VW managers should drive rather plug-in hybrids and hybrids instead of electric car

VW managers should drive rather plug-in hybrids and hybrids instead of electric car-hybrids

Demand for e-cars seems as strong as never before. So strong that Volkswagen has determined that one’s own VW executives first can not order pure electric cars than company cars. Who requires a new service vehicle, will not be around a plug-in hybrid, hybrid or burner in the future. Instead, the e-cars produced should go to free trade.

From an internal letter from the company to company car authorizers, the electric car production at VW is currently running on full load. “Therefore, the delivery times of our vehicles is currently extending,” it says. With the subset that the offer of electrified company cars must therefore be limited to the fourth quarter. Already in the fall of 2018, Volkswagen Group Chief Herbert gave this to understand that his executives had to drive more electric cars. Thus, he wanted to significantly improve the higher-level CO2 balance sheet of the company’s own company car fleet in recent years.

Once again, in August 2020, the Group has called its managers to select the CO2-friendly company cars as possible. If anyone ordered a gasoline, diesel or hybrid vehicle, had to pay 15 euros per month as compensation. This “CO2 compensation contribution” now also exposes VW to further. Stand today are already more than 7.000 company car of the 18.000 vehicle strong fleet electrified. The statutory CO2 target for this fleet is therefore achieved in any case 2021.

With regard to demand, which means full load in e-auto production you could learn that the e-car ID.3 Be in the meantime 100.Was ordered 000 times. In Germany alone, more than 55 would have been more than 55.000 customers the models ID.3 and ID.4 ordered. In Sweden the Elektro-SUV ID is.4 in May for repeated times the best selling e-car.

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6 thoughts on “VW managers should drive rather plug-in hybrids and hybrids instead of electric car”

  1. With a good role model! If you do not convince yourself is of your own products, has lost nothing in the market. If so, then in the leadership of VW really only Looser. Well, I do not have to change my line. A VW, BMW, Audi or Mercedes does not come to the house for me. Because I only drive products from which I am also convinced. And you can not believe in these products if it does not even do your own management. Is even more embarrassing?
    Full load? Where are these Eautos?? Today alone I saw dozens of Teslas, even Polstars are many on the way. But Idx,. zero. That’s how it is called full load.

  2. I’ll tell me, I would like to have an ID.3 from the factory leasing to take us in Zwickau, but the vehicles are not to get in leasing Since no vehicles are left for employees, all vehicles currently produced are customer vehicles / dealer vehicles, lying on that we are the only factory that we are the only work Building cars but next year the ID starts.4 in Emden.
    Furthermore, product loss failure comes through lack of material, last week was only 2 days production. Personally, I hope that this situation gets better and we also get employee vehicles from 2022.

  3. When I was most recently in E-machinery development at VW in Immendingen, just 0 Bev stood on the employee car park. Exactly one, then still strongly camouflaged, ID3 stood at one of the charging columns. 3 red letters on the stern had ~ 50% of the cars. I found that extremely impressive.

  4. Honestly, I do not care what the VW managers drive for cars. The message has M.E. Only the purpose of bringing VW into conversation and is therefore absolutely superfluous.


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