VW ID.4 (2021): Now also as “Pure” with 52 kWh battery and 125 kW

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Prices now start after funding under 30,000 euros

VW ID.4 (2021): Now also as "Pure" with 52 kWh battery and 125 kW-pure

Last Sunday, the ID.4 suddenly disappeared from the configurator, and now it's back with new versions. The ID.4 Pure model can now also be ordered with a 52 kWh battery and a weaker motor (125 kW).

The corresponding version was also recently introduced in ID.3.

After the pre-sale of the ID.4 1st special edition, the pre-sale of further models will start until mid-February, according to VW. Deliveries to customers are scheduled to begin in March. As with the ID.3, pre-configured ID.4 models with the most frequently requested equipment packages are now on offer. Prices in Germany start at 38,450 euros for the ID.4 Pure Performance. If you subtract the funding from 9,000 euros net or 9,570 euros gross, you end up with less than 30,000 euros.

version engine Battery / approximate range (WLTP) price
Pure performance upgrade 125 kW (170 hp) 52 kWh / 350 km 38,450 euros
Pure Performance City 125 kW 52 kWh 41,670 euros
Pure performance style 125 kW 52 kWh 46,055 euros
Pro performance upgrade 150 kW (204 PS) 77 kWh / 520 km 44,450 euros
Pro performance life 150 kW 77 kWh 47,020 euros
Pro performance business 150 kW 77 kWh 51,005 euros
Pro Performance Family 150 kW 77 kWh 52,205 euros
Pro Performance Tech 150 kW 77 kWh 55,410 euros
Per performance max 150 kW 77 kWh 58,820 euros

The names have now become more sensible: The versions are named after the engine (Pure Performance or Pro Performance), followed by the equipment (City, Style, Pro etc.). VW only deviates from this for the basic version of the Pure Performance range and the basic version of the Pro Performance range, for some inexplicable reason.

Two battery sizes are now available: 52 kWh for a range of around 350 kilometers and 77 kWh for around 520 kilometers (ranges according to the WLTP standard). In addition to the 150 kW engine, there is now one with 125 kW. With the weaker engine, the ID.4 sprints to 100 km / h in 9.0 seconds, and with the more powerful one in 8.5 seconds. In all variants it reaches 160 km / h. A sporty top model with all-wheel drive, the ID.4 GTX, will follow in the course of the year.

As with the ID.3, the versions with the small battery also have limited charging options: They only charge with a maximum of 7.2 kW alternating current and 100 kW direct current (full 11 kW AC and 125 kW DC).

As with the ID.3, the Discover Pro navigation system is only available as standard in the Pure Performance Upgrade and Pro Performance Pro versions up to calendar week 25, after which it is apparently no longer.

The top models Tech and Max bring a world first: the head-up display with augmented reality function, which we at Motor1 have reported. It projects turn arrows as if they were floating over the road. As you approach the turning point, the arrows get bigger and bigger, as if they were real:

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VW ID.4 (2021): Now also as "Pure" with 52 kWh battery and 125 kW-battery Compact SUVs with electric drive: All models on the market

Volkswagen wants to become the "world market leader in electromobility". The group will invest more than eleven billion euros in this until 2023. For 2025, the Volkswagen brand expects 1.5 million electric cars to be produced per year. The ID.4 should "make an important contribution", as VW brand boss Ralf Brandstatter said, because it is starting in the "world's largest growth segment, the compact SUV class".

"This year alone we want to deliver well over 100,000 ID.4s to customers," added VW Brand Sales Director Klaus Zellmer. "To date, we have already received 17,000 orders for the vehicle."

About two thirds of the deliveries planned for 2021 will go to Europe, one third to China and the USA. In China, the ID.4 comes in two variants, ID. 4 Crozz and ID.4 X to customers.

After the ID.3, the ID.4 is the second model from Volkswagen that is based on the modular electric drive kit (MEB). The global rollout of the MEB platform now begins with the ID.4. "In the future, the car will be built and sold in Europe, China and later also in the USA. This is how we scale the MEB platform around the world and create the economic basis for the success of our ID. Family," says Brandstatter. Series production has already started in Zwickau, Anting and Foshan (both China). In Chattanooga (USA) and Emden, production will start in 2022.

Picture gallery: Volkswagen ID.4 1ST (2021)

VW ID.4 (2021): Now also as "Pure" with 52 kWh battery and 125 kW-pure

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