VW Bulli I.D. Buzz goes into series

VW Bulli I.D. Buzz goes into series-goes

A look at Volkswagen AG – I.D. We could already risk Buzz at the beginning of the year. At that time is still presented as an e-auto study, which will come to the market sometime 2025. For the weekend, however, it is noted that the I.D. BUZZ will probably hit the streets of the world sooner than expected. It goes to Dr. Herbert this and Dr. Eckhard Scholz is the Buzz an important pillar in the electricity offensive of Volkswagen and carries the Bulli driving experience in the future.

“Since the performances on the world fairs in Detroit and Geneva, we have received many letters in which customers write us:, please build this car!'”- DR. Herbert Dies, CEO Volkswagen

The I.D. Buzz is after the I.D. come 2022 on the street. The Buzz aims for the other vehicles of the I.D. Family mainly on the markets in North America, Europe and China. The schedule was announced for the Buzz in Pebble Beach, quite suitable for the environment, the Bulli was always part of the California lifestyl. Now he comes back, just in a new version, as an e-vehicle.

As with the first VW BUZZ study vehicle, the batteries are also located in the vehicle floor in the production vehicle. Due to the electric drive with its small space requirement, the front and rear axles can be very far apart. This allows for a long wheelbase and short overhangs, which in turn benefits the interior. From the outside, the vehicle appears like a compact van, but offers as much space inside as a van.

What is new, however, is the fact that, in addition to a bus variant, there is also the I.D. BUZZ CARGO, which stands for emission-free delivery traffic and is highly automated as a Level 3 vehicle. This makes it an ideal electric van concept, especially for inner cities. At the start of series production, there will be more than seven decades between the oldest and the youngest, very emotionally designed bus from Volkswagen, and yet the I.D. BUZZ has the genes of the original ancestor: it offers maximum space utilization in the traffic area of a mid-size car.

The study stands with 4.942 mm length, 1.976 mm width and 1.963 mm height for exceptional space dimensions. The series version based on the modular electrification device (MEB) will take over many design ideas and also offer a variable seating landscape, interactive networking and highly automated driving. You can be curious. For me, however, it is already clear today, the I.D. Buzz is quite a vehicle in which I would like to make a roadtrip.

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