VW ID. Life should be “sustainable, innovative and timeless”

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VW ID. Life should be

With the ID. Life presented Volkswagen its vision of an electric car in the small car segment. The study, presented at IAA Mobility last autumn, says VW for sustainable mobility, digital technologies, timeless design and innovative interior design – and at an aged entry price of 20.000 to 25.000 EURO. Particularly exciting are the natural and recycling materials, which Volkswagen wants to use in the electric car, which is to come 2025 on the market.

Sustainability is trump at the ID. Life, let VW know. He not only drove locally emission-free thanks to E-drive. In the compact crossover, comprehensive natural raw materials and recycling materials are also to be used. “The ID. Life is a first keyhoo in our future small electric class, “says Volkswagen Chef Designer Jozef Kabaň. “Innovation, sustainability and timelessness are the three things that drive us.”

On decorative elements and attachments should be at the ID. Life is equally dispensed with as a conventional material mix. For example, the aircraft textile for the roof and front cover are 100 percent recycled PET bottles. In the clearcoat for the body, wood chips are to be used as a natural inker and a bio-based hardener. According to ribbons for the tires, VW, inter alia, organic oil, natural rubber and rice sleeves.

Natural and recycled materials also in the interior

Also in the interior, the sustainable approach is consistently pursued. The wood that is installed in the interior is to come from sustainable forestry. The passengers sit on ARTVELOURS ECO seat covers, which are intended to have a high proportion of recyclat, a secondary raw material that is recycled in the recycling of plastic waste.

With the cheap entry-level current ID. Life wants to make Volkswagen’s sustainable mobility available for even more people and further expand its Accelerate Strategy. By 2030, the company wants to increase the proportion of pure E models in total vehicle set in Europe to at least 70 percent and in North America and China at least 50 percent. With the electrification offensive, Volkswagen wants to become one of the most popular brands for sustainable mobility.
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9 thoughts on “VW ID. Life should be “sustainable, innovative and timeless””

  1. It’s just me, or feel the other similar? The cover picture and the name “small cars” fit in my eyes from the proportions not so right. In particular, the stem acts as if it were constructed for a large-volume V6. The bonnet is good hip high!

  2. What VW there again in large letters as “natural and recycling materials” according to rausposaunt is already reality for many other manufacturers.But why only with a “little” Bev, where, on the other hand at VW in other vehicles for the interior, whole cow herds have to believe.
    Who wants to think nature has to implement this holistically.

  3. The shadow of this vehicle is probably quite a populated MINI Clubman – and the really successful luminous front will unfortunately make it just as little to the series, as the really great front of the ID Buzz.
    This remains a boring car more.
    Human VW are brave – your prototypes look great!!!

  4. Oh. VWS reaction to the rumor for “model Q”.
    Otherwise: polo class = approx. 4meter length. There is not only an Ibiza, a Clio and a Fabia, but also a Capture, a T-Cross and a Taigo (both polo platform).

  5. I’m curious in which the cars I will sit. An ID Life or a model 2 or the new small cupra.
    The Cupra looks visually great, the Tesla Model 2 will probably shine through high power intensity, which irritates me extremely. For the VW, in any case, when it prevails, the Targadach.


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