VW ID.3 is burning: mother saves child just in time from burning electric car

VW ID.3 flares up

Mother saves toddler just in time from burning electric VW

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

The series of fires in e-cars continues. In the Netherlands it now caught a VW ID.3, which burst into flames within a few seconds of loading. The first politicians are calling on the federal government to take more precautions for electrical fires.

An electric VW ID caught fire in Groningen, the Netherlands.3 completely off. Like the website "112Groningen" reported, the electric VW was charged on a street corner. After the driver of the car removed the charging cable, smoke rose from the vehicle. In an interview with RTV Noord, the woman said she charged the car overnight, put her 3-year-old child in the car and removed the charging cable when she "popping noises" heard.

Child brought to safety just in time

Within just 20 seconds, the vehicle was completely engulfed in flames. Lucky in misfortune: the mother was able to quickly save her child from the car.

A video from 112Groningen shows the electric VW fully engulfed in fire and another electric car parked directly behind it at the same charging station. The Nissan Leaf was singed at the front, but its batteries did not burst into flames – probably because the fire brigade was there quickly and put out the fire. Site has asked Volkswagen for a statement on the incident, which is pending.

E-car flares up: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

VW ID.3 is burning: mother saves child just in time from burning electric car-saves

site E-car flares up: Now the driver owes the manufacturer 10.000 euros

More and more fire incidents and recalls in e-cars

The latest fire joins a series of incidents, some of them fatal fire accidents and safety-related recalls for electric cars and plug-in hybrids . According to experts, the risk of fire in e-cars is statistically no greater than in cars with combustion engines. However, the damage is far greater because the hot battery fires are difficult to extinguish – extreme amounts of water are required, among other things. A few months ago, several electric buses were destroyed in major fires at two bus depots in Hanover and Dusseldorf. The fire, the cause of which has not yet been determined, had spread from one battery bus to the next in no time at all.

Fire protection expert: charging in underground car parks "one has to discuss"

Fire safety expert Niki Traxel, a specialist in dealing with burning lithium-ion batteries, tells Site: “Depot fires are always a feared scenario because vehicles are close together and the fire can quickly spread from one vehicle to another. As a safety measure, it is important to keep the vehicles at a distance from each other during charging – because the risk of a fire incident is greatest during the charging process." Traxel also says you have to "discuss about it", whether it makes sense to charge electric cars in underground car parks. Because there, on the one hand, the spread to other vehicles is much more likely and extinguishing is also considerably more complicated.

Electric Audi bursts into flames after accident: 19-year-old dies in front of her father

VW ID.3 is burning: mother saves child just in time from burning electric car-burning

site/weekit Electric Audi bursts into flames after accident: 19-year-old dies in front of her father

federal government wants "improve data collection"

The federal government literally wants to keep the topic of fire protection for e-cars on a low flame because it has decreed e-mobility and has it subsidized with billions of taxpayers’ money – Berlin fears image damage for the technology, which is said to be superior to petrol and diesel in all respects. A request from the FDP parliamentary group on the subject, which is available on the site, shows the helplessness of politicians. In its response to the FDP parliamentary group, the federal government says that "currently no higher fire hazard potential than vehicles with conventional combustion engines" exist. According to the current status, this affects the risk of a fire overall, but not firefighting. Both technologies are "to be assessed similarly in terms of fire protection and fire prevention", claims the federal government anyway.

VW ID.3 is burning: mother saves child just in time from burning electric car-burning
Brandweer Midden- en West-Brabant, Faceboo Fire hazard in electric cars: Dutch firefighters sink a BMW plug-in hybrid in a water-filled container. Even if the batteries do not burst into flames after the crash, there is still a risk of self-ignition

This statement is irritating at best, because firefighters keep pointing out the enormous need for extinguishing water when electric cars are on fire. Another risk is the release of highly toxic hydrofluoric acid. The RBB recently reported on the need for technology and training as well as special risks that exist for the rescue services in the event of battery, solar system or e-car fires. "This is life-threatening for firefighters. Contact with the skin, even through normal protective clothing, can cause respiratory arrest if the concentration is too high", according to the RBB, for example, on the risk of hydrofluoric acid.

Highly toxic battery fires

In its answer, the federal government does not go into the necessary special measures – such as water-filled containers in which the cars have to be immersed because of the risk of the battery re-igniting for days. Instead, it is pointed out that the training of firefighters and rescue workers "the responsibility of the federal states, local authorities and communities " lie. In turn, the building authorities of the federal states are responsible for fire protection in underground car parks. It goes on to say: "According to the Federal Government, the statistical basis for fires (e.g.a. Cause, effect, vehicle technology to be further improved." However, Berlin does not provide any information on how and within what framework this data collection should take place.

