VW changed personally and structurally consolidated net officers

VW changed personally and structurally consolidated net officers-changed

Already in the run-up to the planning round 70 of the VW Group, it was hot. Not least because of the personnel Herbert this, which has experienced a little relaxation. We had already reported on the world market leader by 2025 for e-mobility. Now we are dedicated to the personnel changes. Thus also the future of Herbert this in the VW Group.

Volkswagen Group Chief Herbert This had no easy stand, in the run-up to the planning round 70, in the VW Group. With the works council, there was between for a statement for job reduction. More specifically, it has been quite wild since then in the VW Group. Meanwhile, peace is inlet. Especially since you agree in the planning round 70 personnel and structural changes in the consolidated council. This would make the company even more powerful for the challenges of the coming years.

“The Volkswagen Group and his workforce are now facing the crucial years of transformation. The starting position is basic. Now it is important to realize this historical change to the future topics further fairly and thus exemplary for the entire industry. This requires the highest level of focus and tempo – and takes into account the future consolidated directory.”- JOrg Hofmann, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board VW Group

For the CEO Herbert this, this means that from the beginning of 2022 within the Group Executive Board will take over the responsibility for the automotive software division Cariad by Markus Duesmann. At the same time, the CEO of Volkswagen Cars, Ralf Brandstatter, enters the Group Executive Board and will be responsible for the activities of the core brand in the panel. Responsible board for the brand group Volumen remains Herbert this.

In addition, it is planned that from the 1. February 2022 Manfred DOss in the field of “integrity and right” will follow on Hiltrud Werner. Hauke Stars is also becoming 1. February 2022 in the consolidated board and take over the department “IT”. There are also changes that come to Hildegard Wortmann. Because Wortmann will in addition to their role as proceedings for sales at Audi in the same function on this date in the consolidated commercial. With the anchoring of the department at Group level, Volkswagen meets the fact that the transformation requires a fundamental development of the Group-wide sales, which includes new digital sales forms and a direct and continuous customer approach over all trademarks.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Hans Dieter POtsch arranges the decision to change as follows: “With the decisions taken today, we provide the Group Executive Board on an even broader basis. At the same time, all areas of central strategic importance are strengthened and worked personally focused. Thus, the Group Executive Board has even higher impact to tackle the strategic tasks of the coming years.”

The approved changes also include a new assignment of the “China” department in the further course of the year. This should be from the 1. August 2022 by Ralf Brandstatter. Successor Brandstatter will then become the current CEO of the Skoda Auto A.S, Thomas Schafer. He should be in this task from 1. Work in April as COO of the Volkswagen Cars brand and from the 1. JULY 2022 In the consolidated board.

In addition, the Supervisory Board has equipped the Gunnar Kilian responsible for the Sections and Truck & Bus Executive Board with a new Treaty in order to bind him in the longer term until the end of its current order, which ends in April 2023, as a member of the Executive Board to the Company.

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  1. Maybe this transformation also changes something to the company Ethics. Historically, Volkswagen is heavily burdened here and it’s hard to endure that VW does so little in the Uighur drama in China.


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