VW is now offering the ID.3 as a car subscription

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After 3 months you can also switch to other VW models

VW is now offering the ID.3 as a car subscription-euros month subscription offer cooperation

The VW ID.3 is currently one of the most interesting electric cars, which are still quite new on the market. But some potential customers are still skeptical as to whether the ID.3 is technically convincing. In addition, not all dealers have an ID.3 for test drives.

A solution is now coming from VW itself in the form of a short-term rental. The Volkswagen Financial Services car subscription will be extended to ID.3. expanded.

Private customers now have the option of using the vehicle flexibly with a minimum contract term of six or three months for 449 euros or 539 euros per month.

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VW is now offering the ID.3 as a car subscription-offering

With the VWFS car subscription for the ID.3, customers can choose between a three- and six-month minimum contract period. You can then switch flexibly between the other vehicle segments (Micro, City, Compact, Compact Space, Family Space, Minibus and Country) every three months or simply continue to drive the current vehicle.

In the event of a change, a minimum holding period of three months begins again. The monthly rate will then be adjusted automatically. In addition, customers can cancel their car subscription on a monthly basis after the end of the minimum contract period.

As with the other vehicle classes, the ID.3 includes registration, general and exhaust gas inspections, maintenance, inspections, wear repairs, tire replacement, insurance and taxes as well as 800 free kilometers in the monthly rate.

Extended kilometer packages with a total monthly mileage of 1,200 or 1,600 kilometers are optionally available when concluding a contract or changing vehicle class. In addition, all of the ID.3s on offer have a navigation system on board.

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With a lead time of 14 days, customers either have their vehicle delivered to their home or they can pick it up at a selected station. The same goes for returns. If the customer collects the ID.3, car dealerships in Dresden, Dusseldorf, Jena, Nuremberg, the Frankfurt am Main region and Wolfsburg are available. There are also selected stations from VWFS | Rent-a-car.

As a special starter offer, the first 33 customers do not have to pay the start and delivery fee (first come, first serve).

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