VW ID.3 (2021) now also as “Pure” with a small battery

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The ID.3 is now available from just under 32,000 euros

VW ID.3 (2021) now also as "Pure" with a small battery-2021

Even with the introduction of the VW ID.3 In autumn 2019, the manufacturer had promised three battery variants: 45, 58 and 77 kWh. The car started production about a year later with edition models that had the largest battery, followed by the versions with the medium battery and now the ID.3 can also be ordered with 45 kWh.

The smallest battery naturally also means the smallest range. Around 350 kilometers according to WLTP are thus possible, while the larger batteries allow around 420 or 540 kilometers. The smallest battery also means the lowest price. It starts now at 31,495 euros instead of 34,113 euros. The basic version promised by VW for 30,000 euros is not yet the newcomer, at least one variant should follow. Where is VW going to slim down? In terms of performance? In terms of equipment? We have a guess, but let's see next.

The new basic version has 110 kW of power and rear-wheel drive, which is slightly more than the 107 kW that we have started with so far. The torque is also higher at 310 instead of 275 Nm. We don't know why there are power levels that are so close to one another. As usual, there is also the 150 kW variant. All-wheel drive variants with more power will probably follow.

Apart from the battery size, the 45 kWh versions also change the charging speed: Here, only two-phase charging with 7.2 kW AC, while all other variants charge three-phase and generate 11 kW. The basic version can only charge with 50 kW direct current, all others with 100 kW.

version engine Battery / seats price
Pure performance upgrade 110 kW 45 kWh / 5 seats 31,495 euros
Pure City Performance Upgrade 110 kW 45 kWh / 5 seats 34,415 euros
Pure Style Performance Upgrade 110 kW 45 kWh / 5 seats 38,375 euros
Per 107 kW 58 kWh / 5 seats 34,995 euros
Pro performance upgrade 150 kW 58 kWh / 5 seats 36,495 euros
Pro Life 107 kW 58 kWh / 5 seats 37,265 euros
Pro Life Performance Upgrade 150 kW 58 kWh / 5 seats 38,765 euros
Pro business 107 kW 58 kWh / 5 seats 40,855 euros
Pro business performance upgrade 150 kW 58 kWh / 5 seats 42,355 euros
Pro family 107 kW 58 kWh / 5 seats 41,500 euros
Pro Family Performance Upgrade 150 kW 58 kWh / 5 seats 43,400 euros
Pro Max Performance Upgrade 150 kW 58 kWh / 5 seats 47,105 euros
Pro S 150 kW 77 kWh / 4 seats 41,995 euros
Pro S Tour 150 kW 77 kWh / 4 seats 49,685 euros

The naming of the many ID.3 variants is still confusing. In the VW configurator you can now choose from the three versions Pure, Pro and Pro S, which now apparently stand for battery sizes 45, 58 and 77 kWh. That sounds simple and logical. But if you click further, the confusion increases again.

Because, for example, the Pure is available in three equipment versions called Pure, City and Style, which means that Pure not only stands for a battery, but also for equipment – suboptimal. It also remains unclear what the term "performance upgrade" should actually stand for. With the higher variants one has the impression that the expression could stand for the 150 kW engine, but the Pure versions all have this addition, even though they all have 110 kW.

Compared to the model range from December prices have increased due to the new VAT; In addition, the prices for a number of variants are now fixed, which we still see in our old table with "n.a." had to specify. In addition, the Style and Tech versions that previously existed between Family and Max were no longer available.

The new basic version is also very well equipped for the compact class. Standard are LED headlights, 18-inch steel wheels, dark windows, ambient lighting with logo projection, ambient light with 30 colors, steering wheel and seat heating, two-zone automatic air conditioning, electrically adjustable, heated and folding exterior mirrors, keyless entry and start system, light and rain sensor, Discover Pro navigation system, DAB radio, four USB-C charging sockets, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, front and rear parking beeps, reversing camera and anti-collision system.

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VW is now offering the ID.3 as a car subscription

Compared to the previous basic version Pro with 107 kW, nothing has been changed in the equipment of the new basic variant according to the equipment comparison list from VW. As there, the aforementioned navigation system will initially be standard, but will not be available from calendar week 25, i.e. from the end of June. The thing costs around 1,900 euros in the VW Golf. Is that some kind of introductory bonus for early buyers? Or will VW later charge less money for the basic version? If you subtract the 1,900 euros from the previous base price of 31,495 euros, you end up just under 30,000 euros!

Photo gallery: Volkswagen ID.3 (2020) in the test

VW ID.3 (2021) now also as "Pure" with a small battery-battery

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