VW ID.3: More charging power with 45 and 58 kWh batteries

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In addition: base price increased by 465 euros and new red paintwork

VW ID.3: More charging power with 45 and 58 kWh batteries-charging

The VW ID.3 can now charge faster in the smaller battery versions. In the new configurator, the medium battery version (58 kWh net) now specifies 120 kW charging power with direct current; previously only 100 kW were possible. The small battery (45 kWh) can still only be charged with 50 kW as standard, but 110 kW (instead of 100 kW) are now optionally possible, as Nextmove has now reported.

For the version with the medium battery, the charging time is reduced by three minutes from 38 to 35 minutes (for a charging stroke of 5 to 80 percent):

VW ID.3: More charging power with 45 and 58 kWh batteries-charging

The ID.3 with 58 kWh can now be charged with 120 kW power

The 77 kWh version did not change the maximum charging power; it is still at 125 kW. Here, however, there are rumors of 170 kW at the end of the year. Those who already have an ID.

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VW ID.3: More charging power with 45 and 58 kWh batteries-addition base price increased euros paintwork VW ID.3, ID.4, Skoda Enyaq etc: 170 kW charging power from the end of 2021?

But there is no light without shadow: the basic version of the ID.3 was a few hundred more expensive. The ID.3 Pure with 45 kWh battery and 110 kW output was previously available from 31,495 euros, now according to the configurator it costs 31,960 euros, i.e. 465 euros more.

In addition, VW has now made the ID.3 configurator a little clearer. Instead of having to choose between nine versions, there are now only four variants to choose from at the beginning, namely the battery size and, in the case of the Pro S, the number of seats:

  • Pure with 45 kWh: from 31,690 euros
  • Pro with 58 kWh: from 35,460 euros
  • Pro S (four-seater) with 77 kWh: from 42,460 euros
  • Pro S (five-seater) with 77 kWh: from 42,620 euros

The next step does not work very reliably in the current version of the configurator: the web browser often loads without arriving at a result. If it works, the motorization is then selected (as usual), for example 107 or 150 kW for the ID.3 Pro. This is followed by pages on colors, interiors and rims. As for the colors, it is noticeable that there is now a red version (our cover picture). Otherwise only the familiar turquoise is colored in the narrower sense – the rest are white, gray, black or silver tones.

Finally, various equipment and styling packages can be selected, including:

  • Design package (LED matrix headlights, rear wiper indicators, etc.)
  • Design package plus (like design package, but also with panoramic roof)
  • Exterior Style Penny Copper (copper-colored roof bar)
  • Interior Style Plus (seat and steering wheel heating, electrically adjustable front seats, etc.)
  • Assistance package (rear view camera, keyless entry, etc.)
  • Assistance package plus (cruise control, lane keeping and blind spot assistant, etc.)
  • Infotainment package ("Discover Pro" navigation system and inductive mobile phone charging)
  • Infotainment package plus (6 + 1 loudspeakers, head-up display)
  • Comfort package (seat and steering wheel heating, 2 USB-C charging ports, etc.)
  • Comfort package plus (like comfort package, but also 2-zone automatic air conditioning, etc.)
  • Sports package (sports suspension, progressive steering)
  • Sports package plus (adaptive dampers, progressive steering)

There are only a few extras (at least with the ID.3 Pro), including the heat pump for 1,275 euros and a mains charging cable for the household socket.

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