VW ID6 in the driving report: Chinese get it first

Driving report VW ID.6

Chinese get him first: VW’s largest electric SUV in the test

VW ID6 in the driving report: Chinese get it first-first

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On the car China in Shanghai, the ID celebrated this spring.6 The next electric SUV its premiere. The electrical crossover started in China with a slight delay. We have with the big brother of ID.4 and ID.5 already turned a round.

Volkswagen brings more and more children to the automobile world from his electric family. After the ID.3 As an electrical alternative to the Golf, Europeans should inspire – although Teslas Model 3 became the best -selling Stromer in Europe in September – followed with the larger ID.4 and its following coupe variant ID.5 of the world citizens ID.6.

VW prefers China

Before with the ID. Buzz from 2023 the Americans are to cheer, the focus is on the largest Wolfsburg market market: China. Here it can and must be one size larger for electric cars and that should be the new ID.6 judge. Strictly speaking there is the VW ID.6 in double execution, because it is produced in parallel with the two VW cooperation partners FAW and SAIC.

VW ID6 in the driving report: Chinese get it first-chinese

The version from the north listens to the name ID.6 crozz and is manufactured in Anting, while in the south of the country in Foshang of the ID.6 times rolled off the tape. Technically, both models are largely identical on the modular electric kit MEB, but there are slight optical differences on the front and rear. The two China brothers offer space for up to seven people over a length of 4.88 meters, since in contrast to ID.4 and ID.5 thanks to the increase in length of 30 centimeters, there are three rows of seats. The space is good at the front and in the rear – the seats in the third row that can be folded down in the loading room are at most emergency seats for children.

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VW ID6 in the driving report: Chinese get it first-price technical data good Tesla

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ID.6 with up to seven seats

The various versions of the Chinese VW ID are offered.6 optionally with rear wheel or all-wheel drive. There are 132 kW / 180 hp, 150 kW / 204 hp or a top variant with 225 kW / 306 hp and a maximum torque of 220 or 310 Nm. At least in the Chinese market, the top version is also adjusted at 160 km/h and not like in Europe at 180 km/h. From a standing start, the basic version lines to 100 km / h in 9.5 seconds, with the 306 hp top model, this time is reduced to 6.6 seconds.

VW ID6 in the driving report: Chinese get it first-first
VW VW is expanding its electro SUV palette

The 2.3 tons of VW ID.6 is offered from both works with battery packages of 62 or 82 kWh. The electrical ranges are between 436 and 588 kilometers after the Chinese consumption cycle China-Nedc. You can load with the latest software update with 135 kW.

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VW ID6 in the driving report: Chinese get it first-first

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At the wheel you can hardly feel a difference to the smaller VW ID.4. There is almost 150 kilograms more weight, but even the length of length and the wheelbase extended to 2.97 meters make hardly any significant difference in terms of driving dynamics. The low center of gravity and direct steering remains pleasant, although the electrical steering unchanged unchanged and the feedback is completely different than with the combustion models. However, you can get used to this quickly and the support is always precise enough. This also applies to the beginning of the front axle, which is similar to the VW ID.4 presented and represented completely differently than with a VW Tiguan Allspace or even a VW Touareg, at the door of which the almost 4.90 meter long electrical crossover knocks out of Chinese production.

VW ID6 in the driving report: Chinese get it first-price technical data good Tesla

In China, real leather seats are still in demand

The standard equipment of the new VW ID.6 is also very similar to that of the small ID.4 and his coupe brother ID.5. There are animated instruments with an excessive display unit along with lavish head-up display with augmented reality function behind the steering wheel. The twelve -inch, large central display in the middle of the dashboard presents itself large -dimensioned and easy to use. Since the demand for luxury equipment in China is greater than in Europe, there are two ID.6 variants, unlike on the European market, also with electric leather seats and not just chairs with fabric or plastic. The second row of seats, also heated on request, can be moved in length and on request the standard panorama roof can also be obtained with an opening function. The VW ID.6 rolls on 19 to 21 inch aluminum wheels.

VW ID6 in the driving report: Chinese get it first-report

With his ID family, Volkswagen wants to ensure that at least half of the new vehicles will be powered by 2030. By 2023, eight ID family should come onto the market in China. However, there should be little doubt that the VW ID.6 also makes the leap to Europe and especially in the USA, because the Americans are the ID.4 too small and in Europe you need more models for your own electrical specifications than previously planned. At first there should be no decentralized production and so the VW ID would.6 Probably as well as the BMW IX3 exported to the world from China.

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VW ID6 in the driving report: Chinese get it first-chinese

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  1. E-SUV shows the truth
    The whole topic of e-car is actually an environmental impact but the same. From the production of the electric vehicles, batteries to the generation of electricity of these vehicles. The honest environmental balance of this vehicle category has nothing to do with environmental protection on the contrary. An SUV monster with electric drive is the perversion of mobility and only a cheap alibi to drive out this technology.

  2. Again, no folk car
    Apparently the car bosses have moved away from the people that they can no longer imagine what a folk car is. Probably a relatively new company has to show them how something like this works. Only then do the local ones pant "Pemium" this producer again – and will be left behind. Many are already waiting for the little Tesla.

  3. You’re right
    And much more people don’t wait for the little Tesla. In the end, each of the manufacturers certainly has their customers who they can serve. I am not a VW customer and not a fan but I don’t think VW is as dead as some talk about it.

  4. so what ?
    …whether the Chinese buy it or not. With us nobody needs it and nobody will pay him either. What do they really want to sell ? They have broken the golf and the "successor" Eidiii ? Oh well….Just not mass -compatible, but that’s not due to Tesla !

  5. German numbers development for China
    In order for VW to be able to profit with China at short notice, VW demands a concentration of the funding on battery cars. And even though we know that the CO2 burden will not decrease especially in China and that the production of batteries is a crime against nature.

  6. Yes…..
    We don’t want it otherwise. If the German auto industry breaks and looks at how they simply migrate abroad one after the other, build the prosperation in cheap China and thus also be on the brink of our valuable jobs. Not only that. Pass on our know-how to the Chinese. We can’t build much more than just cars anyway. I find really amusing. Keep it up, we did it. Soon Germany will soon be like China 20 years ago. Whether I’m signproof? Yes, I am.

  7. I laugh away,-
    Nevertheless, the E+car in China will no longer find sales. VW has concentrated on the battery unilaterally and hidden e-fuel and is surprised that internationally does not become a hit.

  8. E-fuel hidden?
    I didn’t even know that VW was no longer building a combustion engine. Because they can also burn e-fuel, which, however, with an underground total efficiency. That this "not becoming a blast" So shouldn’t be surprised.

  9. The Chinese
    Driving with huge German luxury cars and we in the future with bicycles, gladly with the cargo bike. What did we do wrong?

  10. already clearly,
    Certainly this huge German luxury car is intended for the mass of the Chinese, because there everyone deserves 10 times what you deserve here. or ?? What did you think wrong?

  11. Undermotorized
    The car will certainly be just as little successful in China as the other VW electric cars. With its electric cars, the group brings itself into restless fairway. Too expensive for Europe and the Chinese is missing driving fun with the E-cars from VW. But it is also logical when you read the weak vehicle data for driving dynamics and compares them with Tesla or Chinese electric cars. The German car manufacturers will have really problems with the e-car, because other engineers are significantly further.

  12. who should
    These cars can still afford where everything becomes more expensive. Since the pandemic is getting around more and more, we have to stay at home and no longer need a car.


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