VW Group doubles electric car sales

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VW Group doubles electric car sales-group

The Volkswagen Group has continued its transformation to the sustainable, software-centered mobility company in the past year and, in the past year, doubles its e-auto deliveries compared to the previous year: to 452.900 vehicles. Their share of total deliveries was 5.1 percent after 2.5 percent in the previous year. The Group is market leader in Europe for fully electric vehicles and achieves the second largest market share in the important market with around 7.5 percent. In China, with 92.700 vehicles more than four times as many e-cars delivered as in 2020.

The paragraph of plug-in hybrids could also be worldwide with 309.500 vehicles (+61 percent) significantly increased. Overall, the Group has 8 worldwide.882.000 vehicles delivered to customers. The global semiconductor scarcity led as announced despite high customer demand and full order books to a slight decline of 4.5 percent compared to 2020.

“2021 was very challenging through the global semiconductor scarfity, yet we consistently implemented our future course towards New Auto. The doubling of our fully electric volumes and the high demand for all our vehicles show that we are on the right track. We will build on this in the current year and continue our transformation.”- Christian Dahlheim, Head of Volkswagen Group Sales

The year 2021 shows how the business model of Volkswagen changes, according to the Group in a recent communication. The sources of revenue will therefore move progressively: from conventional combustion models towards emission-free electric cars and vehicle sales to software and mobility services, amplified by the key technology of autonomous driving. In 2030, the Volkswagen Group is planning that every second car worldwide is fully electric.

VW Group doubles electric car sales-electricVolkswagen

The consistent electrification of the product portfolio is also reflected in the investment planning of the Volkswagen Group presented in December for the years 2022 to 2026. Investment and development costs for e-mobility were raised by around 50 percent compared to the preliminary planning – at now 52 billion euros.

The worldwide topseller of the fully electric group models in 2021

  • Volkswagen ID.4: 119.600
  • Volkswagen ID.3: 75.500
  • Audi E-Tron (incl. Sportback): 49.200
  • Skoda Enyaq IV: 44.700
  • Volkswagen e-up!: 41.400
  • Porsche Toycan (incl. Turismo): 41.300

Delivery results of the individual regions in 2021

Overall, in Europe 3.518.700 vehicles delivered (-2.7 percent). In Western Europe took 2.860.400 customers a vehicle of a corporate brand (-2.7 percent). Very popular were fully electric vehicles. Their share of the consolidated deliveries reached 10.5 percent in Western Europe (2020: 6.2 percent). The Group is thus e-auto market leader in Europe. Even more strongly, electric car demand fell in the home market Germany out. Their share of consolidated consignments rose to 11.4 percent (2020: 5.9 percent). Overall, there were 991.900 vehicles of all drive types pass to customers (-9.6 percent). In Central and Eastern Europe, deliveries fell by 2.8 percent to 658.300 vehicles.

In the region North America took 908.400 customers a group brand their new vehicles, a significant increase of 15.6 percent. The main driver of this positive development were the USA, Where the deliveries by 16.9 percent to 671.800 vehicles rose. The Group tripled its e-auto deliveries in the largest North American market compared to 37 compared to the previous year.200 vehicles and is therefore rank 2 in the fully electric vehicles.

Also in the region South America The Group was able to increase its deliveries compared to the previous year. Overall, 514 went.600 vehicles in customer hand over, this corresponds to an increase of 5.1 percent. In Brazil, The largest market in the region, the deliveries moved with 376.500 vehicles at the previous year’s level (-0.3 percent).

In the region Asia-Pacific The deliveries fell by 12.4 percent year-on-year to 3.610.600 vehicles. China, The Group’s largest single market, was most affected by the effects of semiconductor scarcity. Here, the deliveries went 14.1 percent back to 3.304.800 vehicles. The E-offensive also carried fruits here and led to the strongest growth in the electric cars of the Group: their volume was more than quadrupling to 92.700 vehicles.

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2 thoughts on “VW Group doubles electric car sales”

  1. VW is on the journey and exactly on his own destination path. I’m not taking care of the hybrids, they are a temporary appearance that you probably have to sell a few years if you do not want to leave the business to others. That’s the fate of a mass manufacturer. VW is a giant and other giants in the industry is seen that one is slowly powerful.

    The only thing that costs really performance is the chip deficiency. As a result, the basic models can be deleted, which is commercially comprehensible, but, very smart, the lower price segment did not lose broke, but now builds the e-up a little further. Anyway, this is a temporary thing. Cells have been cleverly secured about long-term billions of deals.

    Who is the competition? In any case Toyota, definitely GM and definitely Ford. Hyundai is at least to be considered. It is particularly not to mention that the largest of the mentioned Toyota, obviously did not recognize the signs of time. So you could even win market shares ..

  2. Human David, you resisted your otherwise typical Tesla rabies-bite reflex (TTB) – was that very difficult?
    Congratulations from my side.

    However, that is probably only due to the marketing spin specified by VW.

    Just sound better if you, for example, the proportion of US market at 7.5% than 2.Celebrate place and the distance to the market leader Tesla with over 65% simply not mentioned.

    But for such cherry picking, you also get your luscious salary and the company car &# 128521;

    I’m curious how VW will justify the likely loss of these market shares at the end of this year for Europe and Germany &# 128521;
    Whether the reintroduction of an e-up with negative margin will range to keep the total number of vehicle sales high – you will see &# 128578;

    How can the all the other “small companies”
    come to chips worldwide, where they all need to shop at the “cat table” and VW yes the full support of worldwide suppliers as a number 1 customer “enjoys”?

    The chip deficiency is therefore increasingly losing credibility as an excuse for falling sales figures &# 128578;

    Time wants Tell &# 128521;


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