VW builds plant Emden for electric cars and around

VW builds plant Emden for electric cars and around-plant

The Volkswagen brand is also consistently and planning the conversion of its works on electromobility in the Corona crisis. The reconstruction of the Werks Emden has begun – from 2022 electro cars should run from the band. Emden is the first plant in Lower Saxony, which will produce electric cars in a large scale. From 2022 the new fully electric compact SUV ID should be there.4 and later purely electrical models are built. The production of the models Passat Limousine and Variant, Arteon and the new variant Shooting Brake will continue for a multi-year transitional period. The final expansion stage is the technical production capacity at the location for up to 300.000 E vehicles designed.

The core of the factory build is the construction of a new, nearly 50.000 Square meter mounting hall, in which only electric vehicles are mounted. In addition, pressing and body construction are around 23.000 Square meters enlarged, the paint shop modernized and a new “bi-color hall” with 6000 square meters for black painting of the vehicle roofs added. The two-tone paint is one of the hallmarks of the ID. family. In addition, a new high-bay warehouse and an automated small parts warehouse are planned. The completion of the building is expected for summer 2021.

“With the conversion of our work in Emden to a production site for E-vehicles, Volkswagen accelerates the system change. Overall, the company will invest around one billion euros in the transformation of the factory. Thus, the location in Emden develops into an important cornerstone of our electrical strategy.”- Ralf Brandstatter, CEO of the Volkswagen brand

Already for the production of the Passat GTE, employees were sensitized and trained for the production of electrified vehicles. Since autumn 2019, Emder colleagues in Zwickau are to accompany the construction of the facilities and the vehicle startup and then use the expertise in Emden. This procedure is now successively rolled out in all production areas. In addition, there is a qualification offensive for all employees of the factory over the next few years. This starts with a one-day sensitization on “switching to electromobility” and ends with individual manufacturing training. Overall, the staff will be well over 60 until the start of production.000 training days have completed.

Volkswagen wants to become world market leader for electromobility; The brand wants to bring more than 20 pure electrical models to 2025 and help the E-car to break down. The id.4 and the ID.3 are important milestones on the way, the brand – geared to the Parisian climate protection goals – until the year 2050 is fully CO2-neutral to set up. Even by 2025, the CO2 emission of the Volkswagen fleet should be reduced by one third. By 2024, the brand invests around eleven billion euros in electromobility and transforms numerous works. In Germany, the E-vehicles of the Volkswagen Group are to be produced in Zwickau, Emden, Hanover, Zuffenhausen and Dresden. The E-cars produced abroad come from the works in Mladá Boleslav, Chattanooga, Foshan and Anting.

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