"Easy handling"

In any case, the FDP MP and qualified engineer Martin Neumann is not satisfied with the answers of the federal government. "The sometimes careless handling of the federal government in dealing with fire protection in electric vehicles is worrying. Because although a significant number of e-vehicles are already on German roads and experts warn of the dangers of fire-fighting operations, the federal government obviously sees no need to eliminate the clearly identified weak points. From his point of view, fires from electric vehicles and combustion engines should be viewed in a similar way. This is surprising since e.g. B. extinguishing an e-vehicle uses considerably more water", so Neumann to site.In addition, it is noticeable, "that the federal government, which is considered a supporter of e-vehicles through purchase premiums, keeps a low profile in many areas of fire protection. Federalism is rightly called for here; nevertheless, the federal government must become more involved within the scope of its possibilities. Unfortunately, fires from e-vehicles are and will happen on German roads", so Neumann.

Despite three locks stolen: How to protect yourself from brazen e-bike thieves

VW ID.3 is burning: mother saves child just in time from burning electric car-just

site Despite three locks stolen: How to protect yourself from brazen e-bike thieves

Summer weekend is overshadowed by storms: 31 degrees and thunderstorms in Germany

VW ID.3 is burning: mother saves child just in time from burning electric car-child

The Weather Channel Azores high coming next week: summer weekend will be overshadowed by storms: 31 degrees and thunderstorms in Germany

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16 thoughts on “VW ID.3 is burning: mother saves child just in time from burning electric car”

  1. now another one burned down
    and there is an unreported number, because the e-lobby tries to get such events out of the ( … and there is an unreported number as the e-lobby strives to keep such events out of the media. The current fire in the multi-storey car park resulted in very large material damage (fire spread to other cars, the condition of the multi-storey car park has to be analyzed first) and once again there was enormous pollution. In addition, huge amounts of highly toxic extinguishing water got into the sewage system. Sure, all good, "green pollutants", are not counted, as usual. You have to get away from that, it’s important to break down exactly which pollutants and in what quantities got into the environment with every fire. Head in the sand doesn’t help anyone. This is the only way to show how "environmentally (un)friendly" these vehicles actually are. So far you simply deny the pollution pollution.

  2. is not interested in hard-boiled e-disciples
    They pinch my eyes, do not affect me, subsidy and tax exemption are more important than your own security and environmental protection. I forgot that the fire is generated a green cloud of pollutants, the extinguishing water is healing water and the fire is cold. Such stupid is always spread by them. To consider that it does not only affect others. Similar to corona

  3. Houses will soon be in the air …
    If everyone will only drive electric cars soon, you should expect such a cart on fire every hour in Germany. Houses burn off. A chain reaction is triggered in parking garages and hundreds of electric cars torch. I believe that this technology is far from being mature and that we have not yet known where all the electricity should come from. We will probably then buy nuclear power from neighboring countries. And then we achieved a lot, didn’t we. My God, we have great politicians.

  4. From own
    In my experience, the battery heats up really well when charging. Even with "only" 22 kW charging stations, the battery cooling starts immediately and there are reasons for that. The same applies when I drive my little Stromer at 120 on the autobahn… the battery gets really hot there too. It is not for nothing that almost every manufacturer has had one or more recalls regarding battery cooling and the safety systems around the battery. Minimizing the risk of fire misses reality. But to talk about the fire hazard as it is … likewise! There is a piece of truth in every opinion and those who always mean "everything under control" or "everything just baiting against the electric car" should simply write that behind their spoons.

  5. The question arises as to how homogeneous the battery
    cooling is. The battery does not heat up 100% evenly in all places. The cooling should hold up accordingly.Due to temperature differences, mechanical stresses arise that stress the battery. If these lead to the electrodes touching, they are only micrometers apart, the well-known domino effect is triggered.The task contains many unknowns, is complex

  6. Hydrofluoric acid is discussed in another site
    Article discussed in detail. Hydrofluoric acid is very aggressive and is released when car batteries burn. Should also be considered in context. As far as statistics are concerned, the many burned-down Postbuses are taken into account?

  7. Long, technical arguments mean a lot to me
    That’s why I confronted you with the results of the investigation by the Swiss EMPA on the escape of hydrofluoric acid in battery fires: the all-clear. They dramatize. You say nothing about the EMPA result. Then it is better to ask the right experts “not from the field” than to be “from the field” but not right. E-cars are not completely harmless, but they burn no more easily & more frequently than V-cars.

