VW ID.4 GTX: The strong stromer – our experience report

VW ID.4 GTX: The strong stromer - our experience report-strong

Who has an icon like the GTI in the ancestral gallery, is not too difficult with sleek shortcuts. With GTD, you have sighted athletic self-inflammation with VW, with GTE fast hybrids – and now GTX for particularly exciting descendants of the electrical ID.-family. Should mean: reason yes – but just having fun. This combination is guilty of the big name for a stromer. Nevertheless: Even if it is the premier model ID.4 Temporary – Offroader or four-wheel drive should not be forcibly read out from the X in the future.

That the 4.58 meter long ID.4 gtx a little witigman comes, is a bit too bad – but stop the unbroken wish of the world after still more suv owed. The rest, however, has the stuff to the fleet trip. For the official 299 hp, namely, you must already order the club sports version of the GTI – or look around the in-house Evestigers of the R GmbH. So you can certainly talk about a strong strainer.

VW ID.4 GTX: The strong stromer - our experience report-reportWolfgang Plank

With his two engines (204 hp at the back and 109 hp front) sprints the sporty top model in 6.2 seconds at pace 100 and is therefore equal to the series GTI despite 2.1 tons of weight. The permanently excited machine rear weighs including gearboxes and electronics only 90 kilos, the asynchronous engine on the front axle even only 60. And because there are no magnets installed there, the resistance with rear drive falls very low. However, book one of the Battery Bible: Dynamics costs distance. Whoever wants to come close to the maximum range of 480 kilometers, must not constantly require the 77 kWh battery fully load and tempo 180.

The special pleasure brings the ID.4 anyway through his handling. The clou: Both E-machines are not only closely crosslinked via the drive controller, but also coupled to the control systems for brakes and chassis. A special driving dynamics manager coordinates the complex interaction of carnelless four-wheel drive, stability control and cross-lock.

VW ID.4 GTX: The strong stromer - our experience report-reportWolfgang Plank

Noticeably of Alledem alone is the successful result. The id.4 GTX distracts a hint of dynamic brake engagement and assisted behind the curve tape with open differential and smart distributed force for maximum traction. In between, a kind of imaginary rolling compensation. For each wheel individually, the damper 200 times per second respond to change. This brings hardly known peace into the speedy archer. Who appreciates a few degrees more rotation around the high axis, can lock the ESC on position “sport” – then the electronic assistance is much longer in the background.

Sustainable is of course the opposite: as often as possible, walk from pedal and recuperation win. The degree can be chosen in two steps, with “b” sucking properly, but still without brake light. Well suited the VW engineers is the “blending”. Those of mixing from the distillier industry in this case – in this case of mechanical and electrical delay. And so that the feeling of the foot always remains the same. Speaking of: Rear seats Beetle-true drums. Sounds old-fashioned, but brings advantages in weight, space – and the coverings hold a car life, promises VW.

VW ID.4 GTX: The strong stromer - our experience report-stromerWolfgang Plank

Courage also had the developers inside. The interior is a bit plastic hard, but also futuristic as the operation. Is controlled by steering wheel and touchscreen, info seemingly three-dimensional to project into the view, and who likes, can with the ID.4 GTX speak. That you get the driving steps, as a big ignition key on the cockpit corner, requires habituation – the car communicates with the led band under the worm. Run light into the turning direction, red, when brakes do not do it, indicates flashing calls and extends green with the battery level at the store. Is not an ordinary car anymore.

Something a bit brings the E-architecture: Place. Even in second row. For similarly a lot of freedom you would have to drive otherwise at least Passat. The advantage if the battery is flat in the ground. Highly recommended: Sports Seats of the type “Abraham’s lap” with good shoulder guide and integrated headrests. For optimal page stop there is still the quality seal of the action healthy back (EGR). Behind the edge is the ID.4 GTX almost 550 liters away, with flat back of almost 1.6 cubic meters.

VW ID.4 GTX: The strong stromer - our experience report-stromerVolkswagen

If that is not enough – the ID.4 GTX may take for an electric car proud 1.4 tonnes to the electrically swinging hooks. That’s even enough for a neat caravan or a horse transporter. A strong argument, because Maue or even missing trailer load has so far removed many customers from the electricity. Smart: The reversing camera poses the ball head during shunting until under the clutch. The power of the battery is also sufficient in the tension-mode thickness for all situations – the range, however, sinks under load rapid.

Although clever circular runs ensure that it has cells, electric motor and electronics well-tempered. But no matter how sparingly Man Surrt and Souss – sometime the battery is empty. At the fastener sucks the ID.4 GTX in 30 minutes DC for 300 kilometers of route, on the wallbox lasts the full charge eight to twelve hours.

VW ID.4 GTX: The strong stromer - our experience report-strongWolfgang Plank

The door to the ID.4 GTX opens from 50.415 euros. That’s – even if you still can deduct the state promotion – not little money. Driving pleasure but always had its price. This also does not change a battery.

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5 thoughts on “VW ID.4 GTX: The strong stromer – our experience report”

  1. the id.4 steals the ID.3 The customers and the show-wraps you can see the ID.3, but then ID.4.
    The 3er looks like a golf 8 with adolescent warrior improvement.

    Personally, both are not my case, but they are electrically, they do not rattle and, above all, do not sink, keep it up!

  2. The MEB lacks stronger rear engines with at least 200kW.
    A four-wheel drive is more expensive, weighs more and reduces the range.
    Above all, it lacks stronger motorization for the normal ID versions without GTX.

  3. Range
    Have or will still be tested for long highways with different tempomat settings?
    Z.B. 130-150-170 km / h
    For me as a long-distance driver, sometimes 400km daily, the range is important without charging interruption.

  4. I just say:
    “Bring me to Bullhamm 1 in Jever”
    VW has the software full under control – or no, that was different around
    &# 128521;

    Just watch Carmaniac video for GTX

  5. Well, 1400 kg trailer load means not necessarily for me now a “ordinary caravan”, rather so the 2-person waub.

    It would be exciting, what the car then gives himself to electricity when the trailer load is used sometimes.

    No advantage for me. Since I can stay with my equally heavy T6, which can be mostly better.


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