VW plans: ID.-Fleet as Powerbank Swarm (exclusive details)

VW plans: ID.-Fleet as Powerbank Swarm (exclusive details)-swarm

The number does not want Elke Temme to accept longer: six and a half thousand Gigawatt hours Clean electricity has lost the Republic of 2019 by standstill. Recovered because wind power plants were stopped at storm. Not to preserve rotors or generators from damage, but because otherwise they produced too much electricity and overloaded the net. Around 2.7 million e-cars, says the boss of the store loading and energy at Volkswagen, “could drive for a year.”

Helping against waste should be an ambitious plan. As the first volume manufacturer, Volkswagen wants to offer its customers a complete ecosystem for loading their e-models. On the way anyway – but also at home. And the bidirectional. Not much for a single car, but a huge amount for a whole fleet of ID.-Vehicles. The swarm could be used as a mobile store just those energy that would otherwise be. The e-car as a mobile power bank.

Behind the idea stuck in mind and self-interest alike. “Memories are mandatory to expand the share of renewable energies,” says Temme. Of which, firstly, the environment would benefit, secondly the VW Group, which is fully prescribed to the E-Auto and hopes for increasing sales – and thirdly the customer who can dine in the back of their own electricity in the public network. Ideally, it could be a win-win-win situation.

Long it should not last until the implementation. The technology is shortly before the market launch, it says at VW. All ID. Models with the 77 kWh battery will be prepared accordingly in the future, already delivered vehicles can be retrofitted gradually via over-the-air update.

Prerequisite for the wise interaction of car and house, however, is a home-energy management system that knows the requirements of its consumers and their power supply can stagger. Advantage of the Networked System: The VW subsidiary ELLI can control the store intelligently and so smooth. Temme: If you are traditionally tapping overnight, you can no matter whether most of the electricity flows a few minutes earlier or later – the network operator does not.

However, the model not only brings advantages: normal connections for alternating current are not grown this task. Electricity transfer and communication must be made via a special DC wallbox, which makes energy flow in both directions. At prices, VW is still covered – clearly more expensive than the usual box in the garage it becomes but always.

The elaborate technique is necessary because current for the desired buffer effect is very fast and, if necessary, again. With DC, the number is technically less complex, it says at VW. And: Due to the separation from the respective alternating current network of a country, the battery cars can be used in this buffer function worldwide. Speaking of: Damage to the battery no one should have to fear. VW promises: The car sets technical limits to not endanger the warranty for the power store.

Also on the road they tinker with VW to intelligent solutions. “Loading needs to be even easier and suitable for everyday use,” says Silke Bagschik, Marketing Chief E-Mobility. The aim is to make the Stromer uncompromisingly “first-seamful”. Basis of all the expansion of the infrastructure.

An essential point but also the comfort. That’s why VW wants to establish the offer “Plug & Charge”. In the year 2022 all ID should.-Models receive a function that replaces today’s authentication by card. As soon as the customer inserts the charging cable, an encrypted communication (ISO 15118) starts between car and column. This should apply in the network of ionity, Aral, BP and EON. There were in addition to the usual connections throughout Europe also 18.000 fast loading point available.

And also on the car itself is optimized. By software update, the 77 kWh battery grows the maximum power from 125 to 135 kW (at the ID.5 GTX to 150 kW). According to VW, the at a charge of 5 saves up to 80 percent up to nine minutes. Second innovation: The NAVI calculates the optimal charging points – depending on the residual capacity requested for intermediate stops or at the destination -. The electronics scored topography and traffic situation – and may occur concluded that two short loads with high performance are smarter than a long deal with lower.

Profoundly will probably do at the next E-platform. Porsche and Audi have already set standards with their 800 volt architecture. “In the long run”, it is also called VW, “will not stay at 400 volts.”

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  1. No question, V2G is the future, stabilizes the networks and makes us a little more self-sufficient for the case of catastrophes. 800 V is of course, too, is technically simply superior. Everyone knows, except Tesla sectarian. For the ancestors at least, which I have always been saying: namely that Tesla has set the further development of the Technology 2017.

  2. Big words of a concert of technically far be begged for attention. It would be to treat VW yes to create the leap into the present. Just what software is concerned should first make the homework. That VW cars can build (even without mafia methods), I trust the company. But I prefer to give companies that deliver and not laver. I have just looked at the Enyaq IV80. The car has good approaches, but the software is from the deep Middle Ages. Thus, on my todo list continues not a car from the house VW.


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