VW gives all-clearing: no loss of jobs through e-mobility

VW gives all-clearing: no loss of jobs through e-mobility-e-mobility

The CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert this, gave to a Supervisory Board meeting in September that the company 30.000 workplaces could lose when you move too slow on fully electric vehicles. So at least the statement of two insiders to Reuters. The comparison to Tesla should have fallen that this with 12.000 employees in Germany up to 500.Want to produce 000 cars per year. VW employs 25.000 people, around 700.To build 000 cars in his parent plant in Wolfsburg.

From pages VW was confirmed by a speaker that the presence of Tesla and other companies in Germany increased the urgency of the transition to electric cars, but denied that concrete calculations were employed on how many jobs could be lost in this process. “There is no question that, with a view to new market participants, we have to deal with the competitiveness of our plant in Wolfsburg,” said VW spokesman Michael Manske and referred to Tesla and new Chinese automakers who walk in Europe foot. He gives way to understand: “Tesla relies new standards for productivity and magnitude in Grunheide.”

Tesla could be at peak load 5.000 to 10.000 cars produce per week – more than twice the German production battery electrical vehicles in 2020. Could be due to the alleged statement of these on the fact that e-cars have much fewer parts than cars with internal combustion engine and therefore require fewer workers for production. According to an estimate, by 2025 by the electrification 100 could.000 jobs in the German auto industry are lost.

Instead of workplace degradation, the Wolfsburg parent plant is called to launch the start of a revolution. Because the conversion of the factory should be radical than so far planned, it says from Wolfsburg. Buildings are to be demolished and soften new buildings, the processes in production are to become more efficient. And the degradation of thousands of jobs has meanwhile been denied. At Volkswagen there is no plans despite the rising competition pressure to delete tens of thousands of jobs. The Group head received speculation on Wednesday. “A degradation of 30.000 places is not an issue, “said it from the environment of Board of Directors Herbert.

Also, VW works council Daniela Cavallo expressed itself opposite its own workforce in the intranet: “The headlines from the present morning have to quite questions at many of you and sometimes triggered.”A degradation of 30.000 jobs would be “absurd,” she wrote. You expect “that the consolidated commission immediately clearly clarifies: There is no thought games about any workplace reduction.”It seems like your words heard.

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4 thoughts on “VW gives all-clearing: no loss of jobs through e-mobility”

  1. How does VW want to create this?
    The competitor builds more cars with fewer workers, but of workplace reduction is not a speech at VW.
    Is now a workplace scandal to be feared instead of a diesel scandal?
    Or VW wants to produce twice the number of vehicles in the future, so no job is endangered?
    One or all statements do not suit each other.
    Because words were corrected, which should never be pronounced.
    VW has lost BEV and disregards climate protection, now the employees have to believe in it.

  2. Even if …

    According to an estimate, by 2025 could by the electrification 100.000 jobs lost in the German car industry.

    … is not a leg break, because it is used many employees in battery production, wind power and solar systems (new solar technology) as well as construction and operation of electrolysis systems.

    Many jobs could arise in crafts, if more roofs were equipped with PV systems.

    Worldwide, after one Study in the journal “Nature Communications” The total amount of electricity with solar systems are generated on the roofs.

    Here we present a high-resolution global evaluation of the potential of photovoltaics on roofs using Big Data, Machine Learning and Geo Analysis. We analyze 130 million km 2 global land area to exclude 0.2 million km 2 roof area, which together with 27 PWH per year power generation potential Costs between 40-280 $ MWh.

    (Source: Nature.COM – 05. October 2021 – MT Google Translated)

    The 0.2 million. km² are 200.000 km² or. m².
    27 PWH are 27 trillion kWh or. kWh.

    If both numbers are converted, then you come to CA. 7.4 m² solar area per 1.000 kWh, this is an average value in Germany.

    Earth population 2021 about 7.890.000.000 people.

    (Source: DE.statista.COM – Stand 25. August 2021)

    Per person it would be 3422 kWh electricity from the PV systems on the roofs in the year worldwide.

    40 – 280 dollars Pro MWh are converted Costs of 3.5 – 24.2 Euro CENT PRO KWH.

    The cheaper building stores and millions of electric vehicles with their batteries could load the many electricity from the roofs as well as at the employer and elsewhere the excess eco-electricity of wind power and solar systems to use it in the evening or in rainy weather.

    Many electric customers could partautark, decentralized or. regionally. The supraregional power lines would then become an emergency power network and the amount of flow of electricity converted in hydrogen would supply electricity with electricity if necessary by fuel cell of this emergency power network.

    If the climate catastrophes are not enough alone, To accelerate the energy transition, maybe it’s the high energy prices and a hopefully upcoming government with distribution of the Greens.

  3. So if I have noticed anywhere else, it looks so that this has already been heard at BMW as a work in England has been closed because it has not worked economically enough. He does not want that for Wolfsburg. From this, VW would have a problem with productivity before Tesla. Also Toyota (with VW’s largest auto-generator in the world) is about as many cars as VW, but with half of the staff. Of course, the number of employees is also due to the strong works councils.

    On the other hand, you also have to see that the location Wolfsburg has hidden the mist. When it came out of the years ago which works were first rebuilt on electric car, they did not believe in the turner and prefer the production of golf. And Tiguan secured. Now for everyone is visible where the journey goes and you get panic.


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