VW manager warns: Soon there will be no more cars for low earners

Concerns ban according to Euro 7

VW manager warns: for low earners there will soon be no more cars

VW manager warns: Soon there will be no more cars for low earners-warns
Manufacturer / assembly With new CO2 limit values and regulations, many small cars could threaten

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

The new emissions standard Euro 7 is further struggled in the background. Daimler and VW are already warning: New cars would soon only come with expensive electrical and hybrid drives. Driving is priceless for low earners – or will soon be real "Volks-Stromer"?

The discussion about new exhaust gas standards and CO2 limit values in the EU continues. A few months ago, among other things, Site had a leaking plans that provide for the end of internal combustion engines . Exhaust gas standards by Brussels should be tightened to pressure on pressure from influential lobby organizations such as the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) so that the manufacturers can only build and sell electric cars in the EU.

Euro 7 standard prefers electric cars with computing tricks

This is accommodating on electric cars specialized manufacturers such as Tesla because the EU prefers the electricity in the fleet balance with a rake trick: Your CO2 balance is always counted with zero grams, no matter how the electricity necessary for charging is really produced. A two -ton Tesla with 700 hp is therefore much more environmentally friendly than a small car with 60 hp petrol engine – even if the current is obtained for charging the Tesla made of coal .

For petrol and diesel vehicles, on the other hand, the Euro 7 exhaust gas standard would probably mean that. A representative of Daimler has now told the business magazine "Business Insider", that the scenarios currently discussed in Brussels "technically not representable" be.

The sticking point at the planned euro 7 rules is above all the so-called boundary conditions of the real operating measurements (RDE) of exhaust gases in road traffic, which have been part of the approval since the currently valid emissions standard Euro 6 D.

VW manager warns: Soon there will be no more cars for low earners-warns
Clove The EU wants new RDE tests ("Real Drive Emissions") With the Euro 7 emissions standard, reduce the pollutant emissions to zero-according to the engine experts, a thing of the impossibility

Because all systems for exhaust gas aftertreatment, such as modern SCR catalysts for diesel vehicles, need a certain operating temperature to achieve an optimal cleaning effect. The first kilometers after the engine start are therefore produced more exhaust gases, which are almost completely reduced after a short time. That is why Euro 6D vehicles also achieve extremely low pollutant emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Contrary to the real use of everyday life of most cars, the Euro 7 emissions standard should now not only map all extreme situations, but also prescribe an almost complete reduction in pollutants there from the first few meters, for example in the following situations:

  • Extremely low temperatures
  • Full throttle trips
  • High journeys
  • Trailer

"This is technically impossible and everyone knows the", said the head of the VDA auto industry association, Hildegard Muller, as early as December 2020. This would make the planned tightening of a ban on cars with combustion engines.

Tesla driver lists his costs: after 120.000 kilometers is clear his conclusion

VW manager warns: Soon there will be no more cars for low earners-manager

Site Tesla driver lists his costs: after 120.000 kilometers is clear his conclusion

It is still unclear whether the measurement edge conditions will become part of the new regulation. According to information from site, there is another aspect with which the ICCT tries to torpedo the combustion engines. Accordingly, an attempt is made to establish a new limit value over the methane emissions of petrol engines in tiny quantities.

New rules only apply in 2026

The rules that have not yet been finalized only apply in 2026. But already now manufacturers would probably no longer develop their combustion engines or only to a very small extent if the norm comes as planned. In anticipation of the new rules, Daimler and BMW have already decided to develop new internal combustion engines in China in the future.

When an electric golf suddenly appears ancient: Hyundai Ioniq 5 in the test

VW manager warns: Soon there will be no more cars for low earners-soon

Site When an electric golf suddenly appears ancient: Hyundai Ioniq 5 in the test

"After a meeting of the EU consultant committee AGVES in Brussels last week, the manufacturers analyzed which consequences Euro 7 would have in the currently recommended design from 2026. In particular, the technical details of the EU7 regulation would decide whether a combustion engine will still be able to approval and approved in the future. What the experts have been able to decipher so far arouses the fears in the industry that the introduction of EU7 could become a ‘burner ban through the back door’, explains Daimler", so the "Business Insider".

