VW: “By 2030, the car will be sustainable, safe, intelligent and autonomous”

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The Volkswagen Group is well prepared for an emission-free and autonomous future of mobility. “With our NEW car strategy, we will reinvent Volkswagen by 2030,” said Chief Board Herbert this on the Virtual General Meeting of the Volkswagen Group. “Within the next 10 years, the car will drive sustainable, safe, intelligent and eventually autonomous. Individual mobility is facing a shiny future “. With its strong brands and worldwide technology platforms, the Group “a clear plan to play a leading role in the new world of mobility.”

Innovation skills, technology competence, speed and size would become more and more important in the future. With his ability to scale platforms to scale globally, the Volkswagen Group would still expand its market shares in e-mobility, said this. He confirmed his belief that only with e-mobility the CO2 emissions in road traffic in the next ten years had significantly lowered and at the same time referred to the recently presented plans of the EU Commission. “Our goal: world market leader for E-vehicles”, so this.

Strong first half of 2021

In the first six months of the current financial year, the Volkswagen Group has made further progress on this way despite Covid-19-pandemic and global semiconductor scarcity: By the end of June, deliveries increased significantly by 27.9 percent compared to the same period of the previous year to around five million vehicles. The Group continued its successful E-offensive and handed 170 in the first six months.939 pure electric cars to customers. These were more than twice as many as in the same period of the previous year.

With 26 percent market share, the Volkswagen Group has sold more electric cars in Europe in the first half of the year than any other company. And with its own production in the core markets of China and the US, Volkswagen sees itself well set up to quickly highlight the e-mobility globally. “We assume that our margins in e-mobility and burning business will be at the same level in two to three years,” said this. As the basis for the annual planning round in November, the Group has increased the original span for the operational return on sales in 2025 from 7 to 8 percent to 8 to 9 percent.

Already in the first half of 2021, the financial performance of the Volkswagen Group has improved significantly: based on preliminary figures, the company is from a high operating result of around 11 (-1.49) billion euros for the first half of the year. The net cash flow in the automobiles division is expected at around 10 (-4.8) billion euros.

Dividend proposal unchanged

The Management Board and the Supervisory Board proposed the Annual General Meeting for the 2020 financial year a dividend of 4.80 euros per ordinary share and 4.86 euros per preferred share. These would thus be at the level of fiscal years 2018 and 2019. From the successful 2019 financial year, due to the consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic, 855 million euros of the remaining balance sheet profit had been submitted to new account in the financial year 2020.

The Supervisory Board also submitted the new compensation system for the Management Board members to the Annual General Meeting. This was revised in the financial year 2020 and has been valid since January 2021. In addition to further adjustments, in particular, goals from the fields of environment (environment), social (social) and governance (so-called ESG targets) are implemented. The Volkswagen Group wants to underline his commitment to the decarbonization and more sustainability.

Successful brands as strength of the Volkswagen Group

In the Brand Group Premium Audi achieved a strong operating result and a delivery record as a leading brand in the first half of 2021, such as the Group in a recent communication. The focus is on the electrification and digitization of the model portfolio. Audi wants to further expand its range of e-cars – among other things through the high-tech project Artemis. “Audi has developed once more modern technologies for the entire Group,” said this. These would also be used at Bentley. The bundling of the British luxury brand with Lamborghini and Ducati in the Brand Group Premium makes it possible to position the technology of Audi in an even higher price segment and benefit from higher scale effects.

In the volume of branded volumes, the Leadmark Volkswagen drives the electrification and digitization of your portfolio as a result of its strategy accelerate. The brand wants to become world market leader in the volume segment by 2025 for battery electrical vehicles. They build with their wide-based fully electric ID.-Family with the models ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 and ID.6 and the following ID next year. Buzz one of the industry’s most comprehensive product portfolio in this area. The role of the brand said: “With the Future Project Trinity, Volkswagen brings the Artemis technology into the volume segment, as already in the E-drive with the electro-kit MEB.”

An example is the recently introduced fully electric Cupra Born, which builds on the MEB platform. The Spanish brands Seat and Cupta also pursue an ambitious electrification plan and invest up to 2025 around five billion euros.

The SKODA brand also continues your model offensive. This commented: “The new Octavia is the model of its class with hybrid drives and its internetability. With the Enyaq, Skoda is pushed into the era of e-mobility.”In addition, Skoda International has taken responsibility for the regional markets of Russia and North Africa this year this year.

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand sees itself together with its joint venture partner Argo AI as a technological pioneer in the development of autonomous shuttles for cities such as the ID. BUZZ AD. At the same time, she recently introduced the new T7 based on the MQB, which is offered for the first time with plug-in hybrid drive. This commented on the development of the brand: “Volkswagen commercial vehicles develops more and more to a lifestyle brand. The new T7 is innovative and digital, comfortable and functional. Next year we bring our so far emotionally electric car to the market, the ID. Buzz.”

In the brand group Sport, the Porsche brand continues its success course with a high speed. In the first six months of the year, it achieved a high operating result and a consignment record. “Porsche plays with sustainable profit margins of more than 15 percent in its own league. Even in a difficult year 2020, Porsche has maintained its double-digit profitability. The brand is stronger than ever, “said this. The order backlog of the TaryCan is currently four to five months. The Bugatti brand is to be incorporated subject to regulatory approvals in a joint venture with RIMAC.

In the commercial vehicle business, Traton generally achieved sales of 13.6 billion euros in the first half of the year and thus reach the level of the same period in the pre-crisis year 2019. The order intake of more than 170.000 vehicles meant a record for the first six months. At the same time, the acquisition of Navistrar was successfully completed. This said: “By taking over Navistar, Traton continued to expand its global presence”. This is the company on the target straightshore of its global champion strategy. In the future, Traton will increase the Chinese market in focus.

At the electromobility, Traton wants to continue to accelerate. In research and development for e-mobility, a total of 1.6 billion euros will flow until 2025. First successes are already visible: The fully electric Man Lion’s City E is already in Hamburg and other European cities.

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  1. Yes, the good premium vehicles such as Tacal, EQS or just the ID.Buzz now bring the power carrier of the company into the electric car. Mercedes has recognized the signs of time and preferred the EQG. That’s how it is done!

  2. Since the ultimate conviction by the EU, the VW PR department was finally pleasantly quiet.Whole sections from this advertising text simply say nothing. Many glorious adjectives do not make sense in a text. Well, “The electrification is driven by reprint”. Great. And what about a clear exit strategy from the dinosaur? “Porsche plays with sustainable profit margins of more than 15 percent in its own league.”Who plays with profit margins has definitely not a clear strategy, because otherwise profit margins would be part of this strategy. And dear @david The service providers of society definitely do not come from an auto seism and definitely not only 4 wheels. For the service provider of a society it needs a little more.

  3. That with the autonomous drive really up to the smallest side roads as well as with construction site, mom + stroller, cyclist, dog and drunk drunk actually works certainly, I think only if I see it.

  4. Unfortunately, the ID Buzz no longer looks like this, as in the study: https: // http://www.Car engine and sport.DE / NEW / VW ID-BUZZ-2022 Electric Bus /
    That will probably be more in flop. Auto Motor Sport is misspelled to give a rating to the design. Motor1.COM dreams of all that is only skillful camouflage: https: // de.motor1.COM / News / 516787 / VW ID-Buzz Prototype Series CARS

  5. Nice, a VW promotional sweep more. We become world market leader? Really now? What the? With the grotted heat pump? With the incompetent OTA? With the error-prone soft and computer hardware? With the countless purchased components?

    Can be that VW can create the connection of still reasonably. But world market leader? The train has long since left without VW.


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