VW Group dominated 2021 in the E-Auto paragraph

VW Group dominated 2021 in the E-Auto paragraph-group

Tesla is not easy in Europe. By 2019, almost every third electric car on Europe’s streets was a Tesla. At the beginning of 2020, the supremacy started to dwindle. At the end of 2021, Tesla had to rode behind the VW Group when it comes to the paragraph of pure E cars. Because the Volkswagen Group was able to join the approval of 297 last year.Draw 155 electric cars.

This at a time in which the overall market for passenger cars has been at the lowest level for almost 40 years (10.6 million.) fell. It was known to be significantly affected by the semiconductor scarcity. But plug-in hybrids and e-cars are considered the winners of the semiconductor crisis. Because during the entire car market in Europe did not come out of the “first gear”, the sales of PHEV and Stromer has increased relatively. In total, PHEV and E cars made 11.2% of all deliveries in 2021.

High purchase and control incentives for electrified vehicles and paradoxically the concentration of automotive manufacturers on profitable models with higher emissions, which must be compensated by these models, let the paragraph grow. While burners are declining in paragraph or at least severely braked. The premium brands of the Bentley and Porsche VW Group achieved a record volume worldwide in the past year, which shows where the semiconductor seal leads. With only two models, however, Tesla was able to become the number one under the e-auto brands. The 166.500 deliveries of the ten year old company under the direction of Elon Musk exceeded the E-Auto volume of the Volkswagen brand around 4.200 units.

In Germany, most Model 3 were sold – thanks to the strong state promotion, which also helped that attractive leasing offers were offered without deposit, with rates from 299 euros per month. To be accurate: The top ten of the most successful electric car models leads the Tesla Model 3 with good 35.000 new registrations. The now no longer available (soon again) VW e-up! ended with almost 31.000 Approvals in place 2, followed by VW ID.3 with good 27.000 Erstzlarationsungen.

Every fourth electric car that was admitted in the year 2021 in the region is assigned to models of VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and Porsche. What in total to the above-mentioned combined electric car volume of 297.155 units leads. The annual growth rate (+ 67% y / y) slowed drastically last month (December -15.6% y / y). VW led his first E models (ID.3 / ID.4) In the last quarter of 2020 on the market to achieve CO2 compliance – and ultimately fail. Although they achieved the EU CO2 limits in 2021, the company explained in their report that they were failed in the United Kingdom.

Even if the numbers in the headlines look rosy, the paragraph of the brand VW is across all brands (162.400) in 2021 from Tesla (166.500) surpassed. However, the VW brand indicated that they are 95.000 IDS in its European order books has (17% of the total orders). VW was probably also affected in October from the decommissioning of the Werk Zwickau, at the end of the year again the semiconductor deficiency. The annual capacity of Zwickau line is 330,000. Last year probably less than 200 left.000 The work, where 16.700 ID.4 went directly to the USA.

Tesla ended the year 2021 as the largest e-auto brand with 166.500 new registrations in the region, so 4.200 units before the brand VW. As the production of Model Y should begin in Europe from 2022, analysts expect that the Western European volume is 2022 300.000 units could achieve, which corresponds to a share of 19.2% on the e-auto market.

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6 thoughts on “VW Group dominated 2021 in the E-Auto paragraph”

  1. If a ClickBait headline does that, which is why you have chosen you – Generate clicks.

    Similarly, the iPhone stock market ticker:

    The editing Tesla obviously does not like:

    • Z.B.”Tesla Model S at a level with Dacia”
    • “The Tesla investors feared this day”
    • “Tesla wants to fix mistakes at the Gurtwarner”

    Fud David could easily be the responsible editor &# 128578;

    On the same day of the ticker to the VW share:

    • “The investors still hesitate – why?”
    • “That’s madness!”
    • “Are the bulls in the starting blocks?”

    Whether that could be due to the “German” share of the app ?

    Anyone who exceeded such Clickbait must still be a lot of learning – but we all learn every day – hopefully anyway

    &# 128578;

  2. VW had a sales of 8.9 million vehicles worldwide in 2021, of which 263.000 BEVs were, this does not even correspond to 3 percent BEV share.
    This has made VW about 8.600.000 burners to complain about the climate-damaged world, which distribute their exhaust gases for the next 30 years.
    Since the statement relativizes VW dominate the BEV paragraph, namely, they dominate the exhaust shaft sales, and this worldwide.
    Sorry to all Fakenewower, Tesla has increased its sales by almost 100% in 2021 and produces four times as much BEVs, and not a single exhaust sheathing.
    VW, go to your prospective couple.
    Incidentally, the BEV sales was around 10% in Germany in 2021, as they do not even hear about 3% BEV production share of VW?

    Too bad about the built chips in all the superfluous burners &# 128578;

  3. The VW train rolls. Tesla believers had asked for note whether the customer chooses a VW Group product if there is also a Tesla. The answer was: Yes. The deed of last year hurt and last year. Throughout Europe it is running for VW. But VW wants to conquer the world electrically, so you give yourself a few years to a total of more BEV as a combustion. Because it is not a disruption that goes fast, but only a drive change.

  4. @Fud David
    I’ve written you once before the definition of a disruption – did not you understand it, or prohibits your employer to understand it?
    So here again for all those who may be learning:
    Source Wikipedia:

    Disruptive technologies (often “disruptive innovations”; English: to disrupt “Interrupt” or. “Disturbing”) are innovations that replace the performance series of an existing technology, an existing product or an existing service or to completely displace them from the market and make the investments of the previously dominant market participants obsolete.[1] Often Disruption describes the process of a resource-resistant company that challenges large and established companies.

  5. The really exciting question is m.E. Whether the business for the established manufacturers will still be sufficiently profitable even if the majority of the total vehicles sold and not (currently still) will be small proportion of electric vehicles. As long as the current chip crisis of the win is obviously primarily from the premium (burner) segment, the picture is distorted. Therefore, it will be waiting for how this is significantly larger E-vehicle volume over all vehicle segments.

  6. It’s already the 5. February and I did not expect that the pan-European BEV numbers are still published in 2021, although they are not flattering for Tesla. If I said something as a comment, what is published here was called Fud and despised. So now it has been somehow, officially published: the VW Group sells in Europe twice as much BEV as Tesla (plus still lots of PHEV and burner).

    VW probably had much more sold if it could have proved you. In Switzerland z.B. Get a Tesla M3 (my neighbor within weeks) in 2021, but it was more or less impossible, a VW ID.3 to buy. At the end of year, VW Switzerland showed 3 (three) available ID.3, of course everyone far above the basic model.


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