VW ID.3 and ID.4: First over-the-air update starts today

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But not every car receives the OTA update immediately

VW ID.3 and ID.4: First over-the-air update starts today-over-the-air

Starting today, July 5th, there will be over-the-air updates for the electric cars of VW's ID family (OTA updates). Volkswagen is now explaining which conditions the car must meet and how they work. InsideEVs Italy and Nextmove are now reporting on this.

It was announced in March that the OTA updates should start this summer. Updating works in a similar way to installing a new version of the operating system on the smartphone: after a few entries on the touchscreen, you will find a new software version on your ID.3 or ID.4.

When VW releases an update, it is first downloaded automatically in the background. In the case of the first update (to software version 2.3), around 6.5 gigabytes are transferred. VW will pay the fees for this, as Nextmove has found out. Once the download is complete, when you leave the car, a screen will indicate that an update is ready to be installed:

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VW ID.3 and ID.4: First over-the-air update starts today-today VW ID.3: More charging power with 45 and 58 kWh batteries

The installation apparently only starts when you leave the car. This process is run through twice with the first OTA update, the first part taking 40 minutes and the second several hours.

Picture gallery: VW starts with OTA updates

VW ID.3 and ID.4: First over-the-air update starts today-update

VW ID.3 and ID.4: First over-the-air update starts today-today

Software version 2.0 is required for the ID.3 for the OTA updates; the corresponding internal version code is 0792. If this version is displayed on the touchscreen in the system information, you can participate immediately. Otherwise you will be contacted by VW and will probably have to go to the workshop again first.

The first OTA update will be rolled out step-by-step starting today, July 5th, initially for the ID.3. The members of the First Mover Club (a closed Facebook group, which currently has around 3,300 members). All other ID.3 and ID.4 buyers (including ID.4 GTX) will follow step by step. There should be a major update about every three months, and minor improvements can also be made in between.

The improvements of the first OTA update include expanded functionality of the ID. Light, an optimized environment recognition and dynamic high beam control, an improved usability and design adjustments of the infotainment system as well as performance and stability improvements.

Stefan Moeller from Nextmove reports more details in a video. Stefan also tries out the new remote navigation and checks whether the necessary charging stops are sensibly planned:

Last but not least, the aim of the OTA updates is new digital business models: In future, VW also wants to earn money from the sale of additional functions that are activated by the car owner after the vehicle has been purchased.

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