboxes with 900 euros.

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7 thoughts on “VW builds charging infrastructure vigorously; from 2021 with 300 kW quick loader”

  1. If I see what crowd at VW traders and then do not offer more than 11 kW AC or 22 kW DC, perhaps only as a station, so must be questioned whether they want to sell anywhere. A quenching range of charging options is hardly conceivable.

  2. So in the district of LOrrach I personally know no VW dealer with loading opportunity – maybe someone can brighten me from the community

  3. I hope with the new 300kW pillars do not make the same mistake like ionity. Oversized charging points, which can currently not exceed no and only a small minority in the next 5 years.
    If you do not put here on shared charging points, you will already have tremendous, unnecessary expenses because of the network costs alone. There are fewer charging points possible because the network is no longer available at the location.

  4. It is not dealing here dealers, but about VW branches like works.
    Many visitors come in the works, from the representative to maintenance technicians and different service providers.
    If you can electrify your cars, then many private cars will be electrified.
    Today, the biggest VW battery has already 111kkkh, it still lacks the vehicle in the passat class. In a few years, even larger batteries come.
    These cars are fully applied in the longer term.
    The drivers of these cars are also multipliers for switching to electric cars.

  5. What I do not understand:
    VW is involved in ionity, what should one consider if the store is twice as expensive for 100 km in the current price model, like refueling a diesel vehicle for the same route ? The argument of refinancing the previously dedusibly reduced construction of the necessary infrastructure should be seen here analogously to the gas station, or?
    I can not really understand …….?

  6. For VW employees, the natural is beautiful. More importantly it would be to build these stations on supermarkets for all, because VW employees go shopping.

  7. … throw money to the window VW apparently very good. Why massively charging points to VW branches? What shoud that? For the in-house fleet? For the employees. OK. But again you can see that the topic E-car is still not understood among German manufacturers. An e-car invites when it is not needed. So. And that does not happen often at the VW dealer. Hopefully, for the VW customers. VW should rather step in the butt and bring this store to the front man, expand the shop network and abolish the immoral pricing policy. A reduced ellli wallbox for buyers of an ID would be an idea. To spend everything better than millions for charging points that nobody needs.


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