VW builds new work for battery systems in China

VW builds new work for battery systems in China-builds

The Volkswagen Group China launches the construction of a production plant for Battery Systems in Hefei (Province of Anhui). With the VW Anhui Components Company, the Group becomes a sole owner of a battery system in China for the first time. The factory will initially be between 150.000 and 180.000 high-voltage battery systems for the fully electric vehicles based on the MEB platform of the Group providing Volkswagen Anhui, as the Group announces.

The factory with a floor area of 45.000 square meters will be built in addition to the production facilities of Volkswagen Anhui, the first joint venture for fully electric vehicles, where Volkswagen holds the majority of shares. The Volkswagen Group China invests up to 2025 more than 140 million euros in the new plant and the associated equipment, the Start of Production (SOP) is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

“The platform strategy of the Volkswagen Group represents a competitive advantage we transfer to the age of e-mobility. Since the number of battery electric vehicles will increase significantly in the coming years, we must pay our attention, among other things, to anchor key components such as battery systems in our own value chain to benefit from synergies and innovations throughout the Group, “says Dr. Stephan WOllenstein, CEO Volkswagen Group China. At Volkswagen Anhui and the VW Anhui Components Company, it is “central components” by Volkswagen’s electrification strategy. The two joint ventures therefore form the basis for achieving the goal of increasing the proportion of E-vehicles in the fleet of Volkswagen Group China to 40 percent to 40 percent.

“With the new component plant in Hefei, the value added share of Volkswagen’s components in the E-vehicles produced by Volkswagen Anhui will increase to approximately 40 percent”, Supplement Frank Engel, Executive Vice President Components, Logistics, Quality of Volkswagen Group China. VW Anhui Components should therefore not only provide components for the fully electric vehicles of VW, but also form the strategic backbone of the E-offensive. The new component plant also offer a solid basis for the production of the next battery generations for the Chinese market.

The new plant, the VW Anhui Components Company, will be built in the Volkswagen Anhui vendor park, which ensures efficient logistics, cost advantages and shorter market launch times. The floor area of the new factory is 45.000 square meters – the area of more than eight football fields. At the start of production, around 200 employees should work in the new work. The work can benefit from existing synergies with the Group’s own battery workers and the works in Braunschweig and Tianjin (China). In addition, cooperation with the MEB battery mills of the Chinese joint ventures should be strengthened and synergies are raised.

The Braunschweiger plant in Germany is considered a tailor’s planning, development and production of battery systems. There are currently already good 500.000 Battery systems made, so vw. The specialist staff from Germany support the under construction manufacturing capacities worldwide, including Anhui. Thus, the experiences gained in Braunschweig since 2019 can be used in the whole Volkswagen Group. In addition to local staff, teams from Germany also act as bridge heads for cooperation. As in Anhui, currently in the Czech Republic (Mlada Boleslav, the registered office of VW subsidiary Skoda) and in the US (Chattanooga) capacities for the production of batteries. The goal is to be able to produce more than one million battery systems within a few years annually.

The workforce in China is trained at the Component Education Academy at the consolidated location Tianjin. Personnel in the direct area is also trained with state-of-the-art VR training methods to minimize committee rates and accident risks, reduce training cycles and reduce the need for presence events. The Group is committed to younger generations and offers opportunities for dual education with a focus on technical occupations in the field of e-mobility and components. That is in line with the recent cooperation between the Group and in Anhui-based partners, with which the best local talents are promoted. They should not only contribute to the success of the Group, but also shape the change of yeast to the mobility turntable.

The battery systems for MEB vehicles consist of multiple cell modules, a cell management controller, a battery management system, and a connector strip, which are connected to each other via high voltage connections and protected by an aluminum housing. As part of the manufacturing process, two production steps take place – frame production and system mounting – which are carried out at two production lines each. According to the Group Vision on digital manufacturing processes, the state-of-the-art technology and a high degree of automation are used in manufacturing, installation and testing of the battery systems with each step and a high degree of automation. At the group location Tianjin, the production of prototypes has already been included.

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  1. Again, the value creation takes place in China.
    Just like the rest of most VW. Then come into individual parts for assembly here.
    So with this knowledge about the long transport routes, a BEV from the company VW would never be CO¬≤ neutral. That’s just as dirty as the burners of VW.
    Hopefully you also build a work for the “air update” function.
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