VW ID models should keep track without road markings

VW ID models should keep track without road markings-markings

On the Technology Fair CES in Las Vegas, VW has announced that with the new Travel Assist 2.5 driver assistance system, vehicles equipped in the future, without a street marking, the track should be able to hold the track. This is possible this thanks to swarm data, which the drivers of VW models have been collecting for a good one and a half years. The technology for this innovation comes from the Intel subsidiary Mobileye. VW boss Dies and Mobereye boss Amnon Shashua have the new Travel Assist 2.5 in an ID.4 already tried.

The lane support assistant now also work without lane markings on the road, thanks to the Mobileye RoadBooks compiled from the swarm data. This calculates based on the data from the vehicles that these bodies have previously passed in real, even without labels the typical routes, otherwise calculated using the camera of the assistance system.

Send since May 2020 the automotive week according to the Group’s customer vehicles anonymised data to the Mobereye Cloud. Specifically, it is good 470.000 vehicles and data over just under 1.2 billion kilometers.

VW is the first manufacturer in which the new MobilEyE technology is used. The improved lane support assistant should be available promptly for the entire ID family, concretely for all models of the series ID.3, ID.4 and ID.5, which have been produced since the end of 2021. Also for the sister models Audi Q4, Skoda Enyaq IV and Cupra Born should be the new technology. At the previous map data for navigation as well as the cooperation with TomTom and here, nothing changes, it means. The data from Mobereye should only be considered as a supplement. Another is already in planning, so Mobereye boss Shasuha: In the future, the vehicles should reliably recognize traffic lights and their currently displayed color.

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10 thoughts on “VW ID models should keep track without road markings”

  1. 4,70000 vehicles, built in 2021 Send data to improve the system, but have nothing because your vehicle was built before “end 2021”. Hmmm, whether they have understood as they signed the privacy statement?

    I would also like to know how often a route has been driven from different dangers before the system follows the way.

    I imagine the highway, where rarely occurs. Then 3 drivers drive a curve the track and always cut the curve here at one point. What if the Lanaassist does not notice the oncoming traffic and simply cut the curve again?

    Machine learning also learns the mistakes ..

    I like to drive today with the Lane Assist, even if he is currently supporting.

  2. I’m looking forward to the day when the different providers compete against each other in a direct comparison – first on a busy route – then on any circular roads in the pampa.
    Gladly 1x under 60km / h then also at 130 km / h – only on highways then withinorts –

    I think here will then separate the chaff of wheat.

    All advertising promises whether of Tesla, Mercedes or VW and others are then subjected to the reality check &# 128521;

    The marketing divisions run meanwhile hot – let’s see how much hot air has been distributed under the people again &# 128521;

  3. Great, what is possible. Unfortunately, meaningless waste of resources, as long as it is something, what the human senses already master from home.

  4. It would be nice if the VAG Group in the field of software at least would learn so much that he led to him to see at least the taillights from the Americans and Asians to him far. Currently, the well-for example, the vehicles from the ID series of VW on the former hope market China are as good as unauthorized-da software-technically merciless. Until then, as a driver of an E-vehicle from the VW Group, I would be glad if the assistant systems were all worked all and remote access to vehicle data more than randomly work ..

  5. Any vehicle always comes first to a new construction site. Hopefully it is not automated with this system &# 128521;

    Runtime Generated Local Map (How man makes it) is the way for non-geofenced.

  6. Question: What would my M3 be equipped that at the beginning of December 2021 in snow, on a completely markless Alpine road in AP mode could hold the track? Witchcraft…..? &# 128521; &# 128578;

  7. These many great helpers are no acquisition for me. But if many of them are on the road, four-wheel vehicles would behave correctly and do not refrain from blinking o.a. – because it is so “coooool”.
    I would be very happy if the apps (We Connect ID and We Connect) would work reliably.

  8. I would be very interested in whether this promising technology also for “early adopters”, whose ID 3 or 4 were produced before the current series, about the TA 2.5 can be used. Or you can do that like Z.B. Also, the Parking Assist Plus may forget.

  9. I currently drive a Skoda Enyaq, which is based on the ID4 and also the update should be obtained. I would be glad if the assistant functions and the rest of the software (infotainment) functionally function. I do not like to think about such extensions!

  10. Before the freestyle comes the duty, this is the case with the figure skating and this also meets for the cars of the VW Group. If you do not even the MMI navigation system z.B. At the new Audis, you should first make your homework. This also applies to the software updates via “over-the-air update”. When ice skating, nobody does the Salto before he can drive straight.


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