VW concept study onepod: sees the urban mobility of tomorrow?

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VW concept study onepod: sees the urban mobility of tomorrow?-sees

The Drive Volkswagen Group Forum designs under the title “Go.City – the future of urban mobility “A vision of how city and traffic planning in urban areas could be shaped in the future. The focus is on the new concept vehicle OnePod, which is now accessible for the first time a larger public. The self-propelled, electric concept vehicle has developed the Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe in Potsdam. The go.City model should show how individual locomotion, public transport and delivery traffic can be optimally complemented and tune. Visitors can take the exhibits and supplementary information up to 31. Explore December 2021 for free in the middle of Berlin.

The name OnePod is intended to illustrate the idea and self-image of the new concept vehicle of Volkswagen: because “One” is for “One Solution for All”. The interior is configurable for different tasks, such as Robotaxi, which offers “mobility as a service”. Generous windows, a display and intuitive control elements in armrests should enable the passenger optimal view and access to all necessary applications. External communication is carried out by signals in light strips that can inform other road users and, if necessary, warn. For advanced mobility, a foldable bicycle carrier is located at the rear of the OnePod.

“Electromobility and autonomous driving give us more freedoms in design, as among other things, the space is growing in the interior and offers completely new design possibilities. With the OnePod we follow this development and, in addition, especially children and older people give an additional and new option to move individually, environmentally friendly and safely in the city.”- Peter Wouda, head of the Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe

In addition to the new vehicle concept, the Drive gives insights into the mobile urban development of the future. “Our Concept Room illustrates how life and mobility will change in metropolitan areas as soon as autonomously driving vehicles are reality,” says Liane seems, director of the drive. Volkswagen Group Forums. The go.City model leaves interested in a city immerse in which various mobility concepts are coordinated and fulfill a variety of tasks in the transport of passengers and goods.

The drive

The DRIVE as a dialogue and adventure platform represents the Volkswagen Group in the heart of Berlin and wants to fathom the mobility of the future. At the corner among Linden and Friedrichstrabe, the Group representation dance combines all brands under one roof and offers automobiles to touch automobiles. Visitors can learn about how, for example, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche deal with the topics transform, environment, sustainability, technology and design.

By the end of January 2022, the Drive shows the current Audi exhibition “Experience Progress”. Highlight of the tour are vehicle studies presenting the vision of private travel and give a view of the design of the future, among other things. Numerous interactive exhibits invite you to try and join. This also includes the Augmented Reality Head-Up Display of the Audi Q4 E-TRON. These can take interested parties closely at the magnifying glass and experience different lighting projections in the light tunnel.

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