VW: “Margin parity between e-car and burner in two to three years”


Volkswagen’s financial board DR. Arno Antlitz spoke in an interview with the shareholder about the hot current topics of the automotive industry: semiconductor scarcity, electromobility, software and autonomous driving. “We can sail in the storm” the manager describes the currently tense situation due to lack of availability on semiconductors. Due to the chip crisis VW was a good 800.000 vehicles produce less than in the previous year, almost ten percent of the usual annual capacity. But “Despite the decline in production, we have achieved an adjusted operating result of 14.2 billion euros and a margin of 7.6 percent,” says Antlitz. And these figures “are approximately at the level of 2019”, which so far Volkswagen “Best Financial Year was”.

However, the face is not satisfied with the financial situation: “We need to make progress in terms of fixed costs and productivity,” he said in the interview, reaffirming a claim that has often been one of Volkswagen’s guideways. Because “FAKT” is: “We need the contributions from the classic combustion business to tune the transformation towards electromobility”. The strategic goal is to not lower than “world market leader in electromobility”.

The software is “an important future field”, which deals with VW, among other things, that the Group has established its own software unit with Cariad. “With her we pursue the goal of developing a leading software platform as a backbone for all Group vehicles by 2025,” explains Antlitz. He refers to the first software platform 1.1, which has already been introduced and enabled upgrades and over-the-air updates for the purely electric MEB product portfolio. 2023, so VWS Chief Financial Officer, “should the premium software platform 1.2 start, which offers, among other things, a new, uniform infotainment system and additional features “. For a well-functioning software VW takes a lot of money in the hand: “Every year around 2.5 billion euros”, so ontlitz.

Analogous to its electric car platform MEB, which is used by Ford, VW also to open the software platform for other companies. This increases due to higher number of users “network effects and also the value”. However, Volkswagen does not depend on how Antlitz explicitly emphasizes: “Our net liquidity is 26 billion euros”. And with this upholstery, the basic objective, “to create and finance the transformation towards electromobility and digitization from our own power.”

And then there would be a topic, which will also be licked in the course of the transformation of the automotive industry, driving the autonomous. “2025 We want to bring vehicles with Trinity and Artemi’s vehicles that have Level 2+ in series and are prepared for Level 4, say part-autonomous driving,” says Antlitz. Driving on the full-autonomous driving VW about the participation in Argo AI. Test fleets of this partnership adult ID. Buzz AD are already in use in Hamburg and Munich. “From 2025 should then drive full autonomous collection taxis,” says the manager

About software and autonomous driving are also completely new revenue potentials, as Annex explains. Currently the margins of electric cars are even lower than in combustors. But “with increasing start-up of production, ie increasing economies of scale and falling battery prices, but the margins will improve significantly,” explains VWS Chief Financial Officer. “In two to three years, we expect margin parity between electric cars and combustion models”. And here are the new revenues with regard to software and “services that are still significantly expanded by autonomous driving,” not yet considered.

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3 thoughts on “VW: “Margin parity between e-car and burner in two to three years””

  1. VW continues to show how to do it. Delay, lamentation, pretty speech. Internal quarrels to misunderstanding and now also a lawsuit of Greenpeace on the neck. Intentionally it would be laughing how much embarrassment at VW. But effectively, it is sad that a group loses the connection. But I do not cry the Wolfsburg lying barons. It would be time that this group is no longer led by PR professionals. But of innovative mangles with a climate conscience. There is nothing in sight and the competition attracts it. What counts are not PR phrases but products. And there is VW still far in the away. Well, the staff says meanwhile as it works. Now everything will be much better ..
    I still sleep well, because I never do not do it now and will never drive a VW. I just like innovation.

  2. Had not yet written by Tesla but only noted that I did not see 2+ in 2025 as particularly ambitious. But if I would have to bet whoever 2025 is further with it, I think the Tesla has good cards. In my opinion, it becomes interesting anyway from L4.


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