VW charging offensive records advances at the Hanover plant

VW charging offensive records advances at the Hanover plant-records

As early as 2018, we were reported that VW, in addition to the Parliament Wolfsburg, also donated other locations new charging stations for electric cars. Only in August the employee charging park was put into operation at the Braunschweig site with 60 charging points. In October, VW uses commercial vehicles on the factory in Hanover 100 charging points for E-vehicles.

50 within the premises, the other 50 in public parking spaces around the location. By 2025, so gradual 4.000 charging points to the ten German Volkswagen locations. Especially on the commercial vehicle division of VW, a total of 450 charging stations are created until 2023. Where a third will be found within the factory grounds, the other two-thirds outside on public parking spaces. “As a car manufacturer, we therefore make an important contribution to the construction of the loading infrastructure at Hannover,” says Josef Bantert, trademark for production and logistics at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN).

As in the past, too, the electricity used is to be 100 percent from renewable sources. The parking spaces with charging column are also green and now reserved for vehicles with electric drive, such as the industry portal Electrive.Net has learned. “We thus promote the sustainable mobility of our employees,” says Thomas Edig, trademark for staff. “An e-vehicle is best invited where there is several hours anyway. And that’s the workplace at many people.”
In addition to its own efforts VW relies on ionity. A joint joint venture of BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group with Porsche and Audi, which installs an ultra-fast high-performance shop network on important traffic axes in Europe. In addition, it became known that the mobile fast load column presented at the end of December 2018 will be transferred to the series from 2020. This will make it possible to maximize additional places with charging stations flexibly.

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