VW ID.3 Cabriolet: The VW brand boss is thinking aloud about it

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There is even an official rendering

VW ID.3 Cabriolet: The VW brand boss is thinking aloud about it-cabriolet

Do you know convertibles with electric drive? There aren’t many: the first Tesla Roadster and its successor from 2022. The Citroen e-Mehari, the open Smart Fortwo and with reservations the electric Fiat 500C. As it turns out, a very surprising derivative of the VW ID.3 be included in the program.

Because apparently the Volkswagen brand is thinking louder and louder about an ID.3 Cabriolet. What sounds strange at first makes perfect sense: fresh air fun without exhaust fumes, a kind of Golf convertible of the 21st century. Thanks to the batteries in the underbody, rigidity is guaranteed; the convertible top could contribute to the T-Roc Cabrio, whose dimensions are similar.

Well, you’d have to take its rear doors away from the ID.3, but that also worked with the T-Roc. The former Karmann factory in Osnabruck has specialists for this. And to think further: Should there ever be an ID. Beetle give the convertible conversion almost finished.

One thing is certain: Solange Mini does not cut open its electric car, a VW ID.3 Cabriolet would have a unique market position. In addition, the range would not be a priority with such a recreational vehicle.

Ralf Brandstatter, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, teased the potential ID.3 convertible in a post on LinkedIn. While he admits that the Volkswagen design team "has already sketched initial ideas," it seems that a final decision has not yet been made.

Apparently the company’s engineers and designers are "still thinking about how to turn this attractive concept into reality." We don’t know how many modifications to the design of the vehicle will be required for the ID.3 to lose its roof. But of course this is not done overnight. In addition, the question of how expensive such a car would be then remains open.

Brandstatter’s contribution is accompanied by a rendering that gives a preview of what the ID.3 Cabrio might look like. "An ID.3 convertible? Sounds very appealing: enjoy nature with the top down, with the immediate but quiet electric punch. That could convey a completely new, extraordinary feeling of freedom," said Brandstatter in the post.

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However, it seems as if the manager was only teasing us with the idea of ​​an ID.3 convertible in order to keep interest in the vehicle high. It is a very attractive looking vehicle in our eyes, but the chances of mass production are probably very slim. If you like it too, let Volkswagen know because the CEO really wants to know your opinion. In any case, we say: Bring it on! We take one!

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