VW doubles paragraph of pure e-cars

VW doubles paragraph of pure e-cars-e-cars

Corona crisis, semiconductor deficiency and problems with the supply chains are also misseless to VW. Worldwide, the brand delivered almost 4.9 million vehicles in the past year. This corresponds to a minus of about 8 percent compared to 2020. In the important market China, the difficulties were even bigger. Here the decline was nearly 15 percent.

On the other hand, the development in the E-cars was gratifying. The company brought more power to customers worldwide than ever before. As is apparent from a communication of the company, more than 369.000 cars with plug discontinued – an increase of 73 percent compared to 2020. This accounted for around 106.000 on plug-in hybrids (+ 33 percent), around 263.000 were purely electric vehicles (+ 97 percent). Thus, the company has doubled the BEV deliveries compared to the previous year, it means.

“Volkswagen drives the change towards electromobility despite the limited supply with semiconductors further with high pressure progress,” said VW boss Ralf Brandstatter. The company achieved a leading position in the shortest possible time in Europe in fully electric vehicles. With the strategy Accelerate and the expansion of the model range, VW will continue to speed up the droplet of e-mobility. “With the ID. BUZZ we will be our ID this year.-Family to expand an emotional model.”

Under extremely challenging conditions, VW has achieved a satisfactory sales result, so fire sadters. The losses due to missing chips had not been compensated for the course of the year. The historically high order backlog of 543.000 vehicles alone in Europe, but also show the high interest in VW models, according to sales board Klaus Zellmer. 95 alone.000 orders for fully electrical IDs.

The proportion of purely battery electrical (BEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the total goods deliveries has almost doubled to 7.5 percent (2020: 4 percent). In Europe, the share rose from 12.6 to 19.3 percent. Volkswagen achieved a significant increase in deliveries of E-vehicles in particular in the USA, China and Germany. In the home market, every fourth VW was already one with plug.

In total, with 77.100 vehicles nearly five times so many Bev delivered in China like 2020. Volkswagen is thus already one of the five largest BEV providers in China. In the USA with just under 17.000 vehicles have been discontinued around twenty times as many BEV as in the previous year. Worldwide popular BEV model of VW is expected to be the “car world” ID.4. From the 263.000 E models was the ID.4 According to the message with around 119.650 copies most frequently delivered – followed by the ID.3 (around 76.000), the e-up! (41.500) and just under 18.000 exclusively sold in China.6

Volkswagen expects that at least the first half of 2022 is still difficult due to persistent delivery bottlenecks in semiconductors. However, the company is based on its own information to stabilize production and quickly process the high order backlog quickly.

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3 thoughts on “VW doubles paragraph of pure e-cars”

  1. VW and the German manufacturers can still sell their numbers positively in their press broadcasts positively, the reality unfortunately looks very different.

    The Chinese overall market has grown despite the semiconductor problems for all manufacturers – namely 4%. VW and Co have up to 14% sales.

    Until now German manufacturers in China sold 50% of all cars. Say every second car sold in China was a VW, BMW, Mercedes etc. China / Asia is already by far the largest market for automotive companies – and that will grow much further. And the German companies have dominated these markets; Especially German manufacturers have made much of their profits in China in the last 10 years (which are transferred to our stock exchanges in Europe).

    But in electromobility looks very different:
    Even VW, which now specialize in electric cars, has no opportunities with its technology in China with its technology and value for money.
    Under the ten e-auto manufacturers with most approvals, it made a single German group in China in China. Volkswagen. This was only ranked 9 in the NEV in China, while BMW and Daimler even significantly poor sections.

    VW finishes behind Start Ups like Nio, Xpeng; and lies miles behind the big Chinese manufacturers such as BYD, SAIC and WM engine.

    Brand December Total
    BYD * 92.823 593.745
    Tesla 70.847 473.078
    Hongguang Mini eV – ** Almost 400.000
    ORA 20.926 135.028
    Gac Aion 16.675 123.660
    GEELY * 18.813 100.126
    Xpeng 16.000 98.155
    NIO 10.489 91.429 8
    Volkswagen (MEB) 13.747 70.625
    Neta Automobile 10.127 69.674
    WM Motor 5.062 44.157
    Leap engine 7.807 43.121

    https: // http://www.Electrive.NET / 2022 / 01/11 / China-33-million-NEV-Verkaeufe-in-2021 /

    Only for comparison: The VW Group was last month.B. From Chinese startup, Xpeng, clearly beaten in China: Xpeng sold 16,000 electric cars in December 2021.
    But Volkswagen “Sold Nearly 14,000 id. Cars in December 2021.
    https: // http://www.Electric car news.Net / 2022 / Xpeng-Waechst Compare-2020-to-2021 massive # Comments
    https: // insideevs.COM / News / 558422 / China-Volkswagen-Sales-ID-December2021 /

    China / Asia is already by far the largest market for automotive companies – and that will grow much further. And the German companies have dominated these markets; Especially German manufacturers have made much of their profits in China in the last 10 years (which are transferred to our stock exchanges in Europe).
    If the German manufacturers are losing China / Asia as a market, then they lose their main market – and thus profit / sales. Without China / Asia, VW and CO are not even half as big as so far.

  2. MAN Stain again and again about the numeric shooting of the VW PR department. The distance to the front will be constantly greater and you continue to be the market leader. The conventional credibility is probably not better. But somehow the millions have to be issued to PR budgets. Amurment I am also a so-called “free journalists” which such things do not critically question. I do not know what this job title in Germany means. But I assume that free journalism has nothing to do with objective, investigative and content-correct journalism, but much more based on the wishes of the moneyer oriented. A journalistic honorary code is probably no longer a topic. Main thing clicks, hits, visits and cash.

  3. You have to hold on the VW has a pure electro platform. And the ID3 / 4 certainly belong to the best BEVs in the European market

    Whether the esp in the Chinese market is another question.


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