VW ID.Buzz (2022): Base price should be around 40,000 euros

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The likeable electric bus will go into series production next year

VW ID.Buzz (2022): Base price should be around 40,000 euros-2022

The VW ID.Buzz, the electrically powered equivalent of the legendary VW Bulli, was presented at the Detroit auto show in 2017. But only as a study. Even after four years, the car has apparently not got much further.

This is also shown by pictures of test vehicles, who still drive around with the body of a normal VW van. But now there are rumors that reveal at least some key data about the electric van, as Electrek.co now reports.

Picture gallery: VW I.D. Buzz (Pebble Beach)

VW ID.Buzz (2022): Base price should be around 40,000 euros-euros

The ID.Buzz will be based on the MEB modular electrical construction kit. The 4.94 meter long study with a wheelbase of exactly 3.30 meters should have up to eight seats and two luggage compartments. Two 150 kW motors were supposed to provide all-wheel drive, but the system output was specified as 275 kW, a little less than the sum – which was possibly due to the maximum power output of the battery.

The 111 kWh battery should enable a range of 600 kilometers according to the NEDC. Should be charged with up to 150 kW; an 80 percent charge should take 30 minutes. It was said at the time that rear-wheel drive with up to 200 kW in combination with an 83 kWh battery would also be possible.

In August 2017, VW presented the car in Pebble Beach (see video above). Series production was also announced at that time. The VW plans currently provide for the retro transporter to be launched on the market in 2022 to bring, so next year.

There will also be a cargo version; a study of this bleached version could be seen in November 2018 (pictures at the bottom). Here the entry-level version with 48 kWh should offer a range of 320 km, but the top version with 111 kWh should manage 550 km (this time already according to WLTP).

Obviously, the battery sizes were not yet precisely defined at the time. But now versions with 60 kWh and 100 kWh are to be planned, as emerges from a report by the German magazine Edison, which Electrek quotes:

"The battery formats differ from ID.3 and ID.4. According to the current state of affairs, the inexpensive entry-level version has a battery with around 60 kWh, which should be suitable for a range of a good 300 kilometers (according to the WLTP standard) . According to VW findings, this is an ideal value for short-haul travel in larger cities. The large battery, on the other hand, is planned with around 100 kWh – the range of more than 500 kilometers should make the bus fully suitable for traveling. " (Edison report)

It remains unclear whether the personal version and the cargo version should get these battery versions. According to the report, however, approximate prices for the ID.Buzz have already been determined. Depending on the version, they should be between 40,000 and 60,000 euros. That would make the ID.Buzz not much more expensive than the ID.4. Here the prices start at just under 37,000 euros for the 52 kWh version, for the 77 kWh version you pay around 45,000 to 59,000 euros, depending on the equipment.

The ID.Buzz study had a head-up display with augmented reality function, which has since gone into series production in the ID.3 and ID.4. In addition, the car had a retractable steering wheel because the car was supposed to drive fully autonomously. When it was presented, however, it was said that this would only be conceivable from 2025. to use the UZZ as a platform for its autonomous driving technology. According to the report, they have now started testing their system with the electric van in Germany.

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VW ID.Buzz (2022): Base price should be around 40,000 euros-base Volkswagen's "ID" een: VW's electric car plans

Picture gallery: VW ID. Buzz Cargo Concept (2018)

VW ID.Buzz (2022): Base price should be around 40,000 euros-base

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