VW ID.5: VW blows its electric tyan into a coupe


VW blows its electric tiguan into a coupe

VW ID.5: VW blows its electric tyan into a coupe-tyan

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Volkswagen is gradually rolling out his electric family with the ID label. Next is the ID.5 as a coupe version of the ID.4 It, which also celebrates its premiere with the sporty GTX version.

Slowly the modular electrical kit MEB gets rolling at Volkswagen. The next representative is the VW ID.5, which as a slanted rear version of the ID.4 celebrates its premiere with three drive alternatives in early 2022: as a rear drive with 128 kW / 174 hp, 150 kW / 204 hp and the sporty positioned GTX with 220 kW / 299 hp with its all -wheel drive.

VW ends at 180 km/h

The normal versions become sparse 160 km/h and also the sports version of the ID.5 GTX sealed at 180 km/h. It can be tough for longer motorway trips. Even more powerful versions such as those currently offer the Hyundai Group with its electric models such as Hyundai Ioniq 5 and especially the KIA EV6 and services from up to 500 hp are currently not being planned.

VW ID.5: VW blows its electric tyan into a coupe-Cross Turismo Turbo test e-combination good

Advertisement of the Wolfsburger take it talented and want to primarily address the volume audience, which feel in good hands in the range of services from 170 to 300 hp.

520 kilometers of range are promised

The Volkswagen Group is also surprisingly reluctant to charge the charging power. Here was for ID.3 / ID.4 So far at a narrow 125 kilowatt end and the ID.5 should offer at least 135 kilowatts and in the medium term 150 or more kilowatts to be competitive. In half an hour, the battery package in the underbody can be charged to more than 300 kilometers of additional range. The 77 kWh battery is to be fully charged ranges of up to 520 kilometers. In combination with a suitable infrastructure, bidirectional shop should also be possible at home – the ID.5 becomes the energy dispenser if desired.

VW ID.5: VW blows its electric tyan into a coupe-tyan

For everyone who has to pull a trailer, the VW ID offers.5 at least 1200 or 1400 kilograms (GTX). There is either a standard suspension, a sporty chassis tuning or variable adjustable dampers. The software should now run more stable than at the start. The latest software generation 3.0 enables updates and upgrades on the go / over-the-air. Selected functions that have not been ordered at the start or by the previous owner can be added afterwards.

VW ID.5: VW blows its electric tyan into a coupe-coupe

The ID weighs 2.1 tons.5

Interior and equipment of the ID.5 are largely identical to the ID.4. There is the well-known puristic interior with the small 5.3-inch bidders behind the wheel, the much more contemporary 12-inch screen in the middle of the dashboard and the large head-up display, which also dominates augmented reality representations. Unlike the sister model Skoda Enyaq or most other models, the VW ID is.5 not even available with noble leather seats for an additional cost. Textile and plastics against the sound.In addition to the inner values, the VW ID has.5 compared to the ID.4 its own silhouette, which is ultimately nothing more than another hat, since the chassis and the weight of a good 2.1 tons are not changed. To do this, the designers try to promote the sporty design language at the electric crossover coupe with 21 inch wheels and short overhangs. The trunk volume of the 4.60 meter long VW ID.5 remains with 549 liters despite the sloping roof line compared to the ID.4 close identical. The cargo space can be folded up to 1 by folding the rear seats.Expand 561 liters. Unfortunately, the electrical tailgate can only be obtained optionally.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo S in the test: The e-combination is so good

VW ID.5: VW blows its electric tyan into a coupe-Cross Turismo Turbo test e-combination

Site Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo S in the test: The e-combination is so good

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13 thoughts on “VW ID.5: VW blows its electric tyan into a coupe”

  1. Mr. Hutzler…
    …and his megatrend! Let’s let the numbers speak. According to electrive.net were in October … approved around 30,000 electric cars. Around 29,000 in August, so that increases in 2021 from month to month are hardly available. But even if 3,600,000 cars per year result in a month, it is rather miserable. Climate experts demand 14mio by 2030. E-cars as the 10mio specified so far.! Not even the 1mio. have been reached in the next few years. 1.444 million would have to. E-cars are approved. At 3,600,000 a year it will probably be 36 years old, or. purely mathematically until 2056 to take the 14mio. reached. Now, of course, you can put the hope of draconian bans, but they will only take effect from 2035. This is how the megatrend sees z.Z. in numbers!

