VW Golf II: This hipster loves his eight-fifteen Golf


This hipster loves his eight-fifteen golf

VW Golf II: This hipster loves his eight-fifteen Golf-golf

“I love this car", says Till Trilling. Instead of wandering into the scrap press, his Golf slowly but surely matures into a gem

Source: Haiko Prengel

Not everyone wants a new car. Some drive their old ones forever – like Till Trilling his VW Golf II. The bread-and-butter car has been in the family for over a quarter of a century.

Till Trilling is a dynamic, fashion-conscious person. Young physiotherapist, founder of an exclusive fitness studio in Berlin-Mitte: You’d think someone like that would get into a sleek SUV coupe after work. Or throw the sportswear into his lifestyle combination.

Puff cake. The 33-year-old turns the corner in a compact car that couldn’t be more conservative: Trilling has acquired a light blue second-generation Golf, built in 1990, as a hip vehicle for the capital. The bestseller (one of the most frequently produced automobiles of the 80s and early 90s) has been around for more than 25 years.

Trilling’s Golf II, however, was rarely driven – a total of only 48,350 kilometers. Since German reunification, the car was mostly parked on the side of the Berlin road. The door rubbers and the sliding roof seal, on which green moss blooms, bear witness to this.

VW Golf II: This hipster loves his eight-fifteen Golf-eight-fifteen

Once golf, always golf: Anneliese Schwatke and her great-nephew Till Trilling in front of the almost 27-year-old Volkswagen

Source: Haiko Prengel

The dashboard is torn from continuous exposure to UV light. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, Till Trilling would never, ever hand over his car. “I love him,” says the managing director of Ride Berlin. "Full Body Cycling" is the motto of his fitness studio, which promises the ultimate energy kick.

In contrast, the lame golf acts as an antithesis, as a caricature. But even if the VW from Trilling has taken on patina – the car is far from being old. Not only is the mileage low, the Golf is otherwise in remarkably good condition.

Thanks to the factory-sealed body, there are practically no rust problems. And the technology has also held out so far without serious failures. “There was never anything serious about it,” says Anneliese Schwatke, Till Trilling’s great-aunt. And she has to know.

Fortunately, this Golf escaped the scrap press

The 92-year-old is the proud first owner of the light blue VW Golf GL (the abbreviation stands for "upscale luxury"). In 1990 the widow of a former driving school instructor bought the Golf from the local "V. A. G. “- Partner, as it was called at the time.

The West Berlin woman paid no attention to the penny when she ordered the car: her Golf is by no means an accountant’s car. She ordered a number of extras – such as a sunroof, central locking, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors and an automatic transmission. In addition, hub rings complemented the standard equipment.

VW Golf II: This hipster loves his eight-fifteen Golf-eight-fifteen

For its age of over a quarter of a century, the car still looks astonishingly good – especially since it was always on the road. In wind and weather

Source: Haiko Prengel

Even so, of course, it remained a bread-and-butter car, and one has to be surprised that the blue Golf II did not fall victim to the scrapping bonus a few years ago. At that time, at the behest of politicians, countless functioning used cars were scrapped in Germany in order to stimulate the new car industry. Thousands of them were certainly also Golf II. Anneliese Schwatke kept her old Golf.

Three-speed automatic, almost 70 hp: the car is ideal for slowing down, enthuses great-nephew Till Trilling. In the rushed Berlin city traffic, the physiotherapist can gain a lot from the Golf. And progress is also made: Sometimes Trilling also uses the VW for longer vacation trips, like the other day to the Allgau.

Praise from the Porsche owner

The owner of a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS came up to him at a gas station, he says – not to laugh at him and his scanty automobile, but to marvel at the old Golf. The Porsche driver said: "You must never give it away."

Till Trilling doesn’t think about it. He doesn’t get much out of modern cars. Even in the city, the old Golf II only consumes ten liters. What reason should there be to buy a new car? Asks Till Trilling. At most, an electric car would come into question for him. "A Tesla would appeal to me."

VW Golf II: This hipster loves his eight-fifteen Golf-this

This hard plastic cockpit can be called clearly laid out. A technical highlight is the three-stage automatic

Source: Haiko Prengel

Anneliese Schwatke, meanwhile, is happy that her loyal golf has come into good hands. A few years ago she decided not to take the wheel anymore. Not because their car wouldn’t work anymore. But because the old lady now feels a little too old to drive a car herself.

The light blue Golf II stayed in the family. Great-nephew Till Trilling is passionate about keeping the car running. The big SUVs clog the streets in Berlin. With his old Golf, however, the reactions of other people were consistently positive, reports Till Trilling. "I think he’s cool."

VW Golf II: This hipster loves his eight-fifteen Golf-loves

This skateboard was not part of the series. In the staid golf, the hipster accessory acts as a colorful contrast medium

Source: Haiko Prengel

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  1. The Golf II is a thoroughly well thought-out car and, thanks to its excellent rust protection for the time, also extremely durable! The joke is that these old boxes are really fun to drive and the maintenance costs are super low. You would actually have to put a car like this in the garage and preserve it for the future, which is sure to be even more fun to drive around in the future electric age !

  2. the "ASU"has not existed since 1993 😉
    Since then it has been known as the AU emissions test.
    A ’88 Golf 2 is also driving around here, pale red in the meantime, but indestructible.
    Every summer with the typical protective wax specks from the tailgate …


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