May I spend the night in normal parking spaces? You should know these camping rules

VW manager warns: Soon there will be no more cars for low earners-there

Site/Wochit May I spend the night in normal parking spaces? You should know these camping rules

"Mobility brake for low earners"

Volkswagen also assumes that the new rules would end even for many hybrid cars. So far, gasoline and diesel cars have reached so-called "Mild hybrid systems" The current limit values and consumption standards. With EU7 it would be different. "We fear that a 48-volt system will not be sufficient," said a high-ranking VW manager "Business Insider"."The installation of a larger, supportive electric motor is disproportionately expensive, according to the assessment in the VW group. The additional costs for the technical upgrade would amount to several thousand euros per vehicle. Such sums would have an impact on the sales figures for smaller models. Small cars would lose their cost advantage and thus also customers. The VW environment therefore speaks of an impending mobility brake for low-wage earners", Reports the portal further.

The dying of the economical small cars

In fact, the range of small, actually economical and therefore environmentally friendly entry-level cars is fairly thinned out. Fiat only offers the Fiat 500 as an expensive electric version. The same applies to the Volkswagen Group for the mini class around the VW Up and perhaps even the larger polo in the future. Opel has stopped the Karl and Adam models, the smallest model is currently the Corsa.

VW manager warns: Soon there will be no more cars for low earners-earners
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design Should come in 2023: VW ID.1, the new Mini-Stromer from Volkswagen

Come the Stromer for everyone?

The exciting question remains whether the electric drive can simply replace today’s gasoline and diesel models in all price and vehicle classes. At least of that, lobby clubs like the ICCT go out and recommend putting everything on the electric card. Some manufacturers move with them, but not others.Volkswagen only wants to have a large part of his vehicles driven electrically before 2030 and also promises entry-level models with an electric motor. Cars like the ID1 or ID2 would then correspond to today’s VW e-up or Polo, just electrical. Such vehicles would be for around 10.000 to 15.000 euros can be represented – but so far only provided that there are still high purchase bonuses and tax advantages for Stromer in the future. In addition, a mini-streak of this price range would only fulfill basic requests because of the space and range and the buyers would be dependent on having a loading option near their apartment at any time.

Marc Friedrich: "The countdown to the crash has started – but it is a chance"

VW manager warns: Soon there will be no more cars for low earners-soon

Site Marc Friedrich: "The countdown to the crash has started – but it is a chance"

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VW manager warns: Soon there will be no more cars for low earners-cars

Site VermOgens’ professional warns: "Real estate offer only a sham security"

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15 thoughts on “VW manager warns: Soon there will be no more cars for low earners”

  1. The dying of the economical small cars.
    There will soon be no cars for low-wage earners, says a VW manager. That’s how I see it too. … A fixed government of the government u. Most of the car industry to produce only battery-operated vehicles is wrong! The German U. The European auto industry have only overslept the connection and. Then they have full u. Fully fell on the battery -operated vehicles and. don’t want to produce anything else. A big mistake as I mean! We always have to, I repeat, we always have to be open to other concepts. If we are not, we will overflow from the industrialized nations that are completely open to new things here. The risk -loving. Use such capital that will be successful. Where is the courage of German industry?

  2. The forist with his polemic!
    Here are the numbers, total electricity generation 2019 604mrd. KWH, 2018 636mrd., 2017 646mrd. Creation from biomass 50.6mrd. Hydropower 18.6mrd. Together 69.2mrd. respectively. 11.45% share in the total production of 2019. How was the topic? Dark -lowing, windless at night. Almost 11.5% of the forist’s share of biomass and hydropower! A manageable share of security of care if the dry summer with empty dams sees in recent years! There is not much left for hydropower.

