VW makes Bulli more and more expensive with a diesel engine

Electric models except

Inflation is not the only reason: VW makes Bulli with diesel engine more and more expensive

VW makes Bulli more and more expensive with a diesel engine-diesel
dpa/Julian Stratenschulte/dpa New VW Bulli T6 car cars stand side by side at the Work of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

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According to a report, Volkswagen increases "Automotive week" The prices for his vans again, this time by an average of 1.5 percent. VW apparently wants to get the high costs for electric models from its diesel buyers. Traders are upset.

The emerging inflation has also reached the car market. There is a high on the used car market. "With an average of 22.The prices for German used cars continued to increase in March and are therefore on a new record high", Reports the Autoscout24 portal.de after an evaluation of his data. Increased car prices in recent years and a reduced offer are driving prices. Finally, the chip crisis fired the price increase: immediately available young used ones are more desirable than ever.

Inflation for car prices

But new cars have also been becoming more and more expensive for years. This price inflation was also fueled with emobility, because e-cars and plug-in hybrids are more expensive than combustion engineers. The prices approach each other, but this is distorted by the high purchase bonuses for electricity. The boom in German emobility is therefore bought in part with tax money.

Manta, Beetle, Bulli & Co: These cult bodies (soon) are available as Stromer

VW makes Bulli more and more expensive with a diesel engine-makes

Site Manta, Beetle, Bulli & Co: These cult bodies (soon) are available as Stromer

At Volkswagen, commercial vehicles are now noticeably expensive, such as the specialist magazine "Automotive week" reported. "VW commercial vehicles increases prices for the Caddy 5, the Crafter, Grand California and the T6.1. This emerges from a message to the dealers who are available to the automotive week. Only the basic models T6 are excluded.1 abbot and e-crafter. From 1. In July, almost all of the Hanoverians’ vehicles cost an average of 1.5 percent more", reports the magazine. Volkswagen speak of one "Inflation -related measure". The dealers apparently see it differently: “The renewed price increase is completely absurd, especially in the current situation, a VWN contract partner commented on the price increase. After all, the Caddy and the T6 also.1 to private customers", So the magazine.

VW makes Bulli more and more expensive with a diesel engine-diesel
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design In 2021 there is a new VW Bulli – the T7

Prices raised by up to 8,000 euros in five years

In fact, VW apparently tries to get the customers away from the combustion engine through the price increases – and to collect as much money as possible from those who do not want to or cannot switch to electric vehicles. Because the electrical models are spared by price increases. Most recently, VW had on cars according to the "Automotive week" his prices attracted in March of this year. In the past five years, prices have been increased by 6000 to 8,000 euros, it is called it from dealer circles. "This has nothing to do with inflation adjustment for me," the magazine quotes a dealer.In June Volkswagen presented the new Bulli and Transporter generation T7. It should be the last one that is still being built on board with diesel engines. There will also be a hybrid variant. In 2023 a purely electrical van comes with the ID Buzz. Volkswagen no longer wants to offer petrol and diesel engines in Europe; An exact end date for this has not yet been determined.

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VW makes Bulli more and more expensive with a diesel engine-expensive

Site/Wochit New theft trick: These car owners should be worried

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12 thoughts on “VW makes Bulli more and more expensive with a diesel engine”

  1. VW Multivan in the EU cost trap
    A T6.1, thanks to much higher consumption values in the WLTP cycle, now has min. 190 instead of 160g CO2 … For tax and fleet consumption on paper, at the same time it becomes like a golf car with Max. 95g limit classified. This means car taxes of over € 420 and an EU malus per vehicle for VW of over € 8000 !!! This is EU madness three. Of course, the vehicles are massively expensive, but this also applies to similar competitors.

