VW concludes Transformation plant Zwickau to the E-Location

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VW concludes Transformation plant Zwickau to the E-Location-plant

Volkswagen promotes more and more change to electromobility: with the official production start of the ID.5 and ID.5 GTX In the end of January, Volkswagen successfully completed the transformation of the Vehicle Works Zwickau to the pure E location. The traditional location in Saxony is the world’s first large series factory of a volume manufacturer, which was completely rebuilt by vehicles with internal combustion engine on electric drive.

In Zwickau, six models of the Volkswagen, Audi and Cupra are now manufactured on the basis of the modular electric drive kit (MEB). This year continue the works in Emden (ID.4), Hannover (ID. Buzz) and Chattanooga (USA, ID.4) to the e-auto production network. The Volkswagen brand has created the prerequisites, 2022 at its locations in Europe, USA and China to build 1.2 million fully electric vehicles on MEB-based.

“Volkswagen will continue to speed up 2022 with the Accelerate Strategy and the development of the model palette to further accelerate electromobility. The Vehicle Werk Zwickau has made important pioneering work for the Group with six attempts of three brands in 26 months. The findings and experiences will help us to further electrify our production network quickly and efficiently.”- DR. Christian Vollmer, production board brand Volkswagen

The Vehicle Work Zwickau has been rebuilt since 2018 for around 1.2 billion euros from the burner to the electromobility and a digital, flexible and highly efficient presentation factory, as Volkswagen announced. Among other things, among other things, SMARTE Industrie-4 are used.0 robots and driverless transport systems, the components completely autonomously bring to the assembly line.

Almost 40 percent of the investment volume finished alone in the renewal and expansion of the body of carers. The previously high automation in this area is now at almost 90 percent, the number of modern robots rose from 1200 to 1625. The automation in the assembly was also almost doubled on 28 percent – and the ergonomics of production significantly improved, so VW. Only jobs with monotons or physically exhausting activities were affected, for example working with hands over school level or overhead work.

In total are more than 50.000 Square meters rebuilt to building area, for example for the expansion of the pressing unit, with which all outer skin body parts are pressed on site for the electrical models – a saving of 9000 truck trips annually. Further central construction projects were the new construction of a logistics hall and a battery sequence. The latter is now the highest building in the Werk Zwickau. The investment volume alone of these three projects is around 115 million euros.

According to e-mobility, Volkswagen has occurred permanently sustainable jobs in Zwickau. The approximately 9,000 permanently active at the site were prepared with a large further education offensive on the new technology. So all employees have passed through information events for e-mobility. 3000 employees completed the training center e-mobility, in which they were trained detail on the new production requirements. In total, the Zwickau team has around 2020 around 2020.000 training days completed.

In Zwickau, six models of three brands run from the band – the Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5 and Audi Q4 E-Tron, Q4 Sportback E-Tron and Cupra Born. The production capacity corresponds to an annual production of more than 300.000 vehicles – so according to the Vehicle Werk Zwickau VW, according to the currently most powerful production site for electric cars in Europe.

CO2-neutral production

With the models produced in Zwickau, Volkswagen delivers exclusively vehicles to customers, which are produced by the entire delivery and manufacturing chain CO2-neutral via the entire delivery and production chain. In the manufacturing process, the development of CO2 is avoided as much as possible or reduced – and unavoidable emissions are balanced by climate protection measures.

The CO2 avoidance measures also include the energy-intensive production of battery cells. Here it was agreed for the production of the cells that suppliers use green electricity from renewable sources. With this large lever, the ecicoos of the E-car can be further improved.

In the Zwickau plant, the external power supply was already converted to 100 percent green electricity in 2017. Remaining emissions from a separate combined heat and power plant with combined heat coupling and the entire favorite are since the production start of the ID.3 in November 2019 balanced for all models manufactured in Zwickau by certified climate projects according to officially recognized standards.

The target image of the Volkswagen brand

At the center of the Dekarbonization Program “Way to Zero” is the accelerated startup of the E-offensive with the trademark strategy Accelerate. By 2050, Volkswagen wants to be completely climate-neutral. As an intermediate goal, the CO2 emissions per vehicle in Europe should decline by 40 percent by 2030 (base: 2018). The manufacture including the supply chains as well as the operation of E-cars should be made up to climate-neutral. Add to this is the consistent recycling of high-voltage batteries old electric cars.

The goal is the complete electrification of the new car fleet. By 2030, at least 70 percent of the Volkswagen sales in Europe should be pure E cars, which is well above one million vehicles. In North America and China, the E-Auto Share should be at least 50 percent. For this purpose, Volkswagen brings at least a new E-car per year on the market.

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