VW Grand California: photos, features and price


The California is now available in large and with a bathroom

VW Grand California: photos, features and price-photos

The VW California will get a big brother in spring 2019: the Grand California

Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The VW California enjoys cult status. However, campers who want a bathroom on board use other mobiles. From 2019 the California will be available in comfortable. The price is surprisingly moderate.

E.It took xact 30 years to produce the VW California got a big brother. The name of the new motorhome is obvious: Grand California. In contrast to the bestseller of the camper van, the new one now also has a washroom and toilet room on board.

The Grand California, which celebrated its world premiere at the 57th Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, is on a Crafter basis and will be available in two versions with different wheelbases at the start of sales in spring 2019. The competition should understand the basic price of less than 55,000 euros as a challenge for camper fans it’s not a bargain, but still a reasonably affordable price.

Just one year after the XXL study, the VW commercial vehicle department brought the Crafter panel van to series production readiness. She was able to use the many years of experience with the little California brother T6. In 2017, it set a new production record with 15,000 copies.

VW Grand California: photos, features and price-grand

The camper is based on the Crafter. It is available in two versions: as a six-meter-long Grand California 600 or as a 80-centimeter-longer Grand California 680

Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The family is growing by two versions: The Grand California 600 is a six-meter camper with a transverse bed in the rear, which, thanks to the body extensions in the upper area, has a sleeping area of ​​1.95 x 1.40 meters. The 80 centimeter longer Grand California 680 offers with lengthways single beds, which are connected by a middle section, even more sleeping and storage space (2.00 x 1.70 meters) in the rear compartment.

The room layout is classic: the two swiveling front seats with the two-seater bench and the table attached to the side form the seating group, while the kitchen unit on the right and the washroom are on the left in front of the bedchamber. Nevertheless, head of design Albert Kirzinger managed to save some good ideas from the study into the series. Even if not the most spectacular like the retractable gas cooker, the TV / video projection via beamer in the sleeping area or the pull-out shower cubicle.

The modern overall impression through the white cupboards and the floor covering in the ship’s plank look was retained. Families with small children were not only thought of with the Isofix brackets in the rear seat bench, but also with an optional cot in the front high roof section of the 600 Grand California.

Base price for the Grand California: just under 55,000 euros

The well thought-out detail solutions include, for example, the pull-out 70-liter refrigerator, which is opened on the side of the kitchen block via a pull-out and is thus accessible from two sides, from the inside and the outside. The kitchen unit, which can be extended to the right and left, has also made its way into the series version. And upper cabinets that can be opened like in an airplane and are provided with a light strip should be more user-friendly.

The biggest difference to the T6-California is the full bathroom. In addition to the toilet and shower, the wet room is equipped with a foldable wash basin, shelves and a cupboard, among other things. However, you will look in vain for a light switch.

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VW Grand California: photos, features and price-photos

VW T6 California

This German makes Americans cheer

The main and mirror lighting is switched on automatically via the standard motion detector. Practical details such as outside lighting above the sliding door, an outside shower (with adjustable water temperature) in the rear area, an electrically extendable step on the sliding door, mosquito nets in the sliding door and on the hinged camper windows are also on board.

Six USB interfaces ensure that smartphones and tablets are always supplied with sufficient energy. All kinds of electrical devices can be operated using a total of four 230 V sockets.

VW Grand California: photos, features and price-price

Thanks to the rotating front seats, a seating group can be formed around the attachable table in the Grand California

Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Additional features such as awning, roof air conditioning, solar system, satellite dish, WLAN hotspot and Bluetooth speakers that can be used directly via smartphone are optionally available. Two California folding camping chairs and a camper table for the outside area, all of which can be found in the rear double doors, can also be ordered.

VW Grand California: photos, features and price-features

The kitchenette can be extended to the left and right

Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The basic Crafter vehicle turns the VW Grand California with its numerous assistance and comfort systems from hill start assist to city emergency braking, lane keeping, lane change and parking assist to automatic distance control or the trailer maneuvering assistant into a modern motorhome in which you are behind the wheel almost feels like in a car.

VW Grand California: photos, features and price-photos

The Grand California has separate beds for children

Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

It goes without saying that these extra requests can drive the price up significantly. Nevertheless, the basic price of just under 55,000 euros for the Grand California 600 and around 57,000 euros for the Grand California 680 is a challenge.

VW Grand California: photos, features and price-features

The cabinets in the Grand California can be opened up and down, much like in an airplane

Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

This means that the vehicle developed by VW itself, which is produced in the new Crafter plant in Wrzesnia, Poland, is still well below the external companies such as Knaus, Westfalia and Schwabenmobil that already offer Crafter vans, and even more so among the new Mercedes Sprinter Extensions. Incidentally, the VW basic rate even includes the 177 hp four-cylinder TDI with an eight-speed automatic as standard. As an alternative to front-wheel drive, the engine can also be equipped with all-wheel drive 4Motion can be combined.

VW Grand California: photos, features and price-photos

The wet room in the VW Grand California

Source: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

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  1. But nobody really thought about the advertising photo at the bathing lake. What to see A bathing lake where there is obviously absolutely no wind and of course no waves.
    In front of it is a surfer who is obviously frustrated putting his surfboard back in the trunk for lack of waves. For every surfer a picture of frustration that only creates negative associations.

  2. Typical VW luxury model for teacher-retired CDU-Green voters.
    Maybe they can feel old-fashioned hip with it.
    But nothing that you can really use as e.g. Kitesurfers and free campers go to the beach…

  3. Moderate 55k as a base, you only get the bikes at most. Since we all rake in at least a moderate 8k a month here, the purchase is a real bargain.

  4. A stillbirth, because with old combustion technology! A lame stinker with no future! VW is behind it and that’s a good thing!

  5. Quote: " The room layout is classic: the two swiveling front seats with the two-seater bench and the table attached to the side form the seating group,"

    Exactly, this is the case with 98% of the motorhomes and campers exhibited. Boring!

    We were at the fair yesterday and saw exactly 3 (three) really alternative floor plans or other new ideas. Very disappointing..

  6. I have already been there, but I will go there again on the weekend. What were they that you saw? Maybe that somehow got through my fingers. No wonder given the sheer mass…

  7. Very nice item, but not exactly a bargain from 55,000 EUR either. And if you want something extra you quickly end up at 65-70k

  8. I’ve been waiting for this crafter. In vain, because squeezing 177PS out of 4 cylinders in all the superstructures is just crap. You want to drive a motorhome longer, but with the data the problems really start after 5-6 years.

  9. Cool vehicle. But I do not understand why the sleeping places were not relocated to a ‘hinged’ roof but to the rear. At least as an optional selection.

    I would also like to know how off-road the VW with all-wheel drive is. I’m so missing the ‘adventurer gene’.

    Spontaneously, the California somehow doesn’t look like you could go on a desert expedition with it, for example. That was probably possible without any problems with the all-wheel drive models of the past. That’s why they are popular with surfers, among others – just go to the beach, pack your surfboard and ride the waves.
    This California, on the other hand, looks more like campsites or paved parking spaces over sandy beaches. Pity !
    Well, California is no longer what it used to be.

  10. I guess that with the sleeping places is due to the standing height, Ducatos with pop-up roof are very scarce in the standing height.

    The California is different.
    The price is indeed good.
    This is probably because VW has lost the camper market beyond the T6 to Fiat.
    Only the engines are stupid there the mortality is sometimes very high except for the 140 HP machines.
    Otherwise I can only say nice car.


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