VW ID.3 GTX: Will Volkswagen bring the all-wheel drive compact car?

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The 220 kW version would compete against the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor and Polestar 2

VW ID.3 GTX: Will Volkswagen bring the all-wheel drive compact car?-bring

On Wednesday, Volkswagen unveiled the first GTX model with great fanfare: the VW ID.4 GTX. But similar to the way there is not only a VW Golf GTI, but also a Polo GTI and earlier also a VW Up GTI and Scirocco GTI, the ID.4 GTX will not be alone.

The ID.5 GTX has already been officially announced.

Of course, an ID.3 GTX would also be an obvious choice. Rumors about a top model of the series with all-wheel drive have been around for a long time. It was sometimes assumed that it would be an ID.3 R, but this rumor should now be off the table, as the abbreviation GTX should stand for the most powerful electric models. At least for the time being, because in the combustion engine world the more powerful Golf R was introduced much later than the Golf GTI.

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VW ID.3 GTX: Will Volkswagen bring the all-wheel drive compact car?-Tesla Model Dual Motor Polestar

VW sales manager Klaus Zellmer has now confirmed to AutoExpress that the introduction of an ID.3 GTX is being examined:

"We always try to be consistent with everything we've done in the past. Rest assured, we'll look into it. However, no decision has been made yet." (Klaus Zellmer)

By 2030, Volkswagen wants to cover 70 percent of its sales in Europe with electric cars, says Zellmer. "So we don't just have to start building electric cars, we also have to start building the brand for electric cars. I think the most sought-after derivative in the model range will be the GTX."

Zellmer used the expression "the most aspirational derivative". This can mean the most sought-after model. The best-selling variant will probably not be the GTX variant, if only because of the prices: The ID.4 GTX is just over 50,000 euros. Presumably Zellmer meant something like the model with the greatest charisma, something like an image bearer.

This is confirmed by the following quote, in which he used the same word aspirationally again:

"We want to offer a choice and a choice that combines aspirational driving characteristics – slightly more powerful dual motors, that is, four-wheel drive, a little more top speed. This is for the people out there who are looking for something more in the market. The ID Hopefully .4 and in the future the ID.5 GTX are a good choice. "

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VW ID.3 GTX: Will Volkswagen bring the all-wheel drive compact car?-drive VW ID.3, ID.4, Skoda Enyaq etc: 170 kW charging power from the end of 2021?

Technically, an ID.3 GTX would be easy to make: Since it is based on the modular electrical construction kit (MEB) like the ID.4 GTX, the all-wheel drive with 220 kW also fits into the smaller ID.3. Then there is the large 77 kWh battery. The range would be around 500 km.

So the question is more of a marketing question. It is important to consider whether such a model fits into the corporate landscape. The Cupra Born will start in the second half of 2021, which is positioned in a sporty way and could therefore also get the 220 kW drive.

Outside the group, the ID.3 GTX is used against the Polestar 2 compete with all-wheel drive. With 300 kW, it has more power and a comparable range (480 km). The price is around 48,000 euros. The ID.3 GTX should probably be cheaper, also because the Polestar competes in the premium segment.

Another rival would be the Tesla Model 3 with "dual motor". The Long Range version is clearly superior to the VW with a WLTP range of 613 km and should also sprint significantly faster with 4.4 seconds – because the ID.4 GTX is specified with 6.2 seconds and an ID.3 GTX would probably not come much under 6 seconds. The Tesla is available from 50,970 euros, but the manufacturer's share of 3,000 euros has already been deducted. The Model 3 would not be a problem because it would be better, but also more expensive.

This brings us to the price question: How much would an ID.3 GTX cost? VW is currently offering three 77 kWh variants of the ID.3, all of which have 150 kW rear-wheel drive: Pro S (from just under 42,000 euros), Tour 5 (5 for five seats, from just under 48,000 euros and Tour (four Seats, from just under 50,000 euros). Depending on the equipment, the ID.3 GTX should be under the 50,415 euros of the ID.4 GTX, but certainly more than 42,000 euros. Because of the Polestar 2, 48,000 euros is an upper limit. That brings us to 42,000 to 48,000 euros We are curious to see whether we are correct.

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VW ID.3 GTX: Will Volkswagen bring the all-wheel drive compact car?-all-wheel

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