VW ID.5 and VW ID.5 GTX from the beginning of 2022 in Germany

VW ID.5 and VW ID.5 GTX from the beginning of 2022 in Germany-germany

From the beginning of 2022, VW brings, based on the modular electric former (MEB), the VW ID.5 and the athletic VW ID.5 GTX variant on the street. The E-vehicles present themselves as a so-called crossover coupe of the ID.4. Through 21-inch wheels and short overhangs, the electric car should work more dynamic. Three drive alternatives ensure sufficient performance: with rear drive and 128 or 150 kW and 160 km / h maximum speed or as a dynamic positioned GTX with 220 kW and four-wheel drive, arranged at 180 km / h.

However, in direct comparison with Market Advice Hyundai Ioniq 5, KIA EV6 or Genesis EV60, there are no significantly more powerful versions. With regard to the range is at the ID.5 with 77 kWh battery with up to 520 km. For comparison, VW gives the ID.4 A range of 487 to 517 km. The charging power increases VW minimally compared to the ID.3 and ID.4 of 125 kW to 135 kW. In half an hour there will be 300 km range in the battery. On the wallbox can be loaded up to 11 kW. However, this is the fact that at home bidirectional loading is possible.

The chassis has the ID.5 at the hatchback current ID.4 served. The weight of good 2.1 tons remains unchanged. Available for a surcharge are a sporty chassis vote or adaptive damper. For trailer operation, the VW ID offers.5 A trailer load of 1.200, the GTX of 1.400 kilograms (GTX). Not only at the chassis you have oriented to the predecessor. Even in the interior, the stromases resemble strongly. The puristic design, including small 5.3-inch screen behind the steering wheel you have the ID.4 taken over. But for a surcharge, however, a 12-inch screen is mounted in the middle of the dashboard and the large head-up display that also dominates augmented reality representations is also available. Unlike the almost identical Skoda Enyaq is the VW ID.5 can not get with leather seats for an extra charge.

“The ID.5 stands for the bodystyle of the future: aerodynamic, expressive, sporty and thanks to the MEB short overhangs. Therefore, we can realize a large interior despite the dynamic roof line. That was not possible so far.”- Jozef Kabaƈ, Head of Volkswagen Design

With regard to the available space, the ID.5 on a trunk volume of 549 liters and thus 6 liters more than VW ID.4. The cargo space can be found up to 1 by folding the rear seats.Expand 561 liters, at the ID.4 are 1.575 liters. But decisive, however, should be the fact that VW is the electrician from the beginning with the 3.0 generation of your own software to the start brings. Selected functions that have not been ordered by the previous owner or later had to be added later can be added later.

If the ID.5 GTX in the coming year for the dealers, he will be after the ID.4 GTX The second model of sporting product brand GTX. The “ACCLERATE” strategy should be awarded further thrust. Volkswagen wants to be the most coveted brand for sustainable mobility.

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4 thoughts on “VW ID.5 and VW ID.5 GTX from the beginning of 2022 in Germany”

  1. It would be desirable if VW could replace the stinkers with his emotobility, but what can these ID4s and ID5 be particularly good?
    Neither economical, nor sporty, not innovative, really fast load? Not, they are favorable for that! Oh, no, they are not ..

  2. So you have no chance against the competition

    You look at the basic prices and the equipment of the VW model: at VW you have to pay on it despite higher basic prices for extras that are contained in the cheaper competition as standard … that’s really a joke. The ID 5 will probably be at 47.400 EURO costs and that in the basic version!

    Compare the ID model once Xpeng P5, P7 or the ORA CAT

    The P5 Xpeng E-Sedan is available Scon from 24.500 US dollars
    The XPENG P7 from 29.990 US Dollars
    The ORA CAT also for under $ 30,000 dollars

    Teaser for XPENG P7
    https: // http://www.youtube.com / watch?v = abs0ks_aujm&ab_channel = Heyxpeng

    Teaser to Xpeng P5
    https: // http://www.youtube.com / watch?V = P4HEP1QEREG&ab_channel = Heyxpeng

    Report for Equipment and Price of XPENG P5:
    https: // http://www.Electric car news.NET / 2021 / XPeng P5-E-Sedan-$ 24500-US Dollar October Series

    Report for Equipment and Price of Xpeng P7:
    https: // http://www.Electric car news.Net / 2020 / XPeng P7 Delivery E-Sedan-in-China started

    Report for Equipment and Price of Ora Cat:
    https: // http://www.Car engine and sport.DE / Electric Car / Ora Cat Electric Car Chinese-Great Wall Germany /

    There are the quality and prices worlds between the ID models and the competition from the East ..

  3. As it reads, in the executive days at VW soon a boss free. Maybe then does someone who really wants to move something. But as long as companies and unions are so powerful, no wise top manager will want to take over this driving huge tanker. It will come once more a second-rate and the boredom production at VW will continue. Pity? The future is now the inovation. Presence by technology and that is and was never given at VW (also Audi).


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