VW plans radical conversion of the mainwerk Wolfsburg

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VW plans radical conversion of the mainwerk Wolfsburg-wolfsburg

Volkswagen’s mainwerk Wolfsburg is in a crisis. Corona and the chip deficiency have forced the utilization into the knees. Instead of a million vehicles per year, as announced a few years ago, currently not even half of them run from the band. Management and works council are in busy alarm mode – and the workforce has been in short work for weeks and months.

Volkswagen Group Chief Herbert This and brand Chief Ralf Brandstatter have gathered last week the good 120 top managers in Wolfsburg to a crisis meeting. It was essential: Volkswagen produce too slowly and too expensive when daring the comparison with innovators such as Tesla and the emerging manufacturers from China. VW needs more than 30 hours well three times as long as an electric car like the ID.3 Building as the E-Auto Primus Tesla, which manufactures his model 3 within a good ten hours. And in quality, the Californians as well as the Chinese have reached European standards. This puts Volkswagen massively under pressure, especially since Tesla will initiate its first work in Europe in a few weeks, the Gigafactory Berlin.

Stay with all the old, so the warning words of this, VW is no longer competitive on the world market. This shows about the sales figures of the ID.4, which has a heavy booth in China and only sold towards. The locals – according to the company consultancy Kearney more than 70 percent – buy their premium cars in the future prefer to offer manufacturers from the home, which also offer good quality with most of the most comprehensive facilities, and at more favorable prices.

And just in Wolfsburg, the home of VW, shows how much the manufacturer has changed important future topics such as electromobility and digitization. Group chiefs This and brand chief Brandstatter therefore speak of a revolution if you mean the conversion of the parent plant. The is to be radical than previously planned, it says from Wolfsburg. Buildings are to be demolished and soften new buildings, the processes in production are to become more efficient.

So far, the project Trinity was considered the hopping for Wolfsburg: an e-sedan to set new standards at range, charging speed, digitization and production. The market start, however, is only planned for 2026. And the competition VW is already ahead now and will not sleep the coming years.

While this continues to emphasize how important the vehicle model is: “Trinity has to raise the location to a new level of competition, has to revolutionize it. Also with new processes.”However, the board and planned will not find the board radical and innovative enough, says Wolfsburg. In the end, it also go to jobs, so corporate chiefs this: “About jobs do not decide the Lord or the Supervisory Board or the employee representatives. The customer decides and the customer buys the product that offers more quality, more features for a better price. That’s why we have to take the fight “.

VW company council demands another electromodell for Wolfsburg significantly before Trinity

“The location needs a faster path to e-mobility,” called the total and consolidated board chairman Daniela Cavallo the day after the manager meeting, which invited this and fire stafer had loaded. So existing utilization commitments could be fulfilled better and bring the location out of the crisis. Cavallo and their deputy Gerardo Scarpino refer in a current communication on the worrying situation in the parent plant. The factory is currently threatened in the second year in a row a historical production certificate since the postwar period. Last year, the factory came just under half a million vehicles. This year, also shaped by massive short-time work, it should be less less.

This does not only fall below the most recent ten-year average of just under 780.000 Cars a year considerably. The union commitments agreed with the company are far from that: the Board of Directors with the end of 2016 adopted for the year 2020 had a utilization of at least 820.000 vehicles guaranteed in the main work. In mid-2018, the board then even presented the magical number of one million vehicles in view.

The lighthouse project Trinity will not apply the leaf according to the opinion of the VW works council. “It is already foreseeable in the development of numbers that the Trinity will not be sufficient for the utilization of the work,” says Scarpino. And Cavallo emphasizes that the site does not just need a much faster path to e-mobility. Wolfsburg continues to need a “bulky model” to be able to insist. Currently in Wolfsburg, such volume models from the band: the combustion versions of orders such as the Gulf and the Compact SUV Tiguan.

As it continues with Wolfsburg, the conclusion of the planning round number 70 should show in about six weeks, which determines the investments in the worldwide group locations. Their decisions are sufficient until the second half of the decade. And are likely to be clearly electromobilers than so far planned.

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3 thoughts on “VW plans radical conversion of the mainwerk Wolfsburg”

  1. According to my Chinese work colleagues, the Chinese find the ID.3/4 just ugly. Limousines simply get better in China. I would suspect that EQS / EQE / I4 will be better in China.


  2. The disruption seems to have arrived in Wolfsburg, whose works council is more realized than the board.
    Customers want Bevs and no smells in the future. A stone of the roles comes, runs faster and faster, which also applies to the Chinese OEMs.
    Too bad for the ID.4, which is actually the most beautiful and futuristic model of the house VW. Of course, my personal opinion is.
    Tomorrow is Y-Day with EM in G., with probably demo of the eternal trigger and preventer. VW will certainly come to see which BEVs will be desired by customers in the future.

  3. Since there is really the tree …

    Well, was foreseeable, here have some predicted.
    It will hit other hard.

    It remains exciting


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