VW burner from 2035; Then in the rest of the world

VW burner from 2035; Then in the rest of the world-then

VW sales leader Klaus Zellmer gave in an interview with the Munich Merkur to understand that VW wants to get out of the sale of combustion vehicles. “In Europe, we rely between 2033 and 2035 from business with combustion vehicles, in the USA and China a little later.”In South America and Africa, it should take a good deal for” the lack of political and infrastructural framework conditions “longer, so Zellmer continue.

Zellmer also explains that even within Europe there are different plans for the exit. “There will be markets in which early only battery electric vehicles will be allowed, think of Norway. And there will be markets in which battery electric vehicles would give ecologically little sense, because the electricity is also extracted perspective above all from coal, “said Volkswagen.

In addition, Zellmer shows that the concluding decision is still taken by the customer: “In the end, the freedom of choice is always at the customer.”Of course, this sentence seems to contradict the consistent exit. However, one must also say that neither VW nor any other manufacturer is currently refraining from what the market in 2035 and then demand. VW assumes in its planning that 2035 burners are sold by 2035. Political and demand-assisted shifts in the next 14 years are not excluded.

By 2030, at least 70 percent of the Volkswagen sales in Europe should be pure e-cars, which is significantly more than one million vehicles. Volkswagen would significantly overfill the requirements of the EU Green Deal. In North America and China, the E-Auto Share should be at least 50 percent. For this purpose, Volkswagen brings at least a new E-car per year on the market. Currently one has “only” the ID.3 and the ID.4 On the street, opposite there are still 15 series, which are only offered as a combustion or at best as plug-in hybrids. And the commercial vehicles are not yet included.

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6 thoughts on “VW burner from 2035; Then in the rest of the world”

  1. Words stay words remain words, bla bla bla.
    You would connect the customer’s request and deliver what this wants.
    D.H., If the eternal environmental polluter does not want to change, then exhaust gas in the air, except the EU prohibits it before, for which the VDA should ask for mitigating circumstances.
    Great attitude VW, innovation and environmental protection should be adapted to climate protection.
    Your exhaust gas will be unchecked the next 30 to 50 years the world.
    South Africa should generally continue to be packed, it does not bother.
    Let’s see what the South African em means, which certainly will find a solution there.

  2. “You would join the customer’s request and deliver what this wants.”Yes, because of then, the ID3 would have a right attachment control with excess load and then the drilling would be even further in the program because the demand for these small and affordable cars is gigantic

  3. If VW 2035 then stops petrol and sell diesel – how long do you still have to hold the spare parts for these vehicles ?
    ten years? 20 years? longer ?
    This will give a bad awakening
    &# 128521;

  4. There is the dinosaur freeze once more. Loss no longer than necessary by law. Image care there and there. Specifically, spray and do so as if. Effective it is about squeezing the burners as long as possible and to pay out fat bonuses. But that’s nothing new at VW. Donessness shaped by profit optimization. Thost, you say it right. To maintain the know-how, workshops, etc. 20 years to supply. That eats tons of yields away. But VW is then already at the state to stop support when it comes to eradicating the management errors. As a customer, it is easy to set sign and VW & Co. Left left. I hope that the EU is draconically exacerbating the exhaust standards regardless of the lobbyists and puts hybrid vehicles on the index. Only if it hurts correctly these eternal CEOs will finally be the empty words – which we have heard to meet – even deeds. Unfortunately, only reluctantly and not intrinsic with conviction.

  5. The combustion production could be terminated before 2030.

    As in the 1990s a Californian law a certain proportion of E cars provided, as the manufacturers were fast to build e-cars worldwide. As soon as the combustion lobby had brought the law to the case, as the E-cars were virtually “overnight” and were scrapped.

    Even today, you can bring the automakers through laws that they produce environmentally friendly cars and you should be amazed how fast this is when profits can only be achieved with E-cars.

    Jerkzuck would supply manufacturers to the market with E-cars in all sizes, even with small cars can be made money if people can not afford expensive cars – that’s market economy.

  6. 2035, what an incredible impudence. Audi (yes, I know, VW daughter …) has announced that for 2026.
    But I think I can protect my heart and does not have to get me further – the EU will already judge it. The EU also consists of Germany and its autolobby / ~ mafia, but also from 26 other Member States.
    One point at the time of exit, I repeat myself here: I’m very firmly convinced that only very few play children under us already want to drive a burner. Once the heavenly tranquility of an electric car enjoyed and immediately the desire is probably high to have such a box too. The couple Hanseln, who buy their car or their Harley because they make such a horny noise, then do not fit in the calculation of the car manufacturer.


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