VW: Flexible fast chargers with battery storage in Wolfsburg

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VW: Flexible fast chargers with battery storage in Wolfsburg-flexible

In the last few weeks, Volkswagen Group Components has distributed flexible fast charging stations throughout the city of Wolfsburg. This marks the start of an important part of Volkswagen’s birthday present for the citizens of the city of Wolfsburg: free charging for 80 weeks at the new flexible charging stations. In the first phase of the pilot project, nine of the twelve pillars are permanently connected to the power grid, while three others are used flexibly, for example at major events. The fast charging stations can be found from Fallersleben to Vorsfelde, from Brackstedt to Detmerode. E-cars and hybrid vehicles from various manufacturers can be charged. Not only normal charging (AC), but also fast charging (DC) with up to 100 kW is possible.

The locations for the nine fast charging stations were defined in close cooperation between Volkswagen Group Components, the city of Wolfsburg and Wolfsburg Wirtschaft und Marketing GmbH (WMG). The dozen are filled by three more charging stations, which are used flexibly in joint planning, for example at events.

“A comprehensive charging infrastructure in urban areas is one of the key steps towards an e-mobile future. The flexible charging station we developed is an important building block for a functioning network of charging points. It can be set up anywhere – permanently connected, but also independent of the power grid – where there is a need. No matter whether in the city, at festivals, at the stadium or at other events. At the same time, the batteries previously used in electric vehicles can be given a second life cycle. This means that we assume end-to-end responsibility for the battery, from the cell to recycling.— Thomas Schmall, CEO of Volkswagen Group Components

A key goal of the #WolfsburgDigital initiative is to make Wolfsburg a model city for urban charging. “By setting up the flexible charging stations, we are taking the next logical step in this direction and are offering citizens more options for charging their e-vehicles in the city,” explains Dennis Weilmann, Head of the Department for Economics, Digital Affairs and Culture, City of Wolfsburg.

VW: Flexible fast chargers with battery storage in Wolfsburg-fastVW

With its compact dimensions, the flexible fast charging station can be set up almost anywhere where there is a need or where there is no charging infrastructure. When connected to the low-voltage grid, it becomes a fixed charging point without the high expense of a comparable permanently installed fast charging station. The built-in battery pack enables network decoupling through buffer storage of the energy and thus a relief of the power grid mainly at peak times.

If regenerated electricity is fed into the charging column and cached, it enables CO2 neutral mobility. For sustainable use of valuable resources, the column is also designed so that in the future, old batteries from electric cars can be used as energy storage. Thanks to the quick loading technique, electric cars can be loaded on the columns with up to 100 kW.

Community project of the city Wolfsburg and Volkswagen

The twelve flexible fast load columns are part of the city birthday gift for building an urban fast load infrastructure. They complement the nationwide first of several high-power-charging (HPC) loaders in the urban area at the e-mobility station in Wolfsburg. The urban fast-charging infrastructure at the Wolfsburg site is being rolled out under the umbrella of #WolfsburgDigital. With this initiative, the city of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen are consistently expanding digital offerings, electric mobility and model solutions at the Wolfsburg site. All efforts focus on securing the future of Wolfsburg as a business location and increasing the quality of life for the citizens.

Sources: Volkswagen — press release of 24.01.2020

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  1. The term “announcement world champion” was spoken of here recently. These mobile charging stations were announced last year and are already being field tested today. Good thing. Keep it up.

  2. I would be interested to know how many kWh the built-in battery can hold as a buffer. Only then can you evaluate whether it makes any sense to set up the stations WITHOUT a connection to the power grid. How would they then be reloaded or how often are they exchanged in order to load them centrally? I hope there will also be an electric truck that will exchange them every day.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of such a technology and the expansion of the charging infrastructure, I’d just be interested in what’s inside.
    What’s the use of a charging station that I stand in line at when it’s empty. Or. if it is connected to the low-voltage network and then by chance only with 11, 7.5 or even 2.5 kWh when I plug in my car?

  3. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for the information. Do you also have information about price and delivery?? Where can I quickly find the information?
    Many greetings


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