  8. The gentlemen e-fans…
    …should explain which e-cars burn. Most of them are brand new vehicles that burst into flames within seconds. In contrast, the average age of passenger cars in Germany is almost 10 years. I am not aware of brand new petrol or diesel engines being noticed by regularly appearing in vehicle fire reports. It is to be feared that with the sharp increase in the number of e-vehicles, combined with the increasing age of these vehicles, reports of corresponding fire incidents will increase. If in 2030 the ratio of e-cars to combustion engines can be up to 1:2 in extreme cases, the number of accidents will also look very different than today!

  9. As always when things get polemical…
    …at certain "Experts |", ignore the facts and figures. There are 48,000,000 cars in Germany, what is the proportion of brand new combustion engines that catch fire? In the case of e-cars, on the other hand, only new cars burn, since old vehicles only exist in the homeopathic proportion. But some people think that if you polemicize loudly enough, you’re automatically right. Also a certain quality feature!

  10. E vehicles (BEVs) are incendiary bombs ,
    A BEV fire cannot be compared to a conventional vehicle fire.The BEV burns explosively, creating highly toxic substances that cannot be extinguished conventionally.—- The danger posed by these LiIo batteries is often underestimated. We currently have a 0.6% BEV share in Germany with very young vehicles. But if the penetration rate increases, significantly more BEVs will burst into flames—due to accidents, technical faults, overheating during the charging process due to aging processes, but also due to more compact batteries to increase the capacity of the drive batteries per volume unit. Charging BEVs in underground car parks and in one’s own garage will still be an issue, if politicians don’t take action here then the insurance companies will.

  11. Herr KOpnick, the Gallardo
    had an issue with the exhaust and plastic trim and yes even V cars will burn under certain circumstances. They just don’t have any water in the tank! Fuel line ruptures, fuel on the manifold and it burns. logo! It smells, smokes and stinks and I stop. Exploding combustion engines are still 99% fairy tales, exploding e-cars are reality. And the thing burns within 3 seconds.

  12. Self-proclaimed e-car fire expert Lange
    … explains in 4 ellenLange posts how critically he sees the matter personally. Much more interesting seems to me what experts say. According to ADAC, DEKRA & the fire brigade association, e-cars burn neither more violently nor more frequently than cars with combustion engines. According to the KBA, only cars that have passed a detailed standard test incl. have passed the fire protection requirements. E-cars differ from combustion engines in terms of the requirements for extinguishing & transporting car wrecks. However, the fire brigades see themselves in a good position to deal with the new specific challenge. The question of why there is no recall/sales stop should have been asked by lifesavers for a long time, given 40 combustion engine fires every day. The fact that he doesn’t have it speaks volumes.

  13. Mr. Lange, please don’t introduce yourself
    … stupid by asking me to disclose my sources. All you have to do is google "insurance industry and e-car fires" and you will get tons of entries that confirm my statements. The insurance industry I refer to has reliable numbers and statistics. You have nothing but fabricated doubts. Imagination is good, but out of place here.

  14. Is the E-Junger actually clear what happened
    This isn’t about glossed over statistics, it’s about a child who almost burned to death! Due to a technical error in the vehicle … Or do they seriously want to blame the woman? She didn’t do anything wrong. A car, especially a newer one, cannot just catch fire!! Those who are now downplaying it, what if it had been their child and it hadn’t been rescued at the last second? It would then still be succinct: Combustion engines burn more often? Don’t you realize how hollow your comments are? The cause of the fire must be clarified and these vehicles should be shut down until it has been eliminated.Back to work with it. Where is the KBA?The stationary safety of the vehicle is not given.As long as the cause is not clarified, it can happen again

  15. Question: why is there no recall/sales stop?
    if something like this happens? The vehicle bursts into flames for unknown reasons, and one child was just saved thanks to the mother’s presence of mind. In addition to the property damage, there was considerable environmental damage, contaminated extinguishing water had to be disposed of, the soil had to be decontaminated, etc. All for an unknown reason, which seems to occur again and again. I was once re-laid a cable as part of a recall, but these cases are insignificant? It’s about human lives. The cause must be clarified and eliminated. 8D report should be announced. As soon as it is a battery vehicle, you have freedom of fools? Where is the KBA? The solution cannot be the purchase of decay containers for the fire brigades. Special right for battery cars ??

  16. @Hutzler the recalls are constant
    This is preceded by an 8D report, errors were identified and demonstrably eliminated. Improvement takes place e.g.T. tacitly upon inspection. Only with battery cars you don’t do that. The battery is the problem, it doesn’t work without it. Tried to explain it to them in simple terms. Oddly enough, there is no recall. KBA does nothing.


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