VW ID.Life in the first test

Driving report VW ID.Life

Should replace the polo: electrical basic VW in the first test

VW ID.Life in the first test-test
VW First ride on the VW ID.Life

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The VW ID.Life is more than just a finger exercise of detailed designers: The concept vehicle technically provides a realistic view of VWS small e-streak, which is due to be launched in 2025. A short test drive gives first impressions.

With the VW electromobility fleet, the out of the e-up is missing downwards. And such a current is essential for urban mobility, especially for urban mobility. But with the Lower Saxon car manufacturer, it takes a little longer for this gap to be closed. "The ID. Life is our vision of urban fully electric mobility of the next generation. The study gives a first look at an ID. Model in the small car segment in the price range of around 20.000 euros that we will bring onto the market in 2025", Explains Volkswagen brand CEO Ralf Brandstatter. So far, Dacia holds the Billgstromer flag up with the small electric car Dacia Spring.

VW ID.Life should be under 20.000 euros cost

The concept car, which was shown on the IAA Mobility, is of course still quite playful with an effective LED light grill and the fabric bonnet, which can be opened by zipper. The textile roof can also be removed if necessary, which leaves a little Targa feeling. The interior with the wood fittings board and the touch surfaces in the steering wheel also suggests more study than reality. But with the room economy, the sheet turns towards reality. Because at the back people also have space for around 1.85 meters without having to take their knees next to the ears.

VW ID.Life in the first test-first

The dimensions of the vehicle make it quite clear where the journey at the city flea is going. The VW ID. Life is 4.090 meters long, 1.845 meters wide and 1.599 high. The wheelbase is at least 2.65 meters, which also show the short overhangs.

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VW ID.Life in the first test-first

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study "very close to the series"

"We are already very close to the series from the platform," explains Dzemal Sjenar, responsible for the concept cars and studies. The small electric car is on the MEB 21- / MEB Small Family variant of the modular electricity kit. That means front wheel drive and in the study for this segment, an impressive 172 kW / 234 hp and a sprinting capacity from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds. In the underbody there is a 57-kilowatt hourly high-voltage battery that enables a range of around 400 kilometers.

VW ID.Life in the first test-test
VW At the wheel of the ID.Life

Enough of the preface. Now we swing behind the steering wheel, which looks like a volant of a Formula 1 racing car. How should that work there? This question will be answered. The start is already very relaxed. We cannot yet allow ourselves a full judgment, since the speed of the concept vehicle is limited to 40 km/h. Nevertheless, we are impressed by the chassis, which also puts the annoying hoper run away over a stone overpatient path. The comparison long travel also helps, because the VW ID.Life is basically a BEV crossover, the ground clearance of which is somewhat concealed by the battery, but still turns 19 centimeters.

VW ID.Life in the first test-first

The VW ID.Life absolutely does not drive like a study that you wear around the track like a sack full of brawls full of brown eggs. On the contrary. A short tapping of the accelerator pedal immediately leads to a reaction in the form of a short acceleration. It is noticeable how quiet things are in the concept vehicle. Speaking of impressive. The turning circle of the electric city flea is very small. It is therefore not necessary to kill the steering wheel, since the front wheels can be felled wide. Incidentally. There will also be a little old world at e-city flea.

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VW ID.Life in the first test-first

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11 thoughts on “VW ID.Life in the first test”

  1. Highly current…
    …Available from a well -known autoportal! Polo 80PS, nothing more is in competition … to the electric car. Even with air conditioning, LED light, radio system, cruise control, no one needs more in class. Currently with a 19% estate € 14405, without subsidy bonus as with the electric car.

  2. This small car
    So is more than 1.84 meters wide? So 2 cm wider than a BMW X1! This means that the car no longer fits into a standard garage; At least you can no longer get out. Why are the cars becoming wider and shorter and shorter? That is complete nonsense in terms of aerodynamics!

  3. Where is the Up/Citigo/Mii successor
    The VW Group loses the golf class. Yes the up is the size of the first Golf’s and is the ideal vehicle of a 2 -person household in the bacon belt of Frankfurt. But the production is discontinued and replaced by something much larger. The market gap is closed directly by Fiat. Too bad our Citigo is great and I wanted to buy the electric successor.

  4. 4m polo ???
    or whatever the box should be called…. Something like that "City flea" To name is very bizarre ! Then the smart would be one "Micro-kfz", or ? Well, somehow it has something of an inflated playmobile car. Only the buyer can decide whether this will be a success….

  5. humor
    Is if you laugh about it. Actually that would be a successful April joke. You could laugh warmly and pull the Kasperbude through the cocoa. Unfortunately it seems to be meant by VW seriously. What a car of superlatives: ugly, expensive and (k) an engine to get used to. If this is your vision of the future, your shares will quickly sell your shares dear VW board members. It goes downhill. Fast !

  6. When VW continues…
    …Then there is no longer the group! The thing is ugly and far too expensive! If this mill is to replace the polo, then the base price would have to be significantly below 15.000 € and the fittings in the size of a smartphone are probably a bad joke?

  7. Too late, too chunky, too expensive!
    Anyone who only competed with a small car on a battery nation in 2025 has not understood anything! The buying run already begins, has already progressed abroad, and the others have already done the business in 4 years. The design also looks chunky, cheap, the length of 4m is too large for a small car that should fit in many small parking spaces – and the price of u20000 (in court already after deduction of any enclosed subsidies) is too high, e -cars can be technical due to technical are built much cheaper, despite the battery, as a comparable combustion engine, see Kia, see Tesla, u.A.

  8. No is clear, Ms. Kowalski
    The market at the small electric cars is totally distributed. Just look at the Tesla models which are on the market in the vehicle size. Oh stop, there is none. The electric car only starts above the golf class. My goodness, as stupid as you and others do you are certainly not at VW.

  9. "pretty car"
    Customers are guaranteed to tear themselves and every bet if a 40.000 EUR car only adorns cheap plastic on the inside, it must be cardboard or bamboo mats with this car. Then even the plastic desert is too expensive.

  10. That will be something !
    Are still 3-4 years until the online is supposed to go. Whether the potential buyers accept this vehicle ? At least in my circle of acquaintances, one increasingly turns from VW to alternatives. There is enough……

  11. I will
    Say me to say goodbye to VW. For me this is not a substitute for the polo. Looks like a toy car. The entire VW electric cars somehow cheaper, like their counterparts with combustion engineers.


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