VW ID. Buzz (2022): Series version comes in three variants

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The seat configurations will differ depending on the market

VW ID. Buzz (2022): Series version comes in three variants-series

VW wants to make sure there is an ID.Buzz for everyone there. It has now been announced that there will initially be three versions of the upcoming electric Bulli targeting a variety of different markets.

Versatility is the key. If VW has its way, the ID.Buzz will both deliver parcels and at the same time be in your driveway to take your family on the next adventure.

The VW ID.Buzz is primarily the electricity counterpart with a retro look to the new T7, similar to the double ID.3 and golf. In Europe, VW is planning a six-seater passenger version of the ID.Buzz, which is specifically aimed at ride-sharing services.

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The idea is to create a vehicle that is capable of picking up large numbers of Uber or Lyft customers with just one vehicle. The ID.Buzz will offer passengers a separate seat with a screen in front of them that will display information about the journey.

For American customers, the ID.Buzz will come in 2024. The US version will be a more traditional family van with four seats in the rear. Two of the rear seats will face forward while the other two will face the rear of the vehicle. Hopefully your children or passengers are not prone to motion sickness.

VW ID. Buzz (2022): Series version comes in three variants-buzz

Finally, VW is planning to build an ID Buzz specifically designed to deliver all of the packages you keep ordering online. This "van buzz" will give businesses the opportunity to purchase an EV that is designed for small package delivery from a huge global organization. VW is also working hard on the self-driving technology that will automate parcel delivery.

VW ID. Buzz (2022): Series version comes in three variants-comes

Volkswagen "New Auto" event: The ID.Buzz AD Cargo

Quote: "Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is developing the vehicles in which the so-called Self-Driving-System (SDS) from Argo will be used. The basis for this is the fully electric ID. BUZZ, which will celebrate its world premiere next year. The Developments in full swing not only to electrify the iconic Bulli, but also to turn it into a pioneering autonomous vehicle with the SDS close."

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With regard to the world premiere, VW Commercial Vehicles has already communicated the year 2022. At the Hanover plant, the conversion of the production facilities is in full swing. The technology of the ID. Buzz comes from the MEB, so that ranges between 330 and 520 kilometers are possible.

Another quote from VW: "We are completely rebuilding production in Hanover in order to be able to add our successful T6.1 models to the new Multivan as a combustion engine and hybrid and finally our fully electric ID.BUZZ in one plant from next year to build."

Picture gallery: Volkswagen ID Buzz prototype with production body

VW ID. Buzz (2022): Series version comes in three variants-2022

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