VW ID.X: Ralf Brandstatter shows a 245 kW ID.3 variant

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According to the VW brand boss, it will not turn into a production car, but it is an indication

VW ID.X: Ralf Brandstatter shows a 245 kW ID.3 variant-brandstatter

VW recently presented the ID.4 GTX with 220 kW four-wheel drive. Of course, the introduction of an ID.3 GTX was there vicinity. But so far Volkswagen has been holding back – maybe that would be too schematic even for the world champion of construction kits.

However, a more powerful version of the ID.3 (so far the range has ended at 150 kW) is evidently being considered. In any case, VW brand boss Ralf Brandstatter has now shown a car called ID.X with 245 kW on LinkedIn.

According to Brandstatter, it is a prototype with the project name ID.X. They just let the engineers develop. According to the manager, it shouldn't become a production car. But it is an indication of a more powerful variant with all-wheel drive.

"The team has equipped an ID.3 with an originally 62kWh battery with an 82kWh battery and re-combined it with parts of the ID.4 GTX. Modified the powertrain, chassis and infotainment, and gave the vehicle an unusual look inside and out. 😉 This experiment is a power pack with all-wheel drive, 245 kW power and a sporty design. Project name: ID.X. (…)

Even if the ID.X is not going to be a production vehicle – we will take up a lot of ideas. "(Ralf Brandstatter)

The car has the large battery with 82 kWh gross or 77 kWh net – that was to be expected. At 245 kW, the output is slightly higher than the ID.4 GTX's 220 kW. The other statements from Brandstatter are more surprising: "From 0 to 100 in 5.3 seconds, 200 kilos lighter than its ID.-siblings". Brandstatter does not reveal how the car has lost 200 kilos despite the additional front engine, but he also doesn’t say which sister model was – 200 kilos less than the ID.4 GTX would not be very surprising.

With a sprint time of 5.3 seconds, the prototype is 2.6 seconds faster than an ID.3 Pro S with 150 kW rear-wheel drive and 77 kWh battery – because it takes 7.9 seconds. Brandstatter also mentions a drift mode, which probably means that you can switch off the front engine. Other changes include a modified chassis and a look with neon accents inside and out.

Picture gallery: VW ID.X (study, 2021)

VW ID.X: Ralf Brandstatter shows a 245 kW ID.3 variant-shows

According to Brandstatter, this car should not become a production model. One will only "take up a lot of ideas". Well, that's always the case with a design study. For us, the car already looks very close to series production, which is no wonder, because the engineers were assuming a series model. One can assume that an all-wheel drive ID.3 is in preparation. It is not certain whether it will then have exactly 245 kW. Not even what it will be called. But ID.3 R sounds logical to us.

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