  2. Fits
    Now it is complained again because the car prices rise, diesel/petrol prices rise, CO2 price on heating oil gas etc., An ever deeper hole tears into the wallet. I can no longer understand the whole whining. We are – obviously – a masochist people. Who otherwise chooses a government that intervenes so massively in the life of its citizens. However, this is not enough for the German Michel, for this reason he will soon vote for a red red-green government. They then go one step further. As the saying goes: only the stupid sheep chooses its butcher itself. Fortunately, I have sufficient financial resources, so that this entire expected circus only affects me completely peripherally

  3. CO2 values too high
    Politics make the CO2 values so high on purpose, their goals cannot be achieved from the outset, so you are "forced" to rethink, but what politics has started… Wrong consultants, 1st place in any green statistics, world admission world champion at electric cars, modern battery master, what is it really about? Except for power and money, by the way, they don’t even notice that the people are split, but they have always been blind when the eyes go to us. At some point the market regulates the prices, only stupid that will definitely be subsidized in 2030. Authentic politics looks different, here the market is overwhelmed at a pace, you cannot offer that to humans, simply too expensive and only 15% 20% mature, as Sang GrOnemeyer "What shoud that?".

  4. All manufacturers will soon be concerned
    All manufacturers will soon have to make their combustion engines more expensive to steer customers towards electromobility. Due to the EU requirements, a higher proportion of CO2 optimized vehicles must be sold every year, otherwise it is hailing millions of penalties for the manufacturers. Accordingly, many combustion variants in Europe will disappear from the market and the others become significantly more expensive. In parallel, the gasoline and diesel price at the petrol station increases. The goal is laid down, less individual mobility, more use of public transport, such as bus and train. The automotive industry earns its money abroad and relocates jobs. Only better earners will be able to afford a vehicle in the future.

  5. Is legitimate – if the market gives it
    It is an open secret that every manufacturer has transverse financing. For example, in the 1990s, 600 D-Mark in Germany were on it so that it could be offered cheaper abroad. The market determines the price. If there is less demand for the VW transporter, the price will certainly decrease. There are also good alternatives, so z.B. Toyota Proace.

  6. great !
    There is only one reason for these actions: increase sales or earn money – what else ! Like so many, I had several VW, Audi, etc. This is history, neither business policy nor what is rolling off the assembly line fits me. There are still enough alternatives that do not belong to this group….

  7. If you only rely on battery,
    It is clear why the combustion engines of VW are becoming increasingly expensive. You should think carefully about buying a VW no matter which one. You really just want to sell battery cars and you want to earn the money for it with the combustion engines . If you also support this by buying VW, you should pay 10 times for your new combustion VW. Because the one still didn’t understand which club he supports. If the state of Lower Saxony is on the VW supervisory board and has many shares in it, you can be very risky.In the event of an emergency, the taxpayer then steps in. This is justified with systemically relevant. Other car manufacturers have to calculate differently to prevent losses.

  8. Defacto
    VW is the second largest vehicle manufacturer in the world, probably soon the number 1 again. So the Wolfsburgers will probably not do their business so wrong. VW is systemically relevant, it is clear to you how many jobs are directly and indirectly hanging on the group? On the other hand is z.B. Tesla a lousy joke. You should consider that, even if you don’t like the brand.

  9. VW does not want to control customers, VW wants profit
    "In fact, VW apparently tries to get customers away from the combustion engineer through the price increases". That would be an absurd goal of a car maker. The price increases serve only one goal to generate more profit. Incidentally, the price increases were also recorded last year at e-cars: shortly before the introduction of the e-car purchase bonus, VW raised the price of the e-up. And long before the electric car was even an issue, VW continued the prices continuously. In the meantime, the reasonably equipped Gulf is barely below 30 thousand euros. So the prize increase of the Bulli, which was never actually available at a bargain price, is alone in maximizing profits. The reasoning "Inflation compensation" Is pure eyewiping.

  10. Clear thing
    Since VW has become the fans of the Greens, you can only refuse to this things. Let’s see if it leads to the same effect as the Sharan. And if you look closely on the streets you can see who drives the new car of this type. So everything is fine.

  11. Completely clear
    Time is changing. Combined have many more parts, defacto should be more expensive. Due to the quantities, it’s different at the moment. E-cars will become much cheaper at some point when the numbers fit. Low -maintenance, fewer parts. For the auto industry or. Workshops etc. Will that be a strong changeover. But you don’t have to carry old braids along, just so that people are busy. There will be a lot! I can think of a few things right away.


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