  2. Well so what….
    blown to the coupe ? The box does not become a little sportier or also flatter in the contour ? Well, actually completely doesn’t matter. A battery SUV coupe alone more or less on the market does not make it any better. Whether this can be found additional interested parties ? I would be interested in the absolute sales figures, not the percentage. Something like that is not in the media – why not ?

  3. Unfortunately, all electric cars from the VW group work…
    (compared to Tesla, for example) due to its construction construction, not just the ID.5. Presumably the VW MEB does not allow the fact that low flow -effective body, which would be more efficient. VW should soon add more here if you want to compete with Tesla seriously.

  4. Just sports cars
    "GTX with 220 kW" – I am slowly wondering what the whole shit is supposed to. First of all, I am calculated that a combustion engine is just under 20% of the energy used on the road, on the other hand, a electric vehicle brings almost 90% and yet please switch to electricity because of the better efficiency. And then one BEV after the other comes onto the market with 80kW+ electric machine? If the electric motor is better in efficiency by factor 4, then I would have to. an electric machine with 1/4 of the performance of a burner to get similar driving performance. Good to compensate for the additional weight of the battery, you need a little more power, but then 1/3 should actually be enough. D.H. An 80kW+ electric machine then corresponds to a 240kW combustion engineer. Ecologically?

  5. If you want to continue driving you need size. Battery
    And depending on the weight, the BEV needs a correspondingly strong motor for recuperation, because an electric car drives (depending on the driving style) with up to 30% recuperated current, which otherwise fizzles out as heat when braking. What you address are electrical small vehicles. But I don’t see how they should solve the traffic problem because you don’t get out of the city/town.

  6. At the ID.5 first ownership as a company car
    After 3 years he goes as a used one for under 15.000 euros in the private market. This is the only way to run the e-car business. VW’s moon prices at the ID. Family can hardly afford a private car buyer. I prefer to wait until the Chinese not only offer their luxury cars here. The Wuling Mini EV would be enough for my way to work and purchase. It costs in China 4.500 euro. VW is very far away from this…

  7. That is what they favored by them…
    Mini-China car in terms of quality very far from the VW quality. You cannot speak of moon prices either at VW or other e-car manufacturers. Battery is currently still very expensive. but this will change.

  8. strange ?
    You can already express your opinion here, or ? There are the cordless fans and the big rest. If I look at the streets, you somehow see almost nothing from the battery hype. The big rest of the world (z. For example China) our climate hysteria is not at all interested. And that you don’t really like the exclusive touch mania in the car, I’m certainly not the first and only one. Of course everyone can and may buy and drive what they like – I don’t teach anyone. One cannot necessarily say from others, especially the e-faction lives very much in their own world…..

  9. Right!
    I have to make an effort to see an electric car. Work at a well -known medium -sized company, around 1,000 employees on site. E-cars? A single e-car has recently been shy, an ID3 among the many other vehicles. Charging columns, none, company car Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series, that’s what the automobile present looks like!

  10. Let’s just do it
    Everyone gets an e-VW for free, because we almost subsidize anyway. Anyone who kept their combustion engines, tax by 300%, liters of 2.50 and petrol 3.00, should help you the clina, or? Nobody wants this to die on rates. No matter what VW gets out, in 5 years it goes downhill with them, because then the e-hype is already spilled. And the first insurance companies increase the contributions because e against e ends not only with only bumps….

  11. First, Tesla should go bankrupt…
    And now it goes downhill with VW. Your wishes will hardly come true, because this is not a hype, but a megatrend. A small, but significant difference.

  12. so what ?
    One of many, somehow everyone sees themselves similar. Problem: only runs with electricity, who has a socket at home ? Absolutely over -top "Touch operation" If you have no problem with it, you can get it. You have the coal…..

  13. We have sockets
    I would estimate about 50 per house. It’s rather the question of who has no socket at home. It does not need more than a 10A socket to be able to load the average daily requirement at night.


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