  3. A hopeless case
    Despite multiple explanations. To do this, confuse the energy types. The topic is easy to solve with sufficient dimensioning and storage systems and it will be even more cost -effective in the end (see article on coal in USA). Even at Lesch you can hear this insight

  4. Forist with numbers!!
    The renewable and particularly hydropower and biomass. Let’s take the Federal Environment Agency. In 2020, the renewable delivered 19.3% of the final current consumption. Biomass and hydropower contributed around 27% to this. This gave biomass and hydropower 5.21% of the final electricity consumption. On 8.1.2021 was the word blackout for the European power grid in the room. At that time, renewables delivered 9.7% share of the current network performance of 66GW. If you take the 5.21% share of biomass and hydropower in the renewable, it is easy to calculate how big the effect is when solar and wind power fail, it is more likely to be zero. Combate the coal current even faster, nuclear phase -out, no possibility to save electricity, but "Nine -painted" have an answer for everything!

  5. correction
    In my post from 9.5., 8:34, a prescriber crept in. It must of course be called "hydropower flow 3.7%", not wind power stream. The argument remains: Forist Vogel has mixed up numbers and power types. Even fog candle follow -up posts cannot change that.

  6. Maybe it will demonstrate Tesla again
    Maybe Tesla shows again how a cheap electric car can be built. Some price cuts already indicate that Tesla also thinks about the affordability of his models. In addition, Musk announced last year to produce a smaller car suitable for European cities. Then VW will probably have to get away from its high price horse.

  7. Tesla does it again?
    Possible. – On the one hand, Musk is a man who is willing to use risk capital is innovative and assertive. But he acts with little consideration for nature and he supposedly wants to protect it. He is too American in this regard. The Americans don’t have the right attitude towards nature. China is totally underestimated by us! China will do it, not d!

  8. Oh well
    Volkswagen has not been a folk car for a long time. There will then be other manufacturers who fill this market segment. Incidentally, they are not only low earners who can no longer afford a car. There are also people who do not want to spend so much money on a car because new cars are the largest money burning system that can be imagined.

  9. Back door
    These EU specifications are only greened in the approach. The cars are abolished through the back door. Long live the bike path. Public transport in the country it says that there are winners and losers, the rural population has just lost. And the VW managers have no interest to sell a folk vehicle at an affordable price. Share 90 percent abroad, built together in D and 100 percent "Made in Germany" Sold and cried over the low profit margin like a wolf.

  10. Blue contaminated
    … seems your comment, Mr. Roth. The copyright for the expression "green contaminated" has a certain Mr. Meuthen. If you quote him, you want to show what you are a mind child? The conspiracy theoretical announcement "cars will be abolished". What is nonsense. Like the fairy tale of "90% abroad" & the alleged "wolf howl".

  11. Stock investment
    From now on I will only invest my money in donkey shares, possibly also a camel and brewery horses. Something else will not allow the green

  12. As long as you choose this path
    Should all voters feel the full consequences! If the small earners can no longer afford cars, then they just have to drive with public transport and see how they get along, then the streets are finally free again. Therefore, it may not be bad at all if not inconsiderable part of the population can no longer afford a car. But the way out would have to choose something else if you dare to dare…

  13. Industrial policy
    The whole thing shows very clearly what industrial policy is. Politically dubious requirements must be implemented, over the reality. An electric car is anything but emission -free, even in the company and certainly not if you include the production of car, infrastructure and disposal. And when I define a driving cycle that is outside the norm (S. Pendant) I can slow down every car. I am excited to see where all the regenerative energy should come from if we only build wind turbines and solar energy without separating production and consumption. Then it becomes very dark and immobile in a windless and dark night. And behind the whole only the world rescue, by no means interests of profiteers of this political

  14. The dark & windless night
    … is energetically controllable. First, there are two EE that work even in the event of dark & wind, hydropower & biomass. Is not as little as a look at electricity production shows. Second, there are various types of electricity stores that can protect us from any blackouts. World rescue goes. The prerequisite is intelligent use of technical progress.

  15. VW warns only to build expensive cars !
    Then the VW manager is probably right: "There will soon be no more cars for low earners". It is pretty unweighted one "warning" To put into the world. Because it is only in the hands of the automotive manufacturers to produce cheap cars. But of course, if VW only thinks of the big profit, the low -income earner remains by the wayside. Because already today a normal working person can hardly afford a reasonably equipped VW Golf at the price of over 30 thousand euros, while VW is one record gain after the other.


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