VW Group is founded by Aktiengesellschaft for Battery business

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VW Group is founded by Aktiengesellschaft for Battery business

VW Group is founded by Aktiengesellschaft for Battery business-business
Auto media portal.Net/Volkswagen VW Group is founded AG for battery business

VW no longer supports petrol and diesel engines in Europe and will only build battery vehicles. An IPO of the battery division should collect the necessary capital for this.

Volkswagen founds a European stock corporation (Societe Europeenne) to bundle activities along the battery’s value chain – from raw material processing to the development of the Volkswagen unit cell to the control of the planned six European factories. New business models related to the further use of dismantled vehicle batteries up to recycling the raw materials will also be part of the area of responsibility.

VW needs millions of batteries

In order to cover the increasing cell requirement of the group, the company in Europe is planning to set up six gigafabrics. In 2025, cell production in Salzgitter is scheduled to start. In the future, cell production in Lower Saxony will employ more than 2500 people. Spain and Eastern Europe are currently under discussion. Volkswagen plans to open two more cell factories in Europe by 2030.

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VW Group is founded by Aktiengesellschaft for Battery business-founded

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In parallel to the establishment of the five gigafabrics by the newly founded European stock corporation, the Swedish start-up Northvolt, in which Volkswagen is involved with around 20 percent, is responsible for setting up another factory in northern Swedish Skelleftea. It will produce battery cells for the premium segment from 2023. (Aum)

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VW Group is founded by Aktiengesellschaft for Battery business-aktiengesellschaft

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3 thoughts on “VW Group is founded by Aktiengesellschaft for Battery business”

  1. Would do it right,
    Then they would not only develop a VW standard battery but a cross -brand … Battery standard for scalable exchange batteries and the corresponding infrastructure to Z.B. Install motorways. The result would be far more sustainable vehicles with a planned obscene science less. In addition, they could appear as a technological market leader. So there may be a VW standard that, in addition to a reduction in production that is not permitted to the customer, does not solve a problem. Incidentally, recycling companies would probably be extremely happy because they could largely recycled the delivered batteries. PS: The acceptance of the electric cars would probably increase by XXX%. So it’s just a well -intentioned attempt.

  2. "Like Tesla"
    … writes Forist Arnold S. There he is again. The comparison with the benchmark. Yes, it’s Tesla at the e-car. In the past it was called "the Mercedes among the cars", today "the Tesla under the e-cars". VW’s schedules for building battery production capacities show again: it is true that our German car manufacturers are 10 years back. Whether "this goes out", as the Austrian says? VW with an Austrian as a CEO at least tries it. "My" BMW sleeps. Better build plug-in hybrid SUVs & other dinosaurs, instead of mass-friendly, affordable mid-range bev. Still believes that the core of the electric car with the greatest added value, the battery, can also be bought. Hopefully we don’t have to sing: BMW ade, divorce hurts! And your divorce makes that my heart never laughs

  3. Good steps – but raw materials are important
    Nice that Volkswagen will join battery cell production in the next few years. Hopefully you also consider that the necessary raw materials are scarce worldwide and that all previous battery manufacturers are of course active in raw material trade, so that many global production capacities of the next few years can be acquired in advance at favorable conditions. Perhaps it would also make sense to get into chip production, as Tesla plans to do. It is important that the essential components of a vehicle are manufactured by the manufacturer itself so that you do not "blackmailable" will.


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