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Acceleration into the future

VW has big plans: The focus is on digitization – and more electric cars are to follow. This also applies to the ID.5 GTX.

The ID.5 adopts the front and the long wheelbase (2765 mm) from the ID.4.

Large corporations are comparable to oil tankers: once underway, foresight is required.

A change of direction takes time. Car manufacturers' plans for the future therefore seldom look to the coming weeks and months, but rather to the next few years and decades. VW recently presented the "Accelerate" plan for the future, with which the manufacturer wants to define the strategy up to the year 2030. The focus is no longer just on the mechanics of the vehicles, but above all in the digital area. VW wants to make "software integration into the vehicles" and the "digital customer experience" a core competence, which of course should also result in new sources of income. Customers should be able to book individual functions online, offer autonomous driving services or earn money with services related to charging electric cars. Because electrically powered cars are another cornerstone of future plans. By 2030, VW not only wants to make autonomous driving “available to many people”, according to the press release, but also wants to sell the majority of cars with electric drives. 70 percent of all VWs should then roll to customers purely electrically. To do this, the manufacturer has to dramatically expand the family of electric cars; What began with the ID.3 compact car a good year ago and continued with the ID.4 SUV at the beginning of this year will be further refined from the beginning of 2022 with the ID.5 SUV coupe. The reason for the high speed that VW can present with the presentation of new electric models lies in the substructure of all the models mentioned: because they are all based on the modular electric kit, the MEB. The Group has already perfected the business model with flexible platforms that can be converted into a variety of different models with minor adjustments with combustion engines. An important factor for short development times and competitive prices. After all, modern cars not only need a complex drive, but also a large number of expensive assistance systems, on-board computers and chassis systems, which can be implemented much more profitably in a modular system for millions of cars.


The rear is new – the GTX has an integrated spoiler for the first time since the legendary VW Scirocco.

Known technology, new form

The ingredients in the ID.5, which is still a camouflaged prototype for the first test drive, are basically known – also in the top model GTX, which is intended to carry the spirit of the legendary sporty GTI models into the electric age. A battery with a storage capacity of 77 kWh (net) is used here. That's enough for a range of around 500 kilometers. VW is currently forecasting 497 kilometers according to the WLTP measurement. However, a few more kilometers should be added to the series status. This means that the range is slightly higher than that of the ID.4 with the steeply sloping rear. The coupe-like line means that the ID.5 has slightly less air resistance. The trunk volume remains the same at 543 liters, since the roof height is not measured here and the ID.5 is 3 centimeters longer than the ID.4. In the back seat, the space is hardly worse – even the headroom, usually a "problem area" in SUV coupes – is still sufficient.

Of course, the focus of the ID.5 is on the design. With the SUV coupe, the manufacturer wants to open up new customer groups. Because the body shape is becoming more and more popular with models with combustion engines. However, alternatives with electric drives are still rare. The fact that VW also wants to give the ID.5 a sporty touch fits in well. Thanks to an electric motor on the front and rear axles, the top-of-the-range GTX has 299 hp, enabling it to sprint to 100 km/h in around 6.2 seconds, roughly the same speed as a Golf GTI. As is typical for e-cars, the electric GTX offers seamless and even traction and very quiet driving noise. The ID.5 GTX weighs more than two tons due to the large battery. However, since the center of gravity is very low, it is able to hide it well and feels quite handy.

Regular updates

When it comes to charging, VW also gives known values ​​for the ID.5 GTX: A maximum of 125 kW should be possible, after 38 minutes the battery is 80 percent full again at a suitable quick charging station. So the VW lags behind the competition; Tesla's Model Y and Hyundai's Ioiniq 5 aim to do this in around 20 minutes.

But with the new future strategy “Accelerate”, VW also promises regular software updates that will be sent to the ID models via the mobile network. New versions should be loaded every 12 weeks. Among other things, this could also increase the charging capacity.


Engine: 2× e-machine

Power: 299 hp/472 Nm

Drive: Automatic 1-speed, 4×4

L×W×H: 4610×1852×1610mm

trunk volume: 543L

Weight: >2100kg

0-100km/h: 6.2 sec.

Vmax: 180km/h

Range WLTP: >497km

Price: approx. 60000 francs


VW ID.5 GTX as a still camouflaged prototype.

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