VW Group is adjusted to battery strategy

VW Group is adjusted to battery strategy-adjusted

The plans in Salzgitter were ambitious – but first came up. Originally, VW wanted to work together with Northvolt in the production of battery cells. But apparently the Swedes were not fast enough to the Group. In mid-July, VW instead announced cooperation with the Chinese company “Gotion High Tech”. 2025 The production of the planned unit cells should begin.

The Chinese go to the company Germany with a remarkable thoroughness, reported “Edison.Media “in this context. The first step is therefore the planned acquisition of the Bosch plant in GOttingen including all shares in Robert Bosch Aftermarket Solutions GmbH. In GOttingen, the suppliers build starters, generators and ignition distributors as well as air volume and air mass meters for the automotive industry.

Unexpectedly, the marriage between Volkswagen and the Chinese battery cell manufacturer does not come. Last year, VW has already entered a billion euros at Gotion High Tech. This means that VW now hold 26 percent of the shares and be the largest shareholder, it says. Another billion has flowed into the Joint Venture Jac Volkswagen. Thanks to the strategic participation in GOTION VW also actively develop the development of the battery cell in China, leading board leader Herbert to the.

The fact that VW is looking for other partners in battery cell production is not surprised according to observers. After all, the Koreans of LG Chem and Ski from almost two years of delivery bottlenecks. To meet such risks, Volkswagen plant together with partners until the end of the decade in addition to production in Salzgitter still five more locations for battery benefits. A production capacity of 240 gigawatt hours per year is peasant, had announced production board Thomas Schmall at a “Power Day” in May.

Where the individual works will be, is not decided yet. The VW Works Council calls for a second German location. Large hopes are also in Spain. And not without reason. Currently plant VW to manufacture the entire “Small Bev Family” from 2025 in the SEAT plant Martorell.

Incidentally, Northvolt is not in the Lower Saxon car maker, VW has recently invested half a billion in the production of battery cells in Skellefteå and works with Northvolt on a production start in 2023, “says Wolfsburg.

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2 thoughts on “VW Group is adjusted to battery strategy”

  1. Is already exciting and very cleverly sent, what VW does there in terms of batteries:
    Collaboration with several corporations from different parts of the world – Norway, USA, Korea, China.
    If one does not want or can not – please there are other.
    VW often secures a safer co-determination right with 26% investments.

    There are no blackmail options. It constructs its own standard cell, where you have the rights and then the diverse cell manufacturers are allowed to build on optimal conditions.

    These options only have a big one and hopefully the competitors have also done.

    To put on a horse is dangerous – as you could see at vaccine procurement. Nobody knows today who lies in the morning.

    Also Mercedes has set itself something in the nettles.

    It may be that VW creates an industry standard with its standard cells?
  2. I still did not understand why “the Boschs” of this world, at least in Germany, continue to keep up. Do not get involved. Yes, you have before 2, 3.. Years explicitly decided differently, but would not make it sense from today’s perspective to enter the business?


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