VW ID.3 and ID.4 are now also available for subscription

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Next step by Volkswagen towards new business models

VW ID.3 and ID.4 are now also available for subscription-available

Volkswagen is taking the next step in the digitization of sales and the development of new business models: On September 1, the Volkswagen AutoAbo starts in Germany with the ID.3 electric models and ID.4. The ID.3 is available from 499 euros per month.

With the subscription, VW wants to make progress in the transition from a pure vehicle manufacturer to a mobility provider. "The number of people is growing who do not necessarily own a vehicle permanently, but would like to use it exclusively for a defined period of time. With Volkswagen AutoAbo, we have now developed a new, flexible offer between leasing and sharing for them," says VW Board Member for Sales Klaus Zellmer.

"We estimate that by 2030 around 20 percent of our sales could come from subscriptions and other short-term mobility offers." (Klaus Zellmer)

Volkswagen will make more than 2,000 "young used cars" available for the AutoAbo in the coming months. This makes it one of the largest subscription offers in Germany. The subscription was designed together with Volkswagen Financial Services.

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The AutoAbo is available with a minimum term of three or six months. It can then be canceled by customers at any time. This includes 800 free kilometers per month, registration, general inspection, maintenance, inspections, insurance and taxes, but not the charging current. As an offer at the start, you can even have the car delivered and picked up again – with a lead time of 14 days.

VW ID.3 and ID.4 are now also available for subscription-2021 All-inclusive subscription euros month subscription

In the future, deliveries will be made via dealers, as will maintenance and repairs. At a later point in time, you should also be able to take out a subscription from the retailer.

From the end of 2021, online leasing and sales should also be possible – initially for models of the ID family, then also for other new and used vehicles of all drive types. The vehicles at the dealerships are integrated into the central digital marketplace www.autosuche.de.

More about Volkswagen’s plans: VW ID.3 and ID.4 are now also available for subscription-All-inclusive subscription euros month subscription Volkswagen New Auto: Big plans for shared mobility

VW ID.3 and ID.4 are now also available for subscription-available VW is taking over car rental company Europcar – and has big plans for it

In the future, you will have the choice between signing a contract at a car dealership and on the Internet. The dealers should also remain involved. In this way, online customers enter the dealer of their choice for advice, service or delivery – and they receive the same commission as before.

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