VW invests around 250 million euros in the expansion of charging infrastructure at European locations

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VW invests around 250 million euros in the expansion of charging infrastructure at European locations-invests

VW works councre Osterloh gave to understand in March: “The customer would be ready for the electric car if the infrastructure would be available for loading”. The Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) has also led to policy “Recommendations for a successful start-up of the loading infrastructure for electric vehicles by 2030”. For a successful market prevention of e-mobility, the fast and sustainable expansion of the charging infrastructure is the most important prerequisite.

Volkswagen is aiming for a quick breakthrough of e-mobility and strengthens its efforts in the loading infrastructure. Europe-wide, the Group builds 36 to 2025.000 charging points, including 11.000 by the brand Volkswagen.

The charging columns are installed at VW locations as well as around 3.000 Volkswagen dealers in all major cities. Furthermore, one will occupy further lucrative business areas around the topic with the subsidiary for charging infrastructure ELLI (Electric Life) and the Ladeservice “WE Barge”. In total, the Group invests around 250 million euros in the expansion of charging infrastructure at the European locations.

“The charging infrastructure is becoming more and more important factor for the fast breakthrough of e-mobility in Germany. The charging of an electric car must be just as simple and self-evident as the loading of a smartphone. Above all, we need significantly more charging columns in public space as well as simple rules for the installation of private wallboxes. Volkswagen wants to set a sign here and is committed to building the loading infrastructure at all levels, “says Thomas Ulbrich, Executive Board for E-Mobility of the Volkswagen brand

VW commits policy to expand the loading infrastructure

However, VW also demands on politics about the current charging infrastructure and their expansion. Because currently it is not enough: Germany needs more charging stations for electric cars. The impulses seem to exist. Also of the policy. For example, the Greens requires a quota for electric car charging stations. And the SPD boss also wants to make the future of the automotive industry in the Federal Government to the top priority. It goes “about the backbone of the German economy”.

In Stuttgart, the number of charging stations should be more than doubled and companies like IKEA are also strong for e-mobility. Almost everyone seems to note: “The startup of electromobility comes in Europe”. Even huge companies from burners nearby industries like shell seem to have recognized the signs of time and imagine. In this case by the acquisition of NewMotion and joining the ionity charge network.

Charging points at home are gaining importance

According to Volkswagen estimates, around 70 percent of all charging operations will take place at home or at work. For this need, the Volkswagen subsidiary ELLI from 2020 offers complete charging solutions for companies and private customers – from the affordable wallbox including installation to matching green stream.

Here, too, politics comes into play, because the quota for electric car charging stations, in conjunction with the reform of rental and home ownership, which facilitates the installation of private charging points, could lead to rapid growth of e-mobility. Furthermore, the corresponding funding program must be equipped with more resources to the target of 100 formulated in the coalition agreement.To realize 000 charging points by 2020. In addition, it is consistent car manufacturers, companies, etc … in the expansion of the shop network.

“E-mobility in Germany has the potential to become a true success story. If economics and politics bundle their powers, we can handle the challenges in the charging infrastructure very quickly – just as we will only collect the technologically driven structural change in our industry. Germany needs a master plan e-mobility.”- Thomas Ulbrich, E-Mobility Management Board VW

VW in this case is ahead with positive example and becomes a total of around 4 nationwide.Building 000 charging points for employees, many of which will be freely accessible.

Public charging columns must not be taken out of focus

The VW Group believes that a quarter of all charging will take place in the future in public charging columns. Customers can use the Volkswagen Service “We Charge” in the future on more than 100.000 load points throughout Europe access – perspective should up to 150.000 charging points will be.

Also planned are partnerships with retail chains, so that customers can easily load their cars during shopping. Tesco in the United Kingdom has made the beginning, further trading chains should follow.

Ionity Loading Net of great importance for long routes

Until 2020, Ionity, founded by BMW, Daimler, Ford and the Volkswagen Group, wants to operate around 400 fast charging stations along the main main compasses in Europe. This would be the high-speed network as big as the European Supercharger network of electric car pioneer Tesla. How to understand ionity boss Michael Hajesch, you will be ready until next year with your own fast shop network.

In addition, Volkswagen now brings the fast load infrastructure into the cities. The first 28 fast load columns away from the highway will go into operation at the end of June in Wolfsburg. They are part of a gift of Volkswagen AG for the 80th anniversary of the city of Wolfsburg.

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  1. High-speed network of ionity so “big” like that of Tesla ? … Oh well

    Here in Zurich Ionity Grade has inaugurated a quick loading location with 6 charging stations.

    Here in Zurich Tesla Grade has inaugurated his second Zurich Supercharger with 24 charging stations, the first location in Zurich had already 8 stations … so does 32 stations.

    As a reminder: Tesla may build 1 million PW per year, VW / BMW / MB / Ford (the behind ionity) to build more than 20 million pw / year

    The comparison is already a bit … Nevertheless, I am happy about